ENOS – Answers to Burning Questions

I have been getting answers to so called ‘Burning Questions’ for many years. At this point I realize that my answers are true, or God’s truth, as it were. There is such a thing that I can describe as a ‘Time Test’. It happens that most of what we create falls apart in so much time (gets outmoded).

Here are four questions that I will pose with my answers:

1. Why was I born ?
2. Who is God ?
3. What can we do that will actually better the living of most of humanity.
4. Are there other life forms in the universe ?

I beleive that my answers (Answers I get from my channeling with a profound authority) are God’s truth, or Gospel, as it were !

1. We are born to find a perfect mate. When this happens we will not have to come back to physical life any more.

2. We are God. I am told that there is no other God.

3. I am told that we should decide once and for all that each human being will have worth. I am also told that this will not be so costly, if we can do away with all the programs designed to help the poor. This plan of action will be eqivalent to the system that Nature has in place for all of its life forms … a system that caters to the strong and not the weak … those that are strong in a Natural/Spiritual way.

4. We are the only life form in our Universe. I am told that there is life like ours in another universe and that there are advanced life forms that do come here from another dimension but they cannot stay very long.

I can send a copy of my book, ENOS to you free via a pdf file that is e mailed to you. I will not do anything else with your e mail address.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 georgeforss@yahoo.com

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