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Is George Forss / Ginofor Gallery going out of business ?

7 Jun

I do not think so.

It happens that the most discouraged kind of ‘politic’ – by any kind of governing authority – in our Western World is one that will be described as being … SOCIALISM.


I am instead some kind of a Spiritual Warrior ! This is such a stupid claim to make. There is no such personage anywhere but it is ‘as if ‘ there is IF I have been acting as one !

I am told to act as a Warrior because I have been doing so for about 53 years with my ‘Findings’. This is a new realization for me. I also have new Findings – that I have been getting – that can be classified as ‘Swell Findings’.

Now, I am find a great rush of ‘Swells’ that are simply pouring out of me !

I have one here that has been in my find in my mind that I have not been able to ‘get rid of ‘, so to speak.

This one …

The advent of the Force for Betterment in our world has cut the living time for physical existence in the earth Garden in half ! Before this time life the long term living in this physical world has been four billion years.

Now it is Two billion years !!

How can this be true ?? It is because I say it is because I am doing what I am told to do !

I am going to bring up my new set of Scrolls. I have four of them. These are equivalent to the scrolls of ancient times.

My Scrolls are not coming up. I am paying for the premium power of my Posts so what is wrong here ?

I have some writing to explain myself instead … for the time being …

This is me and Donna on the smoking bench by her studio residence. We are puffing on deluxe cigars from the country that is the second best cigars in the world ! Cigars from Cuba are not allowed here !

This is an old 1979 Hippie bus just like the one that I had when I was traveling around the U.S. for two years.

This is one of my ‘Pandemic’ Portraits that I have been doing. This is a family portrait.

This is a lady friend from France ! Rachel lives in the U.S. … in Washington D.C. and nearby in Cambridge, New York.

Rachel is always a delight … and kind … and generous !

This is a pandemic portrait of Patty and Daisy. Patty is just out her resodence door with Daisy posing for me.

This is my best friend Nancy Krauss in one of my pandemic portraits. Nancy has the most beautiful 17 acre farmland place that she has turned into a dreamy place …

An Art Gallery and with her Cambridge Design Store specializing in solid copper lanterns and Spider Chandeliers.

I have done numerous shows with my photography and the ‘beat goes on’ because Nancy is also next door to my gallery at Bill Bowlands Antique center.

This is a Quaker Type of wagon … A pandemic of one of this type carraige in town … why not ! They are here because the pandemic is here ! They are clippity clopping all over our area now !

Something new at my gallery is starting. From now on I want to sell the art of my major ‘Professional Artist’ with out any payment to me (my gallery). I have to (we all do) do something about the status of the artist I have been representing for years. THIS IS A PANDEMIC CRISIS TO ME ! I will have the proper documentation with such a sale and my personal gallery check issued to the artist !


Also go to Google search about me and …. to my international site where I am going to upload my new Pandemic portraits. Go to

Go to “forssblog” to see some new self published picture books coming soon as well as my log of writings.