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It is time for us to reconsider a better time for us in this garden if we are to live here longer. Before humanity everything that is here was sound and not operative exactly according to a trendy short lived overall plan – among a constant stream of overall plans. We cannot stand to have the stupid joy of this kind of world dictating a placid life for us for a very long time. We do not want to be a part of the very slowly moving orchestration of chance happenings that would seem to not be by some design after all. We are too smart about our dilemma here. To bypass this and speed up greedy changes we want we invented Gods within the area of a cultural containment that we find ourselves in so we can have mindless energetic contests with others of another belief syndrome. This all started when we first encountered other tribe types in our longer past. We were at least half-primitive and still responsive to a joy filled world, somewhat, in these days and we knew that we had to earn a proper victorious living.

Now we have to have constant war games for sport with any opponent that is willing to fight with us to end our contrary dilemmas even though they are just as miserably creative in the art of destruction as we are. It is, after all, only the fewer people creative in the art of creation that can give us some beautiful solace in this world.

Why do I have to write like this ? I am, at least, barking out loud like an animal (asking the universe for help). So, I do have a great plan. I do !

After so many years of my ‘barking’ I found myself putting together a very scientific way for us all to live better while we are attaining some new good graces from the universe we are trapped in.

It can be decided by some strong authority over a great mass of people that each individual will have some financial worth to honor the fact of their living in such a world as our natural Earth Garden. This will be like a new Bill of Rights. This can and will happen when people of a democratic society can actually vote in the edict of such a new plan. My plan involves the U.S. kind of monetary system.

It can be decided that each individual adult person that is a valid citizen will receive a stipend amount that is about $9,000 per year. This amount will be credited into a bank account number that the adult person owns. Children of a valid adult citizen will also get the same amount but each annual stipend amount will be held in escrow in a bank account in their name (number).

To fund such a proposed plan it will be decided that most of the U.S. basic programs will be cut down to the degree needed to match the amount needed to outlay to all the citizens involved in such a funding gambit. Without the usual high expense amount of government programs, our government will still be able to function normally on the international scene because the funding to do so will still be forthcoming. Our government will be a leaner and stronger international force for good. We will be able to function better in this way. We can better advance our lip service to a line of thinking that is the founded international fame that we have. Our people will be so happy, secure and truly free.

All the citizens involved in such system will not have to decide on such small options for they’re living (careers) early on in their lives any longer. A young person, especially, will have a good catch of wealth to start their adult lives … $9,000 x 20 0r so. You can double this when young people get married ! Each one will be cashing in their living stipend wealth.

Do not think that any of this this is not possible. Vote for this when you can. The beauty of this plan is that it will please everyone at the same time. The very rich sophisticated person will not have their wealth gathering unduly affected. Think about a constant stream of new young adults spending their new wealth in so many ways. You see what I mean ! A rich person does not even have to accept the stipends they are entitled to. In so doing people will love and adore them even more.

The down side (there is a bad ‘side effect’ to everything is this universe) is that a young person will have to pay for their health care and any health insurance as needed and wanted. When a person commits a crime they will be subject to a fine against their wealth … going so far as to have their living stipend stopped. Education, other then mandatory grade school costs, will be paid by the individual. A young person can buy a $200, 000 car suddenly. Some of them will. This is OK because they will still have a $9,000 stipend payment to spend every year.

Think about this: A young person will want to foster their health during childhood so that they will not be receiving less of the stipend outlay when they mature. This is a part of my plan to pay for childhood health expenses. The parent can also have insurance to cover their children’s health care. Young people will want to be healthy from now on.

I have a 20 year ‘Interim Period’ plan that I write about in my books and in this blog that involves a gradual outlay of stipend funding taking about twenty years to complete. This nothing but fun for all. Backtrack on my blogs to read this. You can also ask me to send an e-mail about it.

Do you see what is to happen under such a ‘plan’ ? No longer will a person want to blame the system they are under (controlled by) for anything they do not like happening to themselves in life. They will be forced to blame only themselves. This is the ultimate education for anyone !

This is my Earth Day message.

I have some of Donna Wynbrandt art to illustrate here. I like to attach pictures I am working on when I do a blog. It happens that I am making extra disks of Donna’s art that she wants to hype to the world. Donna’s take on medieval art of 1400 t0 1600 is art she did a few years ago. These are amazingly affective art works. Go to Facebook /Donna Wynbrandt to find out more.

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