A New World for humanity without Ra Ra

12 Dec

A New World for humanity without Ra Ra

I am writing a new book soon about a world scene for humanity without the dominance of Ra Ra.

My title for this book is the heading title I have for this blog.

I recently sent e-mail to a publisher that I am connected with. I was very afraid that my standing with this company was waning. In my e-mail I proposed two new books that are on my mind that I think they should know about. One new book proposal is a writing that I have to do because it is a ‘Calling’ that I have to do so. My second book though is not a book that I have to write. This book is actually an idea I have for a commercial book. I got the idea for my second book proposal from two new ‘Findings’ that I am trying to deal with. I do not want to go with these but I must. I am obligated to do a new blog about a new finding when I get these so this is what I have here.

It turns out that my publisher wants to publish one of my recent books after all ! This is my book entitled …

A Fountain of Youth

            Fountain of Independence

                   A Fountain of Good Health and Happiness


Ra Ra ? My letter to my publisher explains this new situation for me …


Letter to a publisher

Hello to ,

I want to try to represent my writings to your company anew to propose two new books. Mind you, these are very fanciful writings coming from a character like me … just like all my recent writings. I believe I have a good idea, though, this time with one of my new book proposals. I know I am not so popular in the world these days and that I can only write well in a non -commercial way. This is a real problem for any writer, for sure, but this may be OK for me, soon. I say this because we are all getting involved in a rapidly changing world for a new kind of betterment we will be coming to know. This is something I want to get involved in. I have the right to boldly speak my mind this way because I have been active in approaching such a New World for some 35 years or so. I believe there is something like a New World developing with new youth that are more universally respectful of other youth. I say this despite the latest trends – in all the Media – showing despotic hedonism everywhere.

The Hippies called such an approaching New World the Age of Aquarius.

Of course the whole movement fell apart as being a good part of any culture these days. Worse than this, prevalent modern realities for some time have been telling anyone like me to simply ‘go away’ but this reality is changing ! We will know more when our youth mature to become New World political leaders. I want to believe this. This new Age of Aquarius will be in full force around 2300 or so.

My first book proposal is a book I am writing in response to a genuine ‘Calling’ that I have. I have a title for this book. I am told to use this title … “A New World for humanity without Ra Ra”.

Ra is the name of the sun god of Heliopolis. This is a universal creator worshipped throughout Egypt. A double sounding of the Ra Ra god is used by the Aliens to describe the behavior of people everywhere who believe they will only live once and therefore they are to properly achieve a one and only success for themselves in every culture of our world. This is so they will be happy about being formidable in this life only. This topic is on page 253 of my book ENOS.

This book is already written in my head. I know exactly what this book will contain.

My second book proposal is actually about a commercially viable writing.

I have been writing my recent blogs as a diary to showcase some amazing new finds (Findings) for our world. The list of these is quite intriguing to me. The list of my diary blog items headings can be a title and subject for the chapters of such a book that can appeal to basic mass book readers. This book coming from me alone is no good but if science and religious experts of the community at large were to want to explore what my new writings ‘Findings’ were portending then a new book like this would be in the offing. Still (this is so obvious), no publisher will want to do this book. I do have something new now that should make this possible. I have two new “Findings” that I am trying to deal with. A ‘Finding Sentence’, or a finding, is a mysterious bit of knowledge/wisdom that I will be privy to. I know a ‘Finding Sentence’ when I have one when it will not go away from a very specific feeling of real truth that will come over me… that will accompany such a find. I will wait for such a finding to fail but if it does not then I know I have a new ‘Finding Sentence’.

What I have are two new Findings about the U. S. Presidential election that are going to put it all on the line for me. I am afraid of this. I really have two new Findings about the U.S. Presidential election coverage ? I believe so.

My first Finding said this … “You have to ??? the election results” I cannot recall the actual word that was used in this sentence but it has to do with a recounting of the results of the recent presidential election in the U.S. This ‘Finding Sentence’ is implying that there is something wrong with the given results.

My second Finding said this … “Donald Trump will not be President of the United States.” This one came to me just like this. Now I did it. This is what I said to myself.

So, my second book could be billed as an adventure with a heady title like … “Exploring the unknown with George Forss Findings.”


Here is a list of my recent Findings data on my blog ( >>> forssblog <<<) ….

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Can this writing be construed as being the catalyst for another new blog I will write ? How can I accept my latest Findings, though, knowing that I am probably acting out these as Findings when they may be just some wish fulfillment on my part ? We are all impressed with Donald Trump all of a sudden. He is a purposeful warrior of some kind who knows how to win. I tell people that trump is a New Yorker. This counts for something good. I do not follow any politic. I voted for Hillary because Bernie Saunders said we should do so. I am a Socialist for a one world kindly order somehow.

I do know a ‘Finding’ in my head when one comes to me … and these never fail ! I am just a normal error prone person but I am also the kind of perfect fool that the universe God Force can communicate with. I know this. I know my Findings are like Gospel.

Thanks for your time,

George Forss


I do not want to tell who my publisher is just yet. I have a fear that I may be in trouble because of the new ‘Findings’ I write about here. I will know right away what my new status is.

I have some new pictures of NYC attached that were taken with my smart phone. I find that there is a special magic in the pictures I take with this instrument. I have an entertaining sarcastic eye with my smart phone.

Thanks for your time !



New sneakers


A new book to read


A sign of our times


Graffiti wall boards


Chinatown bakery


Fish in a storefront window

New pictures

22 Nov


My kitchen window world

This picture needs some explaining / description.

For a few years in the early 1990’s I was getting an animal statue in a box of Red Rose tea bags.  I accumulated a lot of these and put them in a small box.  Suddenly, I got a statue of Mr. and Miss Noah’s Ark.  This is when I decided to do something with Noah and his group of wild animals.  I started to set up the display you see above in my kitchen window.

In my scene you can see God in a plant hanging basket.  You can see the Music of Life represented by a musical staff mobile.  You can see the Devil of Life (the green monster) along with all the creatures in my world.

To the right side of this display you can see Noah and his wife standing on a rock to view all creatures they have saved.  Next to them (a stick I found outside) is the Goddess of Hope. Above this is the Earth Garden sphere globe.  I also incorporated a hanging moose mobile and King Kong with his Empire State Building.

Lastly, you will see a small Alien standing on top of a globe with a bull in it.  This is in my display to represent the ‘outside of our Earth Garden World’ life forms who did the thing of created human life here.  I believe this !

There is one more thing going on here that is rather strange. On the bottom right of this picture you can see a face.  I did not plan this.  It turns out that this is me reflected in some past on mirrors along a wall next to this window.

Some other fun pictures …


Farm life  Open barn door


Farm Life  Rt 313


Farm life tractor


Flight to another land


Halloween House


This is Vermont

The phenomenon of the perfect fool in life

13 Nov

The phenomenon of the perfect fool in life

This is an extremely important phenomenon in life because it gives the ongoing forces involved with some new developments in the human genome a special person to work with. Yes. This is the only type of person that the universe can communicate with (one of its own). This is so because such a person is more fully alive in their naturally created state than most other people and this person will have also made a connection to such an authoritative power through the means of a childlike prayer or vow.

I believe there is a supernatural force for excellence and all that can be attributed to excellence that abounds in all beings. This force can be ascribed to The Aliens, God, The Buddha, The God Force, a faultless authority, a force for betterment, the all of all, the great kokammunda, Orenda, or any other word phrase that is used to describe such a species – changing moulding authority. We are all fools in life to some degree but there will be a foolish person involved in becoming a working tool of the universe.

This is a person who will be a perfect fool. This person will be involved in the very forces of Chance without knowing so ! I say that Chance is a Force.

Am I saying that I am such a special person ? Yes and No. There is nothing so special about a perfect fool person. This one inadvertently made a really dumb but special vow on June 28, 1976 that connected me to a God Force phenomenon. This is special. I know many people in my life that I can describe as being perfect fools. Yeah Yeah People who are fools more than the success oriented Blossom Type of a person. A Blossom Type is a person that dominates all of our cultures in modern life. I know that all the wild life creatures are perfect fools. We all know this. We know that wild animals are so stupid and vulnerable to let us do whatever we want to do to them. It turns out that there is a human person equivalent to this. There will be a person in society who will feel a calling to be a catalyst for change. This can actually be a person who wants to be a martyr for a great new cause they are sure about.

Am I a martyr ? No way. At least not willingly so. I am so happy in my life with my mania connection to some kind of God Force. I am happy that that I am getting away with my mania for so long. These are new times in human evolution. I know this. I can feel the truth of it all. There is this kind of a perfect fool warrantee in society now. PERFECT FOOLS UNITE ! Hah. This situation of my being a perfect fool is funny to me. I am just like any playful animal in life. I get a kick out of my ‘finds’. My great book ENOS is full of fun. I actually went too far in this ‘fun’ writing. It is not publishable.

(Not yet)

Now, we know animals and humanity were originally designed to function well in the ongoing slow moving evolution of species in Nature. We too are supposed to be just like all the creatures of the wild living as creatures in a beautiful and long lasting way. We are hybrid with a relatively new mentality, though, that is here now. This is a new intelligent being in the Earth Garden that is new to this place and we are now a being that has gotten too smart for this Earth Garden. Mind you, we were told by our proper authority to not eat of the forbidden fruit. We were told this in our Bible scripture but we sinned and this started the ball of modern science rolling in an unstoppable way.

What happened here to bring humanity about in such an untoward way is very simple to me. I have found in my most recent ‘Findings’ starting in late 2014 about our creature universe. It is that we were forcibly captured to be here from another universe ! I believe that we are to ultimately profit from this advent if we can survive in the way of a slow adherence to the proper workings of evolution.

We need to find a way to get back to a Godhead state in human affairs. Our future is not about one of our great cultures becoming the supreme force on the planet. I believe this. I have a new idea of my own foolish self (not a Finding) that I think would work as a new book. This may be something that is publishable coming from me ? Look at all the Findings that happened in the period of late 2014 to the present. These present an unmistakable body of new science logic that people may want to explore.

I recommend a look at these. You can scroll backwards through my past blogs to do this. Just looking at the heading titles of each one is interesting. I have a list of them here …


August 2014                                                    How a miracle can happen

August / September 2014                                   Making a vow

October 2014                                                    What the Universe wants

December 2014                                 New info about our ‘other world’ mentors

January 2015                                                        The Gods are dead

February 2015                                           Barbara Beckwith portraits of Aliens

May 2015                            Two new forces in the universe A new science to be considered

July 2015                                                 The Grays      God speaks through fools

August 2015                                                A yearning to show oneself to God

October 9, 2015                                          The Blossom is speeding up Part 1

October 21, 2015                                        The Blossom is speeding up Part 2

October 28, 2015                                        The Blossom is speeding up Part 3

December 13, 2015                                                             God

December 29, 2015                                        The sameness of all religions

January 22, 2016                                         New science about human origins

February 27, 2016                                       Capitalism and Socialism entwined

March 30, 2016                                                    The Rat Race is not real

May 13, 2016                                              New science about youth enhancement

May 20, 2016                                        The how and why of waking up the true self

June 6, 2016                              A connection between the God Self and a force for excellence

June 10, 2016                                        The workings of a genuine ‘Finding Sentence’

August 21, 2016                                 Excerpt from page 359 of ENOS … about churches

August 30, 2016                                              The universe believes in you

October 6, 2016                                                   A force for betterment

November 12, 2016                                The phenomenon of the perfect fool


Here are some recent pictures I like …


G Forss  Farm Field Panorama  Late Summer 2015 smaller file

Nancy’s farm panorama


Farm vegetables still life

G Forss Boy on church steps small file

Woodstock Vermont  One picture play


George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street   Cambridge, NY 12816   518 677-3288


Sale in my gallery !  All art is 10 to 40 % off !    My pictures  $5.oo (post card)

$20.00 (81/2 x 11 print)





Ginofor Gallery Theater of the Arts

30 Oct

I have been making some changes my gallery recently to enhance the theater effect of my business in my Main Street store property. The flier below explains …



I am getting some responses to this flier. I am happy about this.

We all need to think carefully about the ways that we can run a business.  For me, I want to not have to become so blatantly crass about my business.  I want my theater to be a bit of an escape from all of this. It is easy for me because I am sort of retired and I live in my gallery building.  I am able to reduce the prices for much of the art in my gallery by as much as 40%.  The artist still gets as much a profit as they would in a regular gallery business.

I have some new Fall Season pictures around my town of Cambridge to show here.  You can buy a collectable Post Card size print of my images for $5.  I can make one on the spot !  Cambridge is a pleasant relief from the Rat Race.  Come and visit.


Farm field and hill behind the Laundromat


Red tree on Ave. B


Colors of Fall in 2016


Red and Orange trees behind the Laundromat


Fall leaves last stand

George Forss  38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY  12816  518 677-3288




A Force for Betterment

6 Oct

A Force for Betterment

I believe there is a force for betterment that governs the initial creation of every living thing in a way that can guarantee a forthright strength and beauty of it all in its proper placement for a very long time. In all of the workings of Nature we can see this force in operation.

In our modern world though, we hardly know this. We only know the workings of our amazing smartness about science, religiosity, technological inventions, chemistry, political convictions, social media, new and newer modes of behavior and dress, etc.

We really cannot help ourselves in the area of our social and economic betterment in the long run with such an array of accompanying conglomerations of sheer smartness in our fast moving world of changes.

I do have a sounding phrase in my mind that can express the frenzy of all of this …


What are we supposed to do ? Are we supposed to close all of this down and retreat into the wild we can get our jollies throwing spears at each other again ?

I think we need to focus on a triangle of purity involving the three ideals of living … Natural – Spiritual – Creative … in life and not so much an exclusivity for the modern ideals of Modern business of being … Commercial – Professional – Popular … all the time.

We need to have a basic respect for the dignity of humanity and the sanctity of life.

OK Enough out of me. I have some new B & W film pictures attached here …

I have a view of some meters on the side of a building next door to mine that is a visual, sort of, of all I am saying above.

My neighbor store, Jack’s Outback, told me about this scene and how some wild plants were behaving around the electric meters on his building.

I also have a farm field scene in Cambridge that I like because it shows our ‘Two Tops’ mountains in the background. I used an old Kodak Medalist camera for this scene. I did something tricky that can only be done with a camera that can advance its film manually with a round red window on its back. I have a straight on view of this scene as well.

There is a special beauty to film pictures in the way that film can record very likable tonalities in a picture scene.


The Encroachment of Nature vs., Intellective Humankind   Galvin 6×8 Camera


The Encroachment of Nature vs., Intellective Humankind Linhof/ Symar 4×5 camera


Two Tops  Two Times  Kodak Medalist 6×9 camera


Farm Field with Two Tops mountain  Kodak Medalist camera


The Encroachment of Nature vs., Intellective Humankind   Smart Phone



For comparison, I also have a smart phone picture of Jack’s wild plants. You can say that smart phone is all we need for picture taking these days. Yes, but what happens next, and next, and next ? Are we going too fast (too greedy about making money with gadgets) ? The answer is NO. There is something else going on. We are not able to stop what we are doing, which is going faster and faster while our home, The Earth Garden, is declining in its native life force energy.

The solution has to be a fundamental one that will not need to change all the time. We can call what we are doing ‘Progress’ but what are we progressing toward ?

I am aware of a good set of changes that will remedy our situation for the better (for a betterment). We have to buy out the poor, so to speak. We can only do this by instituting a new Bill of Rights involving a basic human being. I cannot go into much detail here. You will know more in future blogs … and in my past blogs !  People who know me already know what I am about in this regard.


George Forss  38 West Main Street Cambridge NY 12816  518 6773288  georgeforss29@gmail.com


Fun with Smart Phone technology

17 Sep


Nancy’s farm field near and far focus


I am working with a Smart Phone and I have discovered some really neat things about such a device aside from its main feature of being a great phone system.


I will list the ‘things’ that only a smart phone can do and then put a few pictures here to illustrate …

You do not need a tripod with a smart phone.  Using a tripod (or having the phone pressed against a stationary surface) will not work.  The phone has image stabilization that has to come into play (it needs to not be so stationary).

A smart phone will focus on everything near and far in every picture it takes.  No auto focus is needed.

A smart phone can make 3D effect pictures.

A smart phone stops activity in every picture it takes.  If someone is flying through the air this person will be frozen and sharp.


I am only concerned with picture taking with a Smart Phone here.



Long jump at school


Swimmer legs frozen half in the water


Swimmer caught in mid air

G Forss My feet at the beach small file.jpg

3D legs at the beach


Close focus everywhere sexy vegetables

G Forss  Old Birch Tree Trunk  small file.jpg

Dimensional Old Birch Tree


I sell my photography.  I have many pictures in my past blogs along with new science discoveries !

An 8 1/2 x 11 archival quality print is $20.  An 4×6 archival post card is just $5.  Come to my gallery in Cambridge and I can make a print from my flat screen display in minutes.

Shipping from a far order is $4.


George Forss / Ginofor gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge,  NY 12816

518 677-3288  georgeforss29@gmail.com







The Universe Believes in You

30 Aug

The Universe Believes In You

YES. Once you know this you can begin to counter the awful death wish phenomenon which is the natural mindset propensity of all creatures. This, of course, is not the proper thing to do in a perfectly natural way. I am, after all, venturing into a new science that I am fostering now. I know this, but … BUT … my venture is also a Natural / Spiritual science venture and it is therefore very much in compliance with science that may be a part of our ongoing ‘natural’ evolution from now on. I know this also. This speaks very well for the New God intelligence that arrived here (was captured here) many eons ago*. This means that we can be progressing in an evolutionary way and we can live for many million’s of years if we are SPIRITUALLY smart !

* I am not going to be able to go into all the terminology and details of the claims in this blog. All my new data and new insights (new terminology) I have been receiving for many years are contained in a kind of diary I have been keeping all along when I started doing my blogs. This means that someone can backtrack on my blogs and experience my ‘Findings‘, LIVE, as I am receiving them on a given date just after I am excitingly recording them. I suggest someone may want to start with my findings in early 2015. This is when the fur really starts flying. I am referring to the ongoing ‘war’ about our survival that is getting ‘hairier’ between a technology that is going to make us all robots and a forecast I write about that has us advancing as naturally healthy creatures who are sane and happy.

Anyone readings this blog right now may well be ‘prompted’ to make a searing statement at this point, like this one … “What a nut !”

Well, I put together my new special line of thought in a dutiful way for this blog … and as such a line of thought would indicate … the universe believes in ME. Yes, just as I am … what I really want to do with my life and this given time of my life … in this blog !

This new line of thinking from me is a good one to use to explain how something like a God Force in the universe operates. I cannot be more serious then I am right now. I found out about the God Force many years ago and I know how to get the benefits from it. This force is not a mindset of any kind but it will use the Natural / Spiritual mental instincts of any creature as its own, when it is prompted to do something according to some creatures well founded – indeed – prayerful request it is picking up. The God Force does this AUTOMATICALLY ! This is so true for the great beauty of Nature everywhere in our Earth Garden. This force governs the paramount showiness of everything we see in the natural terrain.
Native American Indians were aware of this force and they have a name for it. It is called … “Orenda”. This name is in your dictionary for you to look up.

This force is with me as long ago as 1976. This is when as I apparently made a simple prayerful request for help from God (I was praying to God). This happened when I was street peddler trying to sell my photography in the Central Park area at this time. During this day I was dining on some strawberries and cans of beer that some other peddlers were selling. I got very ill after a while and this coincided with the bad sales I was making on this day. The combination of the beer/fruit and miserable sales made me ill. I thought I was experiencing a seizure in my gut. I had to lie on the ground. I could not stand up. I did something a wild animal will do when they are sick. I struggled to get behind a wall along 5th avenue – along Central Park – and hid under a small tree. I stayed here for hours. I could hear the city and people walking past me but I was not seen by anyone. This is when I made my prayerful vow. I prayed to God saying that I would do something to save the world of humanity and our earth home if I recovered.

You can see that I have a dopey, childlike personality. I am lazy about having to be so smart all the time in society, but it is good for someone to be like this. I have my nine step two page data sheet attached to this blog and I recommend that you study the insights it contains. This is new science and it will help awaken the True Self in you.

An OK child self goof: In my last blog I got excited about a 1937 Jaguar car that parked right in front of my Gallery in Cambridge. I told the owner his car was the ‘Ultimate’. It turns out that the Jaguar is a kit car. Was I supposed to know better ? The universe does not care about this kind of smartness. To be more accurate I should say this … “It is as if the universe (God) does not care about a basic smartness trip someone is sporting”.

I know that the God Force picked up on my situation in 1976 when I first encountered the God Force. At this time I made a vow to God. In this vow I said that I would do something to save the world of humanity and our earth home and this started my connectivity to a string of insights that were about doing just what I said I wanted to do. I started to get better and I wanted to get home. I had enough of my own foolishness. Not so fast though … my situation was not ended with the God Force. I was heading home around 8:30 pm. and I started getting what I call ‘Finding Sentences’. I discounted the sentences in my head right away, like such heady sentences were a by-product of my illness or even that I was now going insane. I did not know at the time know that I opened a door to this force and it was responding to the fanciful desire I had (my deal with God) about solutions to the human condition even to this day. I write all my books with the aid of this force. I find I am doing a kind of automatic writing all the time. I never have writer’s block. With me it is the other way around.
More recently I find I am getting really good youth enhancing insights, new health remedies, my best possible immune system boost. I am also getting data about our origins on this new planet for us, great photographs (better than I would know without the God Force inference), a continuance of my writing about humanity’s salvation in the form of special directives and some, alas, info about my faucet repair.

What is a ‘Finding Sentence’ in someone’s mind ? It is not an audio voice in my mind. It is an inkling of a sudden notion that I will have just like a new sentence about something that is in my mind suddenly. These sentences come without any forethought. I know that great music composers are getting music from the God Force at times … especially so when they have an actual propensity (connection to the God Force) whether they are aware of this or not ! I venture to say that anything that humanity creates, that is so fine, is a result of this connectivity.

I have so many seemingly ridiculous ‘Findings’ that no one dare give voice to but I also l know that none of my ‘Findings ‘ will ever fail. How is this for a bold statement ! Take a look at what I have. I will cite an old finding here and two new ones. Maybe these will entice you to explore all my blogs ?

Why was I born ? This is a great ‘burning question’ with no possible answer. I got an answer.
This one …
“We are born (all creatures) to find a perfect mate. After this happens we do not have to return here again.”

I cannot put this ’Finding’ down. I have never met anyone (or a creature) who was not looking (or fantasying) for a perfect mate in their life. This is especially so when a creature spies its soul mate somewhere.

About a human being’s death wish. Observation tells us that most people are acting out their unique ‘Death Wish’ during their adult living. My new science is saying this … “We can stop this kind of primitive behavior !”

I am told in this ‘fur flying’ period two stark truths; that there are no Alien body’s in any government’s hiding places and that their are no other life forms in our physical universe. These, so called new ‘Findings’ are sure to put an end to all of my rhetoric. This is such a sure conclusion in our current science. Yes. I think I will retire when this happens after I make an apology (me stupid) to the world somehow.
However, uh, … it is like the jury is still out. This means I may still be right (me smart) ?

Let’s have a world government show us, live on the Media, an Alien body to end this controversy and let’s stop spending so much of our wealth on foolish space exploration and war industries until we can secure the living of all people and our Earth Garden home. Here is an old ’Finding Sentence’ of mine to end my new writing here …

“From the beginning, in God’s world, in the whole of time, without exception, like magic, there is an abundance of proper rewards for the foolish happiness of all that are living in the universe.” page xii ENOS

G Forss Nine Steps page 1

G Forss  Nine Steps page 2

G Forss  Donna portrait of me with Grey Villet 1984 photo small file B&W

G Forss  Donna portrait of me with Grey Villet 1984 photo small file

G Forss  Selfie in the mirror  OK skinny legs small file

It turns out that there is some kind of force in the universe that benefits all creatures without any prerequisite rules or holiness automatically. It is rather that we (any creature) will only have to be honestly in earnest for some wanted benefit. We need to do this without any study of a situation like this. We should find ourselves in such a state and surprised by the resulting benefit and the rewarding new fortunes we will have to keep.

This accounts for a creature like the Crocodile that has lived for 200 million years plus ? The universe believes in this creature. This creature is purely honest, courageous, eternally happy and functional. This is all that the universe force needs to know (to pick up on). These are the same set of virtues we should all adapt in our living. The Wilderbeast, an animal that the Crocodile will kill to feast on, loves the Crocodile ! The Wilderbeast loves the play involved in escaping the Crocodile jaws every season when the herd of Wilderbeast’s are crossing a crocodile filled river. This is all a love fest to primitive creatures. This is the way that Wilderbeast will earn its keep in the universe (annually).

This is a new science I want to bring to our world. It is best to entail a simple new adage in our modern minds to enhance this force on our behalf. This adage was brought out in my writings many years ago as an answer to this stark question … “How can we tell if someone is a Blossom Type ?” The answer is that a Blossom Type will do a lot of ‘Fault Finding’. This is true for the lot of humanity to some plus extent. This new ‘practice’ will free us from much of the universe Karma and make us more immune to the unpredictable contrary horrors of the universe God Force.

So … stop doing this. Love everybody and everything. Do this and follow the nine youth enhancing steps attached to this blog. Be scientific about all of this. See what happens in your life and in your physical demeanor.

In the picture of myself in this blog, you see a picture of me and my mom and David Douglas Duncan. This is a picture taken by Life photographer Grey Villet in 1984. Duncan is still alive at the age of 100 ! Look for his new book “My Century” on Amazon. The 20th century was his century. He did so many things.

I am selling my photography in a unique way now. You can order a print of any picture you see in my blogs for $20. plus shipping $5. I also have a slide show going in my gallery with hundreds of pictures. You can zero in on any one of them and order it in my gallery and then I can make it for you in about 15 to 20 minutes ! I use Epson inks and paper. On the front of my gallery apartment door there are some prints that I pasted the window and these have been here for more than a year now ! These should have faded but they still look perfectly new !

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 518 6773288 georgeforss29@gmail.com