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Proof that we are living in a creature universe

16 Jan

This is a picture I took in my bathroom ! You can see a rare iron wood sculpture that my father gave me in Finland twenty years ago. Next to this is a stone that I fished out of the Batten – kill river 10 years ago. I put these two on the top of my toilet. The wall paper you see was put on this wall in 1987 before I moved in to my building. You can plainly see the playful inter-relationship that my ‘creatures’ are having with the wall paper. Consider this …


This one is an artwork that is described as being a ‘Dripping’ by artist Gary Mercer. This is a stretched acrylic painting on canvas that I have been selling in my Ginofor Gallery for $30.

You can see an amazing array of creatures in this painting with eyes, snouts and mobility in a way that equals all that can be seen in the Barrier Reef and other biological under water terrain places around our world.

Here is another Gary Mercer ‘Dripping’ !

Here is a file sent to me from the world’s foremost Alien sighting place. It was said that there was a very large Alien vessel hiding behind this cloud.

I do not care about the hiding Alien vessel. Look at the cloud itself ! This is one of playful creatures I am writing about in this universe ! Did they not see this ??

This is a framed flash picture I took at a place were our townspeople can discard their Xmas trees and wreaths. I have this picture in a signed frame in my gallery. Our trees and wreaths are all placed in a pile in a safe place and a large barn fire is started.

My flash picture however captured the barn fire in a strange way ! This looks like a fire flamed creature barking up at the universe of cosmic stars !

KODAK Digital Still Camera I am driving down route 40 in Argyle , NY when I see this large human body floating along in the sky. This ‘Creature’ was in view for only a few seconds. My camera captured this forever now. A sighting like this in the sky will come and go in a few seconds. This is always so.

This is my last ‘creature’ sighting to view. I do not need any more to make my point.


What is my point ? I can say something in a slang way. This … “If you do not know I cannot tell you ”

Please try to understand that we are always going to see ‘creatures’ like these. We will see them all the while we are living entities on this planet. These are very apparently some sort of ‘left over’ primitive life form types that have lived here before.

Please understand that the Aliens ‘out there’ are not coming to attack us someday to ‘take over’ nor do they have an agenda to invade us … or educate us … or any such matter.

My ‘Findings’ tell me that are all the strange physical Gods of old are dead now.



Go to all my recent blogs to see the end result of what I have been doing during a 51 year research project … that I can surely claim to be of a veritable Natural / Spiritual way of acquiring Spiritual Science data for cures … that I can also claim to be an ending victory in my quest to find a way to better our world … that we can all experience !


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