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We Need Spiritual leaders

28 Nov

I am intent on doing my latest blog in the most Natural / Spiritual way that I can.

A New and Better World for Humanity is Dawning

George Forss is citing some new claims – as above – saying also in perfect earnestness …

There is something happening with the evolution of Humanity that will be our salvation !

This bulletin is so important because of a new series of special – Natural/Spiritual insights – that are evidential – that this author has clearly divined – that are available for you to study now.

This is my 51 year journey. Please accept to view all that this messaging is about by going to my blog – – You will need to study the most recent blog’s insights to verify my connection to a pure set of unalterable forces that will surely be a learning experience for you to discover in our troubled world.

This will be homework, so to speak, that will take you away from the covenant of doom that is practised in society in the modern world. My blog writings will surely be a revealing and entertaining venture for you to get involved with.

There is no doubt in my mind that I have been uncovering some raw truths in the area of ‘The reality of Life’ …

= That must be known now =

If you are a young soul, and think you may be alive through 2034, please take a copy on my newest signed book on this table…

“A New world for Humanity without Ra Ra”

This is a gift for you; not just for you alone but that you may want to extol its insights to others.

If you don’t see a book on my outside table come inside and I will

give you a signed book.t this time of our country’s Political conventions I want to be so bold as to be the official spokesperson or Mother Nature.  I will be the one who is in charge of this convention by introducing myself with this exclamation  … “Hear ye Hear ye … The Convention for Mother Nature now hereby starts !”

I am doing this virtually with this new George Forss blog.

Again I exclaim … “I am sure that I can claim to be the foremost authority for this effort on this day of November 28, 2020

Again I exclaim … “If there is anyone who is making the same claim let them say so to this convention.”

No response so the proceedings will now begin.  I bang my gavel down on the podium  …


Here is my new party platform (my Blog writing)

New Economy A Bonanza For Everyone

In a coming time in a … nation – country – place – society … each citizen will get a continuous outlay of annual life support funds that will be unchangeable (guaranteed) in order for The New Economy proposed here to work. The science of this proposal, in essence, will have such an ideal that it will be so wanted and kept purely apolitical.

This can happen because all future factions, extreme in any direction, will benefit equally from this plan.

This new economic proposal is based on the simplest observation about the birds and animals in Nature who are surviving as they are naturally intact for many millions of years. I also say that the plan is not me or mine. I can be so bold as to declare that this plan was Spiritually divined. I am just someone who is an obedient fool for God … that I am able to get my wishes honoured so that they will come to fruition when they are finished incubating.

Note that this ‘would be’ plan has to move (come to fruition) slowly even though it will not be in accordance with the very slow changes that naturally take place in Evolution. It is basically a 20 to 40 year plan.

Also note; this is not a giveaway Bonanza that will cause – a bunch of poor slobs – all of us to become super lazy and not want to get involved with the manufacture of goods. food stuffs, basic schooling, community social aggrandizement, infrastructure and Media commercialism, etc. etc.

The New Economy is tough. It will make all of us stronger, happier and more truthful. It will comply with Nature and force us to be this way !

Let us start mimicking this new economy in the year 2032

Almost everyone in 2032 will see something profound in all of this … that the ones who will benefit the most from this plan will be the new young rich and the playful capitalists who are always outsmarting everyone.

2032 This is a time when a given country’s ruling party, that adopted the New Economy, has just won another four year term in office.

In my 2032 scenario I will be using my own U.S.A. election type of scheduled Presidential elections.

I do not know the workings of any other well enough.

[You do not want to know any other] Yes.

[You are one of the new lazy types in this new economy] Yes.

I want all people to be lazy … away from the constant peer pressure of having to rush and rush (lie and lie) all day long in a Rat Race for a living wage … which always involves the most innocent people of humanity (the masses) having to settle for a current fad and trend dictatorship coming from a new governing body that is only timely for a short while.

Note that I will be communicating with what I call … my Devils Advocate self … the Blossom Type side of myself within [brackets] as I write.

The first new election victory in 2028 was for a third party describing itself as “The Reality of Life Religion” that actually came to power by surprise and now with its 2032 win it wants to make the New Economy an updated adjunct of its constitution !

It was thought, during the 2032 election campaigning, that a proposal like this would surely keep the new party from winning the 2032 election. The political polls showed this.

It turned out that People interested in this new party were not counted in the polls very well. The may be because the new party people were not instigated to want to talk to any pollsters who were trying to cement their views into a Media campaign.

In a victory speech the President winning a second term said that his goal is to make all the citizens of the country truthfully Democratic !

In 2024 a regular party won and it has tried to honour most of its party platform proposals up until the 2028 election, though mostly in an a-typical manner. 2024 to 2028 was a period when new group of people were coming into prominence as if by evolution itself !

It became clear to this New Age party people that some powerful demigod types are always wanting to pare down the worlds poor in any way that could be done … not wanting them to be able to vote and vote … by keeping them really poor and conducting genocide campaigns against them.

The basic human being is getting smarter about their dignity in this New Age. It is easy to witness this in our ultra modern world.

Now in 2032 people know that the government we will be able to workout a basic stipend amount for everyone … a plan that will fund itself … with a wavering stipend pool that will fluctuate with the government’s annual coffer. The New Economic plan is a scientific surety in this way.

The 2028 election started a new worldly smarts for everyone because of our modern telecommunication engineering with all the smart phones in play all around the world. Just about everyone knows all about our world’s politics and how they can communicate with others in each country readily.

I also want bring to light a fact that we have to face. It is the fact that we are living in a creature universe and that we must comply its orders to survive on this planet for a very long time. We are the newest animal here.

Going to another planet with pilgrims will not work. I will prove this soon. We came here by chance and now we have to make due.

[You seem to be saying that we lived some place else before we came here]

Yes. We were living before we came here but we were not sent here. There is nothing like this going on in realm of any universe. Living (loving) entities of any kind always find themselves alive again … right where they belong … it is a love thing. It is very important to be living with no real recall of our past. We would not want to live here if this was not so.

[You have said that two people can be spiritually mated and then they will not have to come back here.]

[Also, you say that there are a lot of people here who are so miserable that they are insane and some will commit suicide.]

It is not me or my mind having a ‘say’… it is some data that comes to my mortal mind. I am obedient to this and I know it is gospel to me.

When two people unite to leave this place they are creating such a great heaven for themselves that it cannot be known just where they have gone. I can be said that they are completely dead ‘at last’, or something like this ?

Here is something; There were two large Solar Storms up to the year 2028.

A new, even larger one, was forecast in 2014. The new storm to happen is predicted by solar scientists in the 2034 period or so. The new storm is not firm and having witnessed the damage caused by the two earlier storms our world in 2028 – 2032 is wanting more preparedness. People are changing away from strictly computerized phones and cars.

It turns out that a very large solar storm is a necessary cleansing activity for the earth’s natural terrains. This is known to our science now.

We were very close to undoing the tower system’s altogether until we started to change the manufacture of electric towers so that they could shed their wiring suddenly in a falling dominoes way. Each falling wire became a ground and after the storm we could simply rewire them. This is a better system than any underground wiring.

Also, after wired communication on these towers was reinstated people had the old hand phones again. Also, people started buying simpler diesel cars that could run after a storm … running on various fuels … food fuels ! The simple cars have become more popular now.

Look what is happening here ! I am getting a flood of ‘findings’ in this writing, more than I usually do. I am not going to single these out. All of the above is a ‘finding swell’ to me ! The falling wires is a new Finding !

I have to stop writing in this manner now. I will focus on two people in 2032 who are four and five years old. They have been getting $9,000 a year for four years now. These two individuals are new types of humans in our world. One is named Franklin and the other is named Mercy.

These two have a good connectivity to The Force for Betterment which will keep them healthy and loving in life.

[So They will they kill themselves so they can die forever]

No. Not so fast.

They have big plans, even childlike plans, at this point. In order for two people to want to kill themselves, or to want some others to do the job for them, they will have to be suffering greatly from Blossom Type peer pressure. Jesus, a fictitious character or not, did this. He lost a futile fight with the Roman soldiers and he was turned in by one of his disciples as the other disciples abandoned him.

When he was in custody he decided to let the ‘job’ be done by the Romans. I believe Jesus was real. Having an age named after him proves this. This is a faultless time test of this universe.

My two young individuals in 2032 are Franklin and Mercy. Their parents are getting graduated payments every year according to the New Economy plan.

In the full 20 years, 2028 until 2048 all the adults in The New Economy will start getting the full 9,000 a year. Franklin and Mercy will be young adults in 2048 and it can be decided if they will go out on their own, to cash in their chips, so to speak ! Each will get $$$$ to start their life with.

Note: I am using the U.S. annual budget spending from 2015 so my figures will have to be upgraded.

[Lazy] Yes.

Please understand that I am not an economic expert but that I am a formidable seer instead. I know I can claim this. I went to the trouble of researching the 2015 U.S. budget and I do not want to keep doing this.

[Lazy] Yes.

The total cost of giving every citizen (300,000 million people) 9,000 a year comes to 2,700,000 trillion. This amount of money was generated for 20 years or so and it comes from the gradual paring down programs that have been supporting people by ½ . This will raise about 3,000,000 trillion.

It must be known that paring down unwarranted programs is a way for a government to support its real ‘Creatures’ so that they are going to be getting Strong, Happy and Truthful from now on … and this implies to a new fact of the 2032 governing that has started … a new Constitutional adjunct !

Imagine Franklin and Mercy each with about $180,000 dollars if they are going out on their own now. What plans they must be having !

With $ 360,000 as a team. They can marry or not. They will have all kinds of options ! They do have to manage their own futures.

Their parents do not have to spend for their further education, health plan, retirement insurance, etc,. They can do this if they want to. The kids will have Independence and Freedom like no children have ever had before !

[They will be very vulnerable dopey kids.] Yes.

This is the whole idea of the New Economy ! It will be like the wild Wildebeest trying to get across the Amazon without being caught by the Crocodile !

The older Capitalists on the scene will be observing all the young coming to maturity annually !

[The Crocodile’s] Yes.

Please note: This is a crude analogy but Franklin and Mercy can decide to stop having to go across the Amazon from now on ! They can decide to decide to go to college or not, buy a 300,000 super car, a new house etc.

They can just travel all over the world for years, start a business, become an artist, rock artists, camp out in the woods for the rest of their lives etc, etc,.

The important thing here is about the independence, financially and Spiritually, they will have and when they have failures in life – because – because – they can only blame themselves before having to blame their government, political provocation, a career they really did not want, another enemy country, a God personage conviction that they were born into and must follow along in order to live well, etc., etc.

Good things are happening in the period 2028 to 2032 like … the voting system has changed … like it is not even a phony system any longer.

The idea is to team their voting with the personal Social Security number every citizen has. It has to be foolproof ! In this new time when a person votes, in any way, for a candidate in an upcoming election they will simply send in their choice somehow. This voting is actually mandatory !

It has to be to be accurate. In this new time … The New Economy … every person’s vote is also monitored without any provocations. This is a forward and backwards system, if it is to be considered a system, and a single person can check on their votes to see if their vote was counted. Every S.S. transaction is recorded. We know this.

No one need know your vote, especially if they do not know your social security number. This may seem like a stupid notion but any one connecting to your S.S. number will also be known to you, and to an authority that can do something about such a sudden provocateur.

Basically, what we need to do from now on … in our new world … is to follow along with the Nature system – a godly system – that we find in the natural world even if it is a hard truthful demand one. We can do this because we are smart enough to know about it.

Yes, this is the Devil God of Life system.

The fact is that we are in this world and that this is the only way we can know life while we try to live successfully for a very long time with … a constant bliss …the way that all natural creatures know.

This can be done with a guaranteed freedom and independence for every human being ! We can do this with our special human intellects even more than it happens in the wild.

We have to first find a way to counteract our NATURAL need to not want to know real truth in our world … I mean REAL REAL truth ! We are all driven, much like the natural animals, to just pursue our lusts and competitiveness among all the nations of unwed souls who are here to try and make a good ‘trip’ happen for themselves in this universe.

I recommend that each of us learn how to divorce ourselves from our pride of being an animal on this planet. There is a special humility we can learn from our many religions as we go about doing this.

I want my seer self in on this also … read all my writings and books !

[George You are not succeeding very well with your writings and books]

I know this and can it be said that I have not given up my pride yet ?

The thing is that I truly am a spokesperson for Mother Nature. You know how they have talking animals in Media commercials … here I am as a real talking animal !

I want to stress the need of our income taxes and income reporting to be just like the new voting way I have just written about. I put … Ditto … as I jotted down this notion to put in this writing.

Imagine getting $9000. (my 2015 U.S. budget) every year and children being rich as they mature. The science says this will work.

So, lets say that in 2028 and more surely in 2032 there is a great mania, if you will, for all of us to be freed from any needlessly complicated yearly income reporting and daily sales taxes collected. Let us just have sale taxes collected on all of our purchases to fund our respected governments period ! No one need to report their income any more in any other way !

This will work if there is only one surely accurate government way of knowing about our income, expenses and purchases.

[George .. You are saying the customer is always wrong.]

I know but as a haphazard spokesperson for Mother Nature it is the very forces of Nature you have to argue with. It is not me.

I do give everyone a Bonanza !

I am lonely with my writings. No one responds directly with a say so to my stuff. My Devils Advocate self is the Blossom Type side of me that questions my notions.

[So why bother with this effort ?] [This is going to fail also ?]

You put two question marks in your remarks. You are not sure.

I say … “Time will tell” This whole thing is a ‘Finding Swell’.


America. The great melting pot in 2020 ! Hoards of people have been coming here since this place was founded, while other longer standing nations have been accepting immigrants more sparsely also.

Now a serious conflict is developing involving the very character, culture and special genius of so many nations trying to preserve their heritage. The world is split in two over this issue !

Our great melting pot need not have to deal with any of this. Whatever happens we can continue to promote our new democratic standard in this world. Immigrants is who we are !

Here is a good analogy: Take John Philip Sousa, he is an immigrant who loved it here so much that he wrote the most patriotic marches ever for any nation !

[Where is he from and the years he was active in life]

Yes. He is in the basic dictionary and lived from 1854 – 1932.



Conclusion: It is an essential that every living thing in this universe will have a Bonanza when it first reaches maturity … along with some of a being’s natural uninhibited foolish self expression … even if this creature is killed the next day by another soul … and then this creature is alive in any amount of time again … with a new blank mind.

I saw this floating body in the sky !
This monster is at The Washington Center Rehab place for Halloween
This is a flash picture of a bonfire event with a dog barking at the stars !

I took this picture of Donna outside the window of Washington Center place
Fall colors abound in 2020 season
I call this “The Life Force of Flowers”

You can imagine my surprise when I saw the large floating body cloud. I was driving home from visiting Donna. I see creatures all the time in many ways from my vantage point of just being a creature myself … who is attuned to a phenomenon or phenomena like the ones you can see here.

Please not that a view of these is only a matter of seconds in time. The large body in the sky is only a quick picture to freeze this event as well as for the dog barking at the stars.

I am planning to set up a view (even a film) of ‘stuff like this’ to prove that we are all, indeed, only living in a creature universe.

I believe that we need to change away from our megalomaniac ways as soon as we are capable of doing so !

Check out (backtrack) on my other Blogs here. You will be able to see a secure and logical way out for all of us in this $%^&* Rat Race.

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