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A new cure for Covid -19 virus

24 Feb

What’s on your mind ?

For this new blog I am using the query that is asked when someone is doing a Facebook or Instagram writing. I HAVE A NEW CURE FOR COVID -19 I say we can use this along with any vaccine we are using.

I have uncovered a new remedy for the Covid 19 Virrus that is as old as Humanity’s advent into this Earth Garden place.

I believe what I have is a good cure for our many ills because this remedy is coming to us in a Natural / Spiritual way from a new God in this universe !

Yes. This God is here ! I did not invent or fathom this. I uncovered it !

I cannot extol what I know about such a new remedial God so easy. I know that this is something good and godly that was born here just for the sake of Humanity. It is our protector of a great promise. We are the newest life in this Solar System and we need a new God Force for our living here. This is what this ‘thing’ is saying.

The problem is that we need to enable ourselves to connect to this force by being ‘OFF’ and not ‘ON’. In the simplest ‘nutshell’ immateriality – perhaps – ON means you are in a SELLING state of mind and OFF means you are not.

This is so critical to me that I believe only a scant few OFF people in human history have ever been aware of a new God here as a strict actual scientific reality.

Try this > If we can stand in front of a mirror with our clothes off with a blank mind for a few minutes this can work. We can also take a picture of yourself this way. It is very important to be in a blank mind while doing this.

Stand and wait until you can ‘feel’ some new (Holly) energy.

This is one of the instructions contained in how-to book I wrote. You can have a PDF copy of this book if you connect to me via my email. This book is fun by itself ! My book is a Fountain of Youth type of writing with nine steps to follow.

The thing is we just do not have a ready awareness of this force because we are gripped with a another force that is also new with us. This is new energy that has been growing here with us and it is now the most dominant interloper force in all of our social affairs … in all of our society’s ! In all my books I have been exploring new ways for us to thwart this interloper force.

Indeed >>>> In all of my writings – FROM THE VERY START – <<<< we are told about this force with a name that has been given to it in my book ENOS. It is called THE BLOSSOM.

I know I have a remedy that can be knowing to the naturally aspired creature of us in this earth world living. For you to know of this it will require an innocent purity in all of your thinking.

Consider this: A constant purity and a fearless id counts for everything in this universe for the long-term living for every species of creature types.

I am only the more ordinary type of selfish and lazy person who has been known as ‘crazy’ as a child, ‘useless son’ as a young adult and now as a ‘headstrong fool’ the rest of my life till now. Contrary to all of this I am also known around the world as a great discovery photographer.

So. So again. How did I get the skill to write so playfully well with the unique wisdom points you are reading here and also the beauty of my photography ?

I don’t know exactly ? I do know I can mostly exist in my OFF state of mind in my daily living.

I can tell you that the profounder y in my writings is not the ordinary part of me. How is this ?

I made a vow to God 51 years ago and I am still at it. I mean … really ! This means that I am dutifully connected to something that I can only describe as the “Force for Betterment”. This is a term that I have been using while the new God in this universe is using me to spell out its agenda for Humanity.

I can write out a whole new book right here but I already have> Go to my blog and you can see what I believe to be a series of new conclusive writings that are a great victory for me and for God … our new God !

I do say that we can have a new way to keep all of our ‘goodies’ and also live for millions of years without having to adhere to all the short lived Blossom type mania in this universe physical world. We can do this with the attainment of an ability to connect to the Force for Betterment.

The cure is in our very behavior from now on. Can it be this simple. Yes.

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