Spiritual Warrior Attacks ?

21 Dec

G Forss Rainbow outside my door 3 best small fileSpiritual Warrior Attacks ?

Some people I know and some followers of my blog want to know why I am now saying that I am a Spiritual Warrior. It is not that I think I am a Spiritual Warrior, or even that I want to be one. Those who are familiar with my book ENOS will know that the writing of this tome goes on about me having to be known as Spiritual Warrior (that I will have to declare that I am one) at some point. Yeah. The time for me to come out in the open more about having such a propensity has come to pass. I think so. I am afraid of what this will pertain for me, like it will actually ruin my career and status in the world of business for sure … if I haven’t been doing this already.

Look at it this way…

If you want to ruin your business and social life (Blossom Type activities) tell everybody that you are a Spiritual Warrior.

So, if I am such a warrior it will also have to mean to me that I have been one all along ! This is really true.

All my so-called ‘Findings’ have actually been Spiritual Warrior attacks ! This business of me getting ‘Findings’ for many years is just what is happening. I have been issuing many truthful wisdom points (Findings) for many years now.

How do I really know that I am a Spiritual Warrior and have there been others like me ? Well, to borrow from and old adage, I say…

If I look like such a warrior and attack like one … and I get a result like one … and I also have been doing this for some time, then I am a Spiritual Warrior. Mind you, this has been going on for some time !

Please note that a Spiritual Warrior, or any Spiritual person, is never very adept at being an avant-garde sophisticated socialite. They are mostly ordinary playful creatures that will seem to be lax in having an up to date fix on the latest Blossom world education trends, attire and demeanor. A spiritual person tends to have a simple life long informality as their mode of behavior. You can call this laziness.

I will excerpt a section of my book ENOS where I am informed about having such a propensity…

From 2003 (ENOS)

What you have learned in this particular wisdom tome is that God is a presence here, as I have stated above—We as God—and that all the beasts and birds have a definite set of godly personality traits that cannot be altered through evolution.


The fact then—when we are perfectly natural—is that all of us are being . . . FreelyEntertaining, Magical and Universal . . . while we are also being . . . Bold, Boisterous and Dramatically Frivolous all the time. We are doing this to represent a godly presence in our world. But Blossom society doesn’t want this at all ! We have to face the fact then that we need to be liberated from such a mind-set . . . especially as it turns out to be a foreign mind over us that needs to cower from God and aims to establish a totally artificial life here for us . . . that isn’t possible anyway !

I do have a love, need and purpose to foster a new wisdom more than any person I know. It’s like I am here for this task. The Aliens have actually told me that I am a spiritual warrior. A spiritual warrior is the opposite of a physical warrior.

A warrior as we have known them will attract a large army to attack and supplant another enclave of peoples in order to take their land from them . . . even if they believe they are conducting some sort of holy war.

A spiritual warrior can only work alone and is inclined to want to penetrate the very souls of many people with soothsaying wisdom. This, as a matter of course then, is a person who has been somewhat ill affected by his or her society or a fool.

What am I saying now ? Huh ? So now we have a new kind of bible writer on the scene and it is I ! Yes, I am foolish enough to make this claim and do this writing . . . and with a perfect blind faith to get all of this wisdom together. This is why I say that this is much more than any concoction can be. OK . . . but it is still just an outpouring of my complex subconscious frustrations.  If this is so, how do I get a constant stream of new data that my subconscious could not possibly know then ?

I am a spiritual warrior ! Look out !

If you have to believe that anyone who would do this would have to be insane, then it is also not possible to have any more new bibles. Our society is so sophisticated now that it will hinder anyone who would write such a tome and while such a society would not hinder their efforts in fact, such a task would be immediately discounted. [left unsung]

Well, I don’t know about this. It is September 2003 as I am writing this part of my seventh rewrite and our sophisticated societies around the world are not looking too sophisticated right now. There is so much confusion and mayhem going on in my world right now that I believe in the purpose of this writing more than ever.

I am a Spiritual Warrior !

Look out ! Hah . . . read on [are you still with me ?]

End of 2003 excerpt (ENOS)


What about some other Spiritual Warriors ?

This would have to be a person who doe not want to be commercially oriented but wants to impart a special set of truths mostly to people in general who are Blossom Types and do not want to know about real truth. Blossom Types is a term I use in my writings and this type of person is the target of my attacks.

I think an good analogy is the kind of foolish person in literature that is always coming forth with a better logic then the ‘featured stars’ of a given writing. There is a reading public that only wants to know about a bunch of people who do not really care about a godly purity to everything in life because they are having too much fun with their errant ways. But, alas, there might be a Spiritual Warrior in the writing that is trying tell the stars of the writing a better way to resolve an issue that is better than their own greedy logic. Mostly, it is war games that are wanted for the prurient fun of it all and the Spiritual Warrior is telling about a more logical (boring) way to resolve an issue.

I am thinking about the fool in Shakespeare plays and a fool in a Japanese film who is telling his King something like … “You know sire, you do not really have to have this war. It is a war that you are likely to lose in the end !” The fool goes on to explain just why this scenario is so true.

I do not want to write much more about my ‘Spiritual Warrior Attacks’ in this blog. It is that so much time and writings by me have transpired at this point and I am not of a mind these days to want to repeat myself. It is like I have to start it over again (most of what I write about in my books and this blogs has gone unnoticed in our world).

Just look at some Warrior like annihilation of falsities of my most recent blogs. This is what a Spiritual Warrior Attack is all about. Such attack has to be a final put down, if you will, or in the term that the Hippies used to use …

“I am going to break your bag !”

One of my ‘Attacks’ is just new and I do not even know of the science that must be involved in this one. You can read about this one in my most recent blogs. This blog is saying that there is only ONE PRESENT TIME in this universe.

In another recent blog I found myself writing out an attack against all the Media coverage of so called ‘Ancient Aliens’ shows and movies. I did this with an insinuating, really good ‘Attack’ with this statement…


With this attack all that is needed to put me down would be a broadcast coverage of an Alien life form (Alien to our world) body being shown ‘on the air’. There should also be one in a museum somewhere.

Also, according to one of my oldest claims (saying that there are no other life form types in the universe than ourselves), you can surely reason (according to our current explorations of the stars) that we are about to discover some new life forms in the cosmos. This will put an end to my Spiritual Warrior claims. I can then retire already. I am 76 years old now and this is actually the time in ones life when a person’s stupid nonsense becomes known, conclusively, to such a poor soul.

One more old ‘Finding’ I have here is a Spiritual Warrior answer to a proverbial burning question of old. When I created my book ENOS I wanted to have a prolonged dialog between four Hippie type characters and the six Aliens in my book. I wanted this to also be a fun thing. Well, I wound up with about 375 pages of dialog between the Hippies and the Aliens. The Hippies trying to be real cute asks the Aliens some never before answers to a bunch of so called ‘Burning Questions’ and they got very surprising (truthful) answers !

Here is the Alien’s answer to this Burning Question … “Why was I born ?”

Answer: “We are all born over and over again until we find a perfect mate.”

I am not able to discount this answer. I have never met anyone who is not really here to find a perfect mate, no matter what they say their life is about.


If you can readily discount any of my logic please do so. You can Spiritually Attack me !

I invite everyone to read my complete ENOS writing (730 pages) as a PDF file.

E mail me at >>> georgeforss29@gmail.com <<< and I will e mail the file to you.


Please study my recent blogs since 2014 carefully. I find that there is a speedup of the kind of ‘Findings’ I am getting with very stark info data about humanity’s current situation in this world. I am getting a complete clarification of what is going on here from a source that is much more knowing that our current ill science. I am not kidding !

I have a unique film to present here. This is a very short film that shows my kitchen window display of Noah’s Ark creatures. I have God in a basket and a little Alien observer of this whole scene. I talk about this playful scene during the film.

I also have a Natural Wonder picture attached … a large Rainbow that appeared in the sky just outside my gallery recently. My pictures these days are selling for $45. for an 8 1/2 X 11 archival digital print. A George Forss print is a good collectable.

Check out all the pictures on my blogs as well ! My gallery friends, who know me, tell me that my digital prints have a world price value of about $180 (8 1/2 X 11) now. I am famous and infamous. This is two sides of my personality.

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A companionable 20-year naturalism plan to salvage humanity during a periodic earth bound rectification period

20 Nov

A companionable 20-year naturalism plan to salvage humanity during a periodic earth bound rectification period

This will be something that will happen that is small in the ongoing workings of changes in the Earth Garden’s ecosphere maintenance but will be quite a disaster for humanity in the modern world.


I need to stress the necessity for such an activity with the UPER CASE letters above !


My plan is that I do not have a new and exact ‘what to do’ technological plan with a set of strict guidelines. Instead, I want to cite what we already know about our living well with the Earth Garden from our longer past. I believe, in this regard, that we will have to get a good sum of our past expertise back in action somehow as a backup plan when we are suffering from some kind of holocaust storm of comeuppance activity, as it were, coming from Nature or God. I believe that a thinking God personage does not drive these events. Instead, we are dealing with the regular workings of our ‘strictly’ God Force universe that will automatically address any situation of impurity in our living realm anyway.


One thing we could do is to turn ourselves into robots as fast as we can so we no longer have to deal with a vulnerable physical body any more. This seems to be a plan that is in action right now by a body of scientific researchers. This will be fine for only a chosen few of the many billions of human souls on the planet. We can make our new robotic body’s imperious to severe storms that are bringing many of us basic humans to a quick end in a place were such a storm is taking place. The new robotic humans could actually help rescue people in a severe storm.

My tip to the noble scientists working on such a ‘product’ (a business venture as well):

Make the new robotic human beings in such a way so that they are not electric, or that they are not subject to ruin in a large Solar Flare storm. These entities can have special shielding so that they will not be damaged in a severe storm.

Are these ‘people’ going to be sexy ? Do they self reproduce (if wanted) when the robotic factory is destroyed ? Yeah … can each touch their individual super computer chips ?

Can they do this in such a way that they get so excited and a new robot of the same type starts to form in a female robot.

To be fully realistic, I think we have to gear ourselves to be more ‘old fashion’ again in the way we reintroduce a new rate of the changes (the old way of doing things). This is something that can take place, slowly, during the plan I am already introduced in my recent writings. I have new writing having to do with a new kind of ‘Bill o Rights’ financial annual funding for all legalized citizens of a country or nation that will enact such a plan. This will help thwart the God awful business acumen ideal we worship.

We need to have an outlay of funding (or the equivalent means) to support every citizen’s needs during a severe storm period. With the system of annual stipend monies in effect for all citizens – ANYWAY – we will avoid many people trying to travel hopelessly in hoards to a safer place.

I believe that this (all of the above) will be necessary. The thing is that we can gradually enact some manual -like (hands on) ways to everything we are doing from now on.

Here is a good analogy: When we fly the very latest computerized super airline airplanes, this aircraft should have the capability of flying and landing manually and safely when the airplane is caught suddenly in a sudden severe storm. We should, at least, a have a fighting chance of landing this craft safely somewhere. Such an airplane should be able land on any basic flat surface with a system of good ‘air braking’ taking place? This airplane should have the capability to slow its speed considerably as it is carefully approaching some good old terra firma. Maybe a giant parachute will be deployed of some kind like NASA did when a space capsule came down out of the sky.

This is what the whole bunch of humanity should have as an option when they are in a severe storm.  We should be able to create and deliver food and have ready shelters for all of us.

I have a new ‘Finding’ to report on this day … November 18, 2017.

“In this universe there is only ‘one present time’ that all physically living entities are experiencing. Other than this, there are semi- physical entities … from a past ‘present time’ … that are representing themselves, in the current ‘present time’ in some kind of neo physical-apparitional way only.”

This is very strange indeed. Can you prove otherwise ?

This ‘Finding’ came to me during the magic hour of my sleeping the morning of November 18 (around 3 to 4am). I know I am writing in a sort of ‘wise guy’ fashion. This is what I do ! It happens that I am someone the veritable ‘Force for Betterment’ is involve with … ANYWAY !

You all should explore my recent blogs on this sight to know more.

I am a person that is so easy to denounce or ‘correct’ but I do have bag breaking Spiritual Warrior ability attack to cite here.

In my newest book being published I decide to act out the observation about myself that some Aliens in my first book, ENOS, are making. I do have a ‘bag breaking’ observation to make right now about all the false ‘Ancient Aliens’ reports, about Alien bodies in hangers and crazy movies as such that are in vogue.

No human being has ever actually seen an Alien body or a flying saucer in one of our Media shows or in a museum. Ba Da Boom !

Why can’t we do this ?   I say no more.

North Korea has recently stated that they too have a crashed Alien body in a hanger somewhere. North Korea wants parody with the rest of the world in a matter like this.

I have a really charming video to attach here. This video shows famous Jon Katz demonstrating dog-herding sheep on his compact farm-like place in Cambridge, New York. This is the good old hand on way of farming for wool with the special happiness and harmless (Earth Garden) ecological activity of it all to boot.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, New York 12816

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The Reason Animals are not really so stupid

3 Nov

The reason why animals are not really so stupid

Animals are not so smart in the way that humanity is smart. They have not been ‘having to be’ capable or have needed to be so smart in all the years of their individual species ongoing evolution. Look at me ! Is this a proper ‘smart’ sentence structure way of describing creatures in the ‘so called’ animal kingdom ?

Hmm … I just did a basic computer grammar check of the above writing and it was OK.

I am a lot like an animal in my basic mindset. I believe so. In my newest writings I want to stress the virtue of being so with a more ‘natural’ honesty in ones mind for the sake of getting some youth enhancement and a much better fate leading to a happier life. The business of all of us having to be constantly smart and competitive … in a faster and faster fashion … in our socializing is going to force us into a very rude awakening soon. I believe this. This will be a god awful happening unless we can institute a kindly godhead awakening when we can slow this madness down.

This is our basic Rat Race madness folks ! We don’t need this continuous high level of ballyhoo in our world any longer.

The animals cannot know the science we know. The thing is that they do not need to know any science other than the honest parrying they do with other creatures. They simply (intuitively know) joy in being strong and showing their fangs, horns, speed and other worthy attributes on display and fostering the best offspring to prolong their species living for millions of years in this food chain Earth Garden.

We need to do the same thing somehow despite our intelligence. We can simply follow the three ideals of living long in this universe. Mere observation tells us how true this is ! We need to be biologically pure and strong, ultimately happy all the time we are here and engagingly honest. We need to show the universe that we are not really so stupid either when we are wide open honest.

I am getting a set of ‘Findings’ all of a sudden in the form of my most recent reportage from 2014 to now. I have to formulate them so that I can report them here. These are really stark new truths about our present and ancient situation in the Earth Garden.



1. The Gods are dead (the creature universe killed them all after they were captured here in the first place).

2. There are no life forms than our own in this universe. I was informed about this in my book ENOS years ago. It is here again as a newer Finding in my head.

3. The ancient Gods were all driven insane when they arrived here (after our predator creature universe grabbed them). They became our new leaders (they had to make due here).

4. The ancient Gods were mixed with animal and bird heads and were capable of flying around in our sky.

5. Groups of different, captured, God types (those that were only in our sky) were here to do warfare activities with advanced weaponry. These were insane masterminds. They killed each other !

6. Now we are alone in this universe and we are looking for other life form types. We need not explore the realm of the past physical stars activity we see in the night sky. We need to fully fight for our own sanity and better living on this planet instead.

7. We are mixed with these God’s now. This is the motive for our creature universe capturing the God’s in the first place !

8. The ‘Grays’ are the oldest life form in this universe. They are billions of years old. They can interact with us only for very short periods of time. They come here to play like earth animals constantly play … for many millions of years ! They are forced to do this ! Their saucer craft are a living life form that exists, in front of us, in the their future (not ours). They have offspring that are mixed with human and their own biology.

9. We cannot fully comprehend the logic of our universe. We have benevolent mystical God’s of our own who can guide us (God‘s created in a Natural/Spiritual way). These are a life form around us also !

10. We cannot see forward from our position in the time long universe. The Greys and others are coming here in a mediumistic way, like ghosts, from a future we cannot perceive. The future can visit the past but the past cannot visit the future.


I think that I should discount this sudden set of very stark (crazy ?) Findings in my head but I will not. I am being obedient to some kind of ‘Authority’. I have to report these ten here. I have been told to do this. I never want to know my Finding source.

I have been doing this for 35 years !

Hmm … all I wanted to do before this set of Findings came to me was close my new blog writing with an adjunct 20 year plan, an adjunct to my 20 year plan to finance human beings in a better society. We need a companion 20-year plan to salvage the Earth Garden, also, which is the greatest crux to all matters before us in this new age.

I will do this in another blog.


Well … you see … we need to know something … even more than our scientists do.

Some scientists are aware of the matter of our Earth Garden’s way of refreshing the natural terrain everywhere for the sake of maintaining the earth’s ecosystem.

I am talking about the increased intensity of storms that we are experiencing. The ultimate storm of course is the doomsday storm. This is something we have to address now more than ever. The Earth Garden will forcibly keep its natural world going good or it will end it all in a relatively short time.

The thing is we have to not become a matter that the Earth Garden will have to do something about, to have to correct our Earth Garden living in such a manner.


I am very sorry about this blog all of a sudden. You can say that I am just needlessly concerned about situations that are not so prevalent before us at all … that I am just in a crazy head-trip right now. Nobody can say that I am completely wrong.

I have three pictures here taken with an adapter I invented that will enable anyone to take pictures with their telescope or binocular with their smart phone.  I have a provisional patent on this and a full patent pending.

The first picture I took is of the Hippie Planet (a part of a distant Hippie days peace symbol sign).

The second picture I took is our real moon with my smart phone attached to my stargazing telescope.

The third picture I took is the Janus Joplin moon way out there (another part of a distant Hippie days symbol sign).



George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816

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G Forss Janus Joplin moon extrados

G Forss Edge of the moon Gemini telescope with adapter for

G Forss The Hippie Planet Invention picture small file

Vegetables and Fruit are Creatures

28 Sep

G Forss Fruit and veggies in bowl small file

Vegetables and Fruit are Creatures

I am always thinking about my next blog. I do not have to create a topic or a theme for one of these. I know this. I just suddenly know what I must do.

Lately, I have been photographing vegetables and fruit in a certain way so that I will have a comely series of vegetables and fruit ‘Still Life’ portraits.

The first ‘Still Life’ of some veggies and fruit I did happened because I could not help but notice how creature-like a group of some fresh farm vegetables were in a bowl I was looking at.

This was a group of vegetables I was looking that gave me the initial idea to do a series of still life portraits about such plant life. I decided to photograph these with my smart phone. I discovered that close-up photography with a smart phone produces an image that is sharp everywhere and is also three dimensional like.

The picture at the top of this blog is just what I saw suddenly !

To be a creature, like the wild ones we see in Nature, one has to be fully expressive of ones overt capabilities. This is why animals and birds are so attractive to us.

Well, I am telling you, vegetables and fruit are creatures ! Oh yeah !

It is uncanny just how savage these plants are. They are all saying, in essence … ”Come and get me !”

Here is another thing I discovered … If you put two or more of these ‘food stuff’ items on a plate, or in a bowl, they will actually start to relate to each other in an overt fashion ! I could be wrong but … look at the antics of the vegetables and fruit in my pictures here. These are designed to be food for us. We know this. The ‘thing’ though is that they will also be very playful sexually in the short time that they are ‘ripe’.

The two grapefruits I have here are kissing each other. I put the two of them on a plate to photograph and then a little later I found them closer together and … uh ?? … kissing !

Look at the lot of them. A pickle, a zucchini and a pear that don’t like the hybrid apple … an ear of corn (Maze) that knows it is a lovable chore to eat all through human history … a yellow squash beautiful curves … two ripe bananas full of yummy …farm vegetables happy in a basket by the fireplace, etc. etc.

I captured the ‘ardor’ of these plants before they were all eaten up

I say no more.G Forss Assorted farm vegetables still life 2016

G Forss Farm vegetables for soup at DHW studio small file

G Forss Two Bananas on a plate small file

G Forss Large Yellow Squash plant on an oval plate small file

G Forss Ripe Veggies and three limes in a bowl

G Forss Zucchini, Pickle, Apple and Pear on an oval plate small file

G Forss Ear of Corn on an oval plate small file


I sell my pictures for $45. now.  Shipping is $12.

Backtrack on my blogs here to see many more images.  You can describe the picture to order (if you please).


George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 west Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816

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The Enemy is Warfare

14 Sep




IG Forss The Donald on 5th Ave for his wall small file

The Enemy is Warfare

A lot of people have an opinion about the situation with North Korea’s missile launches. I told some people that I do not have to necessarily have an opinion on many topics, including the aggressive nuclear missile program that the North Korea leaders are foisting on the world scene right now.

Many people believe that North Korea is the enemy of world peace, as we know it. I do not want to have a strict opinion on any of this. I do have a strict opinion about humanity’s ‘needs’ in this matter though. Surely, North Korea is a great threat to South Korea and the U.S. now. Worse than this, I believe that the time is nigh for a major war confluence in our world right now and that a character like the young leader of North Korea is a catalyst in all of this. We are subject to the wiles of the creature universe. We are always smart enough to override (adjust for) the uncalled and unjustified fortunes of many horrors through all of our history here

Why should people want to have such quick uneducated opinions on so many such events in our world … a steady stream of them. Is it not part of the ‘sport’ of our worlds modern affairs ? We simply do not want to know the complete truth of these events. As an active member of my society, the animalistic part of me, I too would like to see the end of this new U.S. dictator enemy in the world right now. This guy is antagonizing us and getting away with it ! This is my need for ‘sport’ I am expressing. I know this.

I am aware of a very primitive and ongoing phenomenon of a pattern that is noticeable in the entire history of humanity’s cultures. In these modern times this has to do with a seemingly warlike period in human affairs that is a necessary immolation of a cultures young men every 25 years or so. This is so stupid to me but I am also aware, in my new Findings, that we are all driven by the pride of just being a creature in this universe. This is a pride that every person in every culture wants to express. Being smart, though, actually means that we can do things in a fashion that is not truly earned IN THIS UNIVERSE. Long-lived animals know how to earn their keep, so to speak, even if it is just by their instincts.

This thing is ultimately a killer of us all if we are too smart about everything in life. This universe killed all the advanced beings that were here 15,000 + years ago ! All we have is the remains of what they have done and also of the wars they were raging. Are we going to be smart and wiser about all of this ? We can make a good science remedy out of our modern life malaise.

I have a good solution to the ongoing conflicting situation in Korea … all of Korea !

I think we should address the very people of all Korea with a new plan that is universal and loving for all the Koreans in a way that will surely impress the so called ‘average’ person of this culture. This is not my plan … my ego at play. I say this because I have been in some kind of communication with some kind of forceful authority for many years and I will obediently obey all of its directives knowing that this thing is never wrong. I am not kidding !

I have two books in production by a publisher in England and these will carefully detail my adherence to such a force. I have to self published my writings to get noticed in the world. I am being foolish and perfectly wise. I am describing the force as a ‘thing’ because it is not of the earth garden world here. I know this now.

If South Korea were to institute the twenty year plan I write about in the blog before this one it would start a very serious change in the mindset (mindsets) of (on the part) of all the people of North Korea. Surely, you can say that the ‘ordinary’ person in North Korea will not know about this. Do not think this way. This is just some stupid Blossom Type, enemy conscious, reasoning. You will know that this is so if you read the details of such a plan in my last blog. Consider this; the Korean culture is a very old one and they do follow every nuance of each side of their split cultures very well these days. If my ‘Love is the Answer’ type of plan is instituted it will actually spell the end of the foreign type of government up north in Korea. The plan has to be voted in a Democratic way. It has to be started in South Korea. North Korea has a controlling dictatorship in power now.

In our entire world the oldest warfare is the one involving …

True Nature – versus – Conglomerated Humanity.

This started as soon as we got here.




I have a new remarket able way to marry traditional film photography with the new digital photography in vogue right now. It is showing in my opening picture of a Donald Trump disguised man begging for Donald’s Mexican wall. It is just like a new confluence between the Republicans and the Democrats that can be achieved if we were to marry conservative ideals with advanced progressive ideals. The pictures I have here were made by scanning an 8 1/2 x 11 inch print that was made in a photographic darkroom with the kind of computer program that can enhance the scanned image in a number of ways.

You will not know exactly what you are looking at when you study these pictures. They are neither a film picture nor a digital picture. By scanning a B&W darkroom print you will pick up the longer range of tones and silky highlights of a film picture and also the cloning fix of any film flaws … and the considerable enlarging of the picture overall size. My pictures here are about the size of pictures taken with a 50mb picture-taking camera.

How about my opening picture of Donald Trump ! This is a man on 5th Avenue in NYC posing as the Donald trying to raise money for his Mexico wall.

I sell my pictures for $45 now. This will be an 8 1/2 x 11 inch print on a very good digital paper. Shipping is $12.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 518 677-3288 georgeforss29@gmail.com


G Forss Saint Patrick's Cathedral 5th Ave Chinon small fi


G Forss Picasso Irving Penn Chinon 720 digital small file

G Forss Trump tower double exposure Chinon camera small fi

20 Year Plan to save humanity and our Earth Garden home

17 Aug

I put just put this plan in a new blog but I heard from two people telling me that they cannot find it in my blog … “The power of doing nothing”.

So. I am taking out the beginning of my recent blog and putting the part where the plan begins.  This is still a bunch of pages.  Please read this carefully.  Do not get too distracted by the faster pace we are all running in the Rat Race.  Take a break and hide somewhere.


My plan:

All kinds or records and occurrences of mayhem are being broken in our weather, society, democracies, wars, etc.

This is telling us that something severe is happening that is growing worse in our world. It is very much like some ????? (God ?) is mad at us.

Yeah … and it is a growing anger ! I believe that we are all at the behest of a strict force for betterment in this universe, or else ! This force will grant all wishes and we need to acknowledge that our current rage with an ump degree of a mass lunacy death wish excitement exists in all of our community’s. I hope we do not really want an end to humanity because of an excitable death wish that has to be made real. We need to do something in a Natural/Spiritual way from now on so that this force will not actually grant such a horror ! We need to employ a better wish to this force.

Death wish excitement ? It is natural to have some of this as a mindset because of our living as a vulnerable mortal being creature in this universe environment is so real. I can tell you here that I have the best remedy yet for this kind of scenario with a twenty-year plan to save our earth environment.

This is not my plan. It is the product of the Force for Betterment that has been granting my wish slowly. It has been doing so with my Findings wit and wisdom and now I have such a plan after some thirty years since my original vow to God. This kind of thinking is dumb in our ultra modern world and we will never want to enact a plan that is asking us to be more childlike and trusting of a so called ‘Force for Betterment’. This is the way I was praying even using the word God though I am not a practitioner of any religion.

I was this very ordinary dumb person when I made my vow. I was childlike when I made such a vow. This is the very state of mind that we need to be in to connect to such a force, though. The proof of this is so simple.

Every naturally living thing in this universe is aware of a life supporting energy of some kindness (The Force for Betterment) (God) as part of a beings long term living in this place. This makes natural life forms feel secure in that they are always happy, strong and truthful all the time in their living.

When you consider that no other awareness will work over time – when we are not childlike in this way – then you are forced to consider that we need to get into this state for our long-term survival with the earth. The current madness with all kinds unearned adroit smartness crazy fast changing compositeness in all of our world of constant technological upgrades and war games is growing worse.

The proof I have is simple in this statement:

“We are going to run of steam doing things the way we are doing.”

There is a great lack of purity in what we are doing these days and this is something that Nature, God, The God Force, The Force for Betterment, The Holy Ghost, Allah, Yahweh, etc will not sanction. To me all of these ‘Gods’ are of the same mastery. The thing is that the forces of long-term survival in this universe will not allow for our living in the long run without a proper ness of our association with the Natural/Spiritual Earth Garden here.

Steven Hawking has said we have about 1,000 years of living here left on earth and now he has updated his statement. He is now saying that we have about 100 years left ! Skeptics say his new belief is too radical.

We have to do something. I have a new twenty-year plan here that is going to involve a set of magical occurrences that will happen when we simply let raw Nature take its course in our affairs. This will involve some stark observations we will witness when we are doing nothing much in the way of using modern ill sciences to solve our problems.

We have to let something that I have uncovered in my writings over the last three years become operative in securing a better fate line (good graces for humanity) for our long-term living. Notice that I did not say that I discovered something. If you have been following my blog you will already know that I aim to honor such a veritable force.

We do have a great power available to utilize all the time in any of our international and local social affairs. To let this power take hold over all of us will be the best we can do in our living. So, we need to simply start doing nothing in the area of all the ‘Evil Smartness’ we are always about to allow for a more remedial natural regenerative force in our affairs to take hold. This is much better than all of the Blossom Type of smarts we know right now.

You can state all the amazing technical and social reforms we have accomplished in our history. What good are these, though, if we are now severely threatened with our earth world ruination ? Well, the solution, from a Natural/Spiritual standpoint, is for us to suddenly come to a stop with all of the constant amazing advancement syndrome madness. Everything we are doing is getting newer and newer again, and can we just stop doing this ?

At least slow it all down as we are instituting better management of humanity.

With the plan I have here we will be able to start a twenty year interim period of new scientific and joyfully playful finance reforms that will make us all feel better and better (and happier) over the span of about twenty years.

The first thing to do is to start circulating the data and details on my plan so that people will want to vote it in when they are able to do so in any new government official election period. This will seem rather childlike and it is, but it is the only way that anyone or I will be able to extol the virtues of the plan. It will take a while to do this even before my twenty year plan is started. BUT WE MUST PERSEVERE.

While the forces of Nature may be against us and our political world is getting hoarier, there should also be a great new ethereal type of smartness brewing among human kind for a New World of betterment. There is billions of loving new souls on our planet who want to immerge into a newly operative and peaceable ordered world at long last.

This is our salvation. This is EROICA !

To start the plan we need to decide, once and for all time that a basic human being is to have some financial worth all during a person’s life. This plan involves money, mathematics and science. The plan does not have anything to do with religious semantics.

We have to decide, once and for all time, that a given human type of beings is worthy of a basic living stipend. I have a figure of $9,000 a year for every U.S. citizen. Now … here is the good part … every citizen is to receive $9,000 a year no matter what ! We are going to buy out the poor.

This plan has to be funded and it will take a twenty-year period or so to implement this plan. A first ever outlay of some annual funding will start it all going. People will get about $400. The first year while an appropriate deduction in some government programs to pay for this outlay takes place. Every year after this an increase in the appropriate outlay will take place while a further decrease in some government programs that is also taking place. After this interim period each U.S. citizen will receive a $9,000 annual stipend in the form of new money credited in each person’s bank account. This will be a new Bill of Rights ! This is also a no cash-funding plan in that the wealth coming from the government in this plan will be in the form of an automatic debit card deposit. One great thing about this plan is that we can all begin to abort our attachment to the Blossom energy (The Rat Race).

The ‘Power of Doing Nothing’ in this plan also involves a person attaching themselves to the ‘Force for Betterment’ in a certain specific way. This is a Force which is, naturally, involved in the beautification of Nature, a fuel for excellence, auto physical function repair, creation of art and earth eco renew and restoration. This force does what it does ANYWAY. I have discovered (uncovered) this force recently and I find that it will do what it does in a fashion of the full meaning of the word “Anyway”. To get some beneficial remedy we must communicate with the Force by making a wish, a vow, praying, chanting, singing, etc. in a very specific way with a complete earnestness and then do nothing to receive some magical remedy.

Let’s take the biggest problem we have to ‘report’ to this force. This is a kind of report we will make to this force by our most earnest wishes. Let’s report the problem of our earths pending ecosystem viability, for instance.

If we all, a good bunch of us, are prayerfully wishing to remedy this situation we can expect a good remedy … and we do not have to pay for this other than the honest vow we have made ! This force is not a mentality we can verse with ANYWAY. I love this word I use to describe a kindly force in this universe. In this creature universe there is this beautiful force that I kind of believe is the closest thing to God in our world … ANYWAY !

The way that we are managing our world right now, every strong nation in our world is preparing for war. This is assumed to be a must. We need to reverse this so that every strong nation will be preparing for peace. We should all be looking at a surely growing movement in this regard. There should be no assumption about doing this at all ! We do have a group of the strongest nations involved in policing the world to force a strong peace everywhere. This is getting harder to do though because of something I will only describe as being ‘the greed factor’. The very rich are trying to make even more money !

In my plan there is a gradual culmination of government funding services for each individual citizen. When this is happening each citizen will get $9,000 or so of guaranteed annual wealth in their life. This funding will take the place of government funding for welfare, health insurance, prison systems, warfare expenses, etc, Note that all of these programs will still be in place put they will be pared down considerably.

In my plan (the one divined to me) have the following edicts, if you will, that must be ordained and followed:

A person’s health insurance will be their responsibility more than ever. Deductions from the $9,000 living stipend will pay for this, IF WANTED. A child’s individual health insurance runs the same way. This and crime punishment fines will be the only way that a child’s stipend can be tapped into during a person’s childhood. Note that the parent is to decide on spending a child’s health expenditures ultimately but children will certainly want to keep healthy with the incentive of wanting to preserve their growing net worth during their childhood. There will be a lot of second and third judgments here about overeating sweets and junk food. A growing will power is the great education for every child with this plan’s advent.

A deduction of a person’s wealth in the area of crime punishment is involved in this plan. This is so before a child is getting their big payoff as they mature. A new kind of court will decide how much of a person’s stipend is to be taken from them in the form of a fine judgement. Note that crime will be less among young people simply because it will cost them dearly if they commit a crime. There will be far less prison sentences issued when in this New World plan is in effect. For a very serious crime a person could loose their stipends forever. This is when they may be institutionalized in a new kind of prison that is not of their liking at all. Their annual (new) Bill of Rights birthright stipend is to pay for this kind of confinement. Note that this is the way to pay for anyone’s interment in a mental hospital as well … until they get well. You can expect far less insanity in the world of this plan.

Advanced education under this plan is about a simple decision that a person will want to make for him or herself. A newly mature person with a large catch of some wealth suddenly will probably make some mistakes with their wealth but this is part of the greatest education that someone under this plan can attain. This is new. At this point many young people will still want to go to college but they have to pay for it. Parents will be free of this God awful peer pressure item in modern life at long last. A parent can still pay for a child’s education. The thing is that we will all be free of much of the stupid peer pressure syndrome we have had to endure for so long in modern life. The very richest people in the world will be happy about all of this because there will always be a new crop of stupid kids coming around with a lot of money to spend and they can sell them all kinds of business/career gambits and toys. This is going to be the greatest education that a young person of humanity has ever experienced. Having the freedom a wealth to do whatever you want with so many things to pursue all of a sudden is vital in this regard. We learn best by our mistakes. A young person can buy an expensive super car with their wealth if this is what they want. Maybe this will actually be a good investment item ?

It is logical to expect a run of immigrants coming to the U.S., even more than before, when the world sees what we have done here with such a great new way of managing human affairs in our country. Note that this plan is not a copyrighted cultural thing to war over. So, this plan can work in any country and it should be a part of a whole New World order. Our entire world can start to free itself of a long-standing set of primitive maledictions at long last. This will culminate with a New Bill of Rights for all people on the earth !

It must be that only a U.S. citizen or a citizen in any country doing this plan can take part in this plan and it will also be necessary for a period of about seven years before someone can become a citizen in a given country utilizing this plan. This is fair to all the people who are now a citizen in a country with such a plan. Lets face it; people around the world are going to be ‘stirred up’ when they see something like this taking place on the planet and they will want the same thing in their part of the earth place. This means that they will have the greatest incentive ever to want to overthrow a dictator type of government they are now living under.

People everywhere have come to the U.S. and the melting pot that we are has made us a great nation.

This type of human management plan is also the best and only way that we will be able to restore and maintain the Earth Garden. This is designed to be a savage jungle but a careful study of it all reveals the purified glory that all natural creatures on earth are aware of … ANYWAY. Natural animals on the planet have been greatly ill affected by humanity ever since we arrived here. Just the sight of us here has been doing this ! Natural animals have lost some of their pure strength and happiness now. It is as if a kind of fate mindset somewhere is always observing us and does not like this new situation and will act to remedy this soon.

What to do ? We will have to take care to renew our Earth Garden as soon as we can and to also take care of the entire body of humanity in the way that Nature takes care of all the life here naturally. When you are a creature that is born somewhere on this planet in a perfectly natural setting it can be said, in human terms, that you “Have it Made”. This is because everything that you need and everything would want to do is right in front of you. This can be for us with a set of strict and pure new scientific physical actions taking place in the governing of humanity and it follows along with this axiom … “Actions speak louder than words”.

I have it in my most recent writing ‘Findings’ that there are three basic things that this universe demands of its creatures.

1. They must be born strong (Nature always takes care to do this and to form a perfect setting for all creature types over some worthy time in evolution).

2. They must be happy (The God Force of this universe will end the living of any life form if most of them are living in a miserable state).

3. All living things must have a high degree of honesty in their living (This is something that happens anyway in every natural creature’s world).

Humanity is failing in these three doctrinal attributes. We can pause in our thinking to plan a lie, get real lazy, have the basic energy of the creature universe imbued in us to be enemy conscious and to plan conquests and wars.

With the basics of a new and best plan for the management of human affairs, like I have here, the erstwhile ‘God Force’ of the universe will shine some good fate on us for our continued future living just like it does for all creatures in their perfectly natural settings. The thing is a pure and honestly wrought creature in this universe will not be born to live here without an associated blessing of some millions of years of life ! We need some of this. We can get some good fate for our future IF we become wise and more scientific about the forces in this universe that we have been ignoring in our commercial affairs. This is because we do not want to think about any of our ‘situations’ in the long-term. Like I have been writing about here … most of humanity has an excitable death wish about living too long through the eons of time before us. We only want the fun of our fast paced technological upheavals of short term Modern Life gambits. This is true for our modern science in every area of the science we know, no matter how amazing it is.

So, if we can become more aware of ‘The Force for betterment’ in our living this will lead us well and we will become more aligned with the three demands of the God Force. This is the force that governs Nature, Beauty, Excellence, Art, Good Health and any of all the good stuff in the short term while ‘The God Force’ will decide just how long any life form is to survive.

The Force for Betterment is real ! This is the greatest ‘Finding’ of my recent writings. I discovered that we could tap into this force as a mindset that will better our health, art, happiness and other good stuff. Read my books.

I hope you are not too annoyed with this blog. I am told that this blog is to be the last one of this series of blogs. I am also told that this series of my ‘preaching’ blog’s is to be published as a book. I have to self-publish my books. I know this. My writings are just too much for poor excitable death wish humanity of the type that only wants to enjoy commercially oriented Media and the antics of ultra fit colorful celebrities.

Yeah … I do have a boss over me.

The Power of doing nothing is my last subject here. This is something that involves the power we will have for a remedy that will magically release us from the energy of the Blossom (the Rat Race). The thing is that the energy of the Blossom cannot stop on its course of ultimately ruining our earth world and humanity. It has to keep on going and slowly increasing its strength until doomsday, when the thing will be released from here with this earth in ruin. You (any scientists) cannot say this is not happening. Yes, and we are all having fun with it as it goes along (a kind of death wish fun).

There is something we can do about this; we can come to a stop, a good majority of us, which will have the effect of disengaging this thing’s creature like tentacles from us at long last. Yes ! We can decide, in a New World wide plan activity to simply stop amidst the Blossom’s frenzy to do nothing … while this thing continues on past us. We have the ability to pause and think like no other creature on this planet. Let’s do some of this !

Once the Blossom energy is so far away from us we will all be free and the planet ecosystem will restore itself. This is another thing to do nothing about. The earth will simply restore itself once we stop most of our human Blossom human type of affairs racing pollution activities.

Do not do this ‘plan’ with wild protests and controversy involving two opposing sides with rampant violence. The idea of this plan, the way that it all came to me, is for all of humanity to have a new kind of godly universality in governing our animalistic natures on the planet in a better more scientific way.

Don’t protest but vote ! You have to vote in this plan folk. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be a stupid faultfinding Blossom Type. I say …

“Love everybody and everything.”

When we finally ‘Get with it’ (get with this axiom), we will not have to do this ‘Rat Race’ any longer !

“We will need a whole lot more details about a heady plan you are describing here.”

You can say this, but not really … REALLY … Part of the madness about current modern life is the way that we have of making everything needlessly complicated and then outmoded stuff a very short span of time.

I know you are not annoyed with the photo I put at the beginning of this blog. I think my motive was to shock you and kind of force you to read through all the writing of this blog. If you are reading this far, it worked !

This car is a 1956 or 1957 or 1958 ? Pontiac Bonneville convertible auto that has been meticulously restored. Pontiac cars are outmoded now. Pontiac was a great Indian chief. Yeah, we do name stuff and organizations after great Indians chiefs of old to honor them after we take over their land.

I do have more details about the subjects of this plan in my newest books. I will be citing these soon. I also want to blog the nine steps someone can take to get a degree of youth enhancement in their body and in their current ill health items and health forecast. This will be my next blog.

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ph 518 677-3288 georgeforss29@gmail.com


I have some new pictures here taken with an adapter I invented.  This is something that enables a person with a smart phone to take pictures with a telescope or a binocular.

I own the patent on this invention so I can now hype it up.  I photographed Nancy’s peace sign on her barn and the moon at night.  I  will be looking for a company to make my adapter.


G Forss The Hippie Planet Invention picture small file

The Hippie Planet

G Forss Edge of the moon Gemini telescope with adapter for

Edge of the Moon

G Forss Janus Joplin moon extrados

Janus Joplin moon extrados




My nine steps for youth enhancement

7 Aug

G Forss Nine Steps page 2G Forss Nine Steps page 1I have my nine steps here for you to try.  Look at No. 1 first and then No. 2. I am sorry that these are backwards.

I have a new book being published that will feature these and all of the wisdom/logic about such a new way for someone to restore and maintain some of their lost youth and health.

I have three calls about my last blog about a pending Solar Storm dilemma.  One person thinks this is as serious as I do.  This person told me that we have only about 30 minutes to protect ourselves when an large erupting Solar Flare from the Sun is coming our way.  A Solar flare of about 24K will knock out our communications and electronic instruments so that we will need to completely rebuild them.  A storm of this magnitude will cause major fires in our cities.  A Solar flare can be go to 64K !

If we get a warning over the Media (I hope so) you should shut off electricity at your circuit bracers, master house current switch or whatever you can do to end electricity coming to your home.  You should put your smart phones outside in your driveway and unplug all your computers, TV’s etc.  After this do not go driving anywhere. Stay put and pray. This can help.

Another person who called me said that we are protected from such a storm by Aliens and God.  This person said that something like this never really happens because smarter entities are watching over us.  I hope so.


I am putting a video here with about twenty five ducks coming into my smart phone in a line quacking a lot.  The lead duck sees me doing a video and commands the line of ducks to  reverse course and return to where they were coming from.  These are on artist Even Wilson’s beautiful estate.