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My most telling blog to date

1 Jul

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I am convinced that there is such a thing as ‘Spiritual Science’.   This is the best science of knowing truths that will not wain.  We have been steered throughout our entire history by the kind of input that certain heads strong characters have been divining from the stars, as it were, to get what I call ‘Findings’.  I have proven the validity of such an undertaken while disproving the need for the kind of ill science that we are promoting in the modern world.

Here is my most telling blog to date …

My most telling blog to date

In one of my recent bogs I said that I would soon be putting together the most telling blog I have ever created. Well … this is it !

It will not be too long.

I want tell the Blossom World off … in away that I believe I will be able to … at long last.

The Blossom World ? YES People who know me know what I am talking about. If you are new to my bogs I can send you a PDF of my 730 page book ENOS

right away. You should read this book. I believe it is the most telling book about our new century to date. You can send me an email and I will return with my ENOS book.

[This is already too long] Hah ! This is me … this is a statement by my Blossom Type self. This is how I describe most people. This needs to be explained.

OK People (everybody) you can go to the end of this to see two summations. You can get a good jest about a complete scenario of humanity being on this earth and all the stuff from here on to the end of this writing. This is going to be long. Sorry.

Anyway …

Humanity is mostly a bunch of greed oriented (something for nothing), competitive, fault finding explorers in this world. I describe this ‘person’ making the statement in brackets above as my Devils Advocate self. This ‘self ’ will speak now and then.

First I need to explain why I have not found great success (like all those who are truly worthy) in life. It is because I do not have a ‘Trip’ or a good and necessary business acumen ideal with what I am offering. Basically, each person coming on the scene with something new, as it were, has to have the three virtues of good business. Such a person has to be noticeably (very possibly) going to be Professional, Popular and Commercial. Worthies have a different trio of virtues. So, I do find that I have to be more Natural, Spiritual and Truthful … that I want do what I can to protect and maintain how I am able to continuously connect to a special force in our universe that has given me all my ‘Findings’. I am going to explain this fully.

There is a clash between our fast witted ongoing science and the science of Mother Nature. You can term this … Wildness versus Civility.

I know that I do not have a new and ready alternative to Big Business (the Rat Race) that I have been given from a Spiritual alternative source. I believe so.

This is spelled out in my newest book. You should read this. My book … “A New World For Humanity Without Ra Ra” … this is a Austin Macauley book published in England. Check this out on Google.

Spiritual Science

This is the true and long-term science of our universe. This is a science that is unchangeable and it is always in operation … advancing very slowly.

We are here as something new – aggressively alive – in this kind of universe.

We are, in essence, a very fast witted entity from somewhere else that Mother Nature cannot cope with in the short run of our human type of rushing greed for new things … the short run of all of our fast moving science, societal changes and upheavals, all of the planned obsolescent of our machinery and toys, our constantly changing ideologies and our necessary founding of new faith oriented religions.

Why is this ? Well, Nature does collect, in a storage, everything that happens on earth under the heading of everything actually becoming Spiritually Cast in the long term workings of Nature. This is happening because we are always in violation of the true speed of evolutionary changes. At some point in all of this we will be undone in the way of a proverbial very quick comeuppance just as if Nature was holding up a weight that it cannot carry any more.

Please be aware that we have to be the way we are and that we have to constantly create new, uh … everything ! We have to be the way we are. The proof of what I am reiterating here is in the proverbial pudding ! Study basic human history to see just how short lived all of our goodies are. We are here for the fun of being here from the outset or because we were suddenly trapped here. I think we are here for both of these reasons at the same time ! I am on the side of human sciences and technology. The truth is that I do not have a quick alternative to our very human like greed. I do have a plan. So, I say again … read my Ra Ra book. This book details a spiritually divined plan to SLOWLY end the ungodly Rat Race here. We are this Rat Race. My plan will make all of us stronger … it will make all of us happier … and it will make all of us more truthful !

These are the three demands of this Devil God of Life universe. We must be strong, happy and truthful … YES … but we must also be living carefully while following the five Spiritual Guides of successful human living here. I will list the three word exhortation of each here …

You should follow these and make a chant out of them …

  1. Keep your own
  2. Do your best
  3. Live for Life
  4. Don’t be sold
  5. Wait for Love

Note that you can recite these in a rhythmic fashion – over and over again – to achieve a beautiful feeling of real truth that will come over you. Study the original concept of this in my book ENOS.

A new technology scanner

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a scanner that can detect the true worth of anything. [Ba Da Boom] Yes. This universe has this !!

This is something that can only be described as ‘The Time Test’. The universe we are in has an all abiding ‘God Force’ that will determine the true worth and fate of everything we can see and experience. This is actually the strongest phenomena we can know. In the meantime, before we will get our necessary comeuppance, we are free to do anything we want and this is what we are always doing wrongly … as far as this God Force is concerned.

If we can design a true worth scanner we can begin to live better. We will all become stronger, happier and more truthful in the way that this universe demands.

There is a retort to all of this Lord Protector stuff; we can literally destroy everything in our world quickly before the God Force can stop us ! [Ba Da Boom]

Yes. Some of our scientists, in many fields, wonder if this may be the ultimate goal of humanity ?

Such a scanner has to be free of any human input. How is this possible ? Some humans will surely be instrumental in the design of such an instrument ?

We can use ‘The Force for betterment’ to do this. This is something new that I have discovered (uncovered). This is a new God in our universe and it can act quickly to do the right thing all the time. We can simply let it do what it does under certain conditions.

[Is this possible]

Yes. But it is actually too difficult for us to do right now. Keep in mind though that this Force is doing this all the time ANYWAY ! The thing is that a Blossom Type cannot do this. I believe we will be able to do this when we rid ourselves of the Rat Race.

[So we are not going to create such a scanner ?] We could do this. We do have a new truth scanner that can determine if someone is telling the truth (about 98.6 %) when they are being scanned. This one was created in 2007 or so. We are not using it in courts or in any other way. The U.S. military owns this thing now. Go to to see. This scanner is actually more truth determining than the basic lie detector in courts.

I think we can start to know the value of real truth as the universe does in this new century. IS SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, ANYWAY ?

Right now there are some curative things going on over our earth in the area of Climate Change and the mad world’s militaries ! These are taking a back seat to totally new science in the area of, uh … brotherly love agendas … cleaner air landscapes … etc.

The Pandas at the Chinese zoo are making a baby ! The zoo is closed and they can do this now. Is some authority doing this ? Will it continue ?

My Findings

Something profound happened to me in 1969, again in 1976 and again in 1983. You can describe these events in a triangular way. A triangle has three points. So, I have the three points of – a time for – The inflection … The detection … The Instrumentation. Please read the fist chapter of my ENOS book to know about these.

[No comment] OK

I became acquainted with a kind of Spiritual Therapy in 1969. I started getting something I describe as ‘Finding Sentences’ from this source in 1976. I started to write my book ENOS in 1983.

It became very important to me to follow through on a vow I made to God (the universe) in 1976. I started to write out the very overt sentences I was getting just after I made my vow. As time went by I accumulated many hundred of such sentences. It was very odd for me not to get one of these sentences when I was ready and I wanted one. I actually stopped getting these. This was because I started to carry a blank note book and a pen with me so I could jot a sentence down quickly. At this time I just gave up this quest. When I was alone again, though, without a pad and a pen I started getting the sentences again ! This situation was telling me why … it was because I was being too smart about doing such Spiritual ‘happenings’. Study my writings wherever you get them and you will realize that this universe does not value sheer smartness. We simply cannot get a ‘Finding’ or any Spiritual stuff when we are too smart (greedy) for any reason !

My ‘Finding Sentences’ are coming to me in the automatic way The Force For Betterment has of communicated with all of us. I believe that this the way that the universe (both the new God and the Devil God) have of steering us forward in Life. Neither of these are a mentality somewhere. Study my writings about this.

Here are some new ‘Finding Sentences’ from me and other people …

“ Truth is a force in Nature.” Donald Trump You can check this out.

“ Nature always wins.” A friend of mine

“ Sex is our excitable death wish in action.” George Forss

“ We are going to have a brand new world soon.” George Forss

“ Our ego tells us that we will be known in our entirety only if we die.”

George Forss

[Donald Trump got a Finding Sentence ?] [I think these are Findings Sentences only because you say they are.]

To me, I know a recorded Finding Sentence is true after about four days when I cannot get ride of the strong feeling of real truth that these have.

Some kind of Faultless Authority in this universe is involved here.

[Nature spoke to Donald Trump ?] Yes. In tweet number 3,468 perhaps.

Keep in mind that this is the only, Natural Spiritual, way that the Universe has to communicating with us ! Now I find that this line of thought, above, is going to comprise a new Finding Sentence ! I believe so.

In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve got these two ‘Finding Sentences’ …

“Don’t listen to that snake.” “Don’t eat the fruit of the forbidden tree” [Hah]

Please note: All of us are getting ‘Findings’ all the time but we can only retain one of these for some few seconds. If we can become fully aware of a really wise saying or such we could write them out quickly. I have been doing this for years !

The Force For Betterment

The Force For Betterment is something new here. When I was first aware of this I had to give it a name. I could not give it a one or two word designation … or even a godly three word exhortation title or name like … The God Force ! I do find that I can only give it the name that I did here. It came here around 50,000 to 100,000 ago to mix with our first ape types. The first God (The Devil God of life) started life here eons ago.

Humanity, all by ourselves – from whence we came as a people – in this universe – are a people who are from an absolutely chaste place. As soon as we got here though we had to mix with the greatest force in this universe, which the God Force of Life …all around here … the ruler of fate as we can possibly know it. So we became odd creatures.

We did not come here by our selves, rather we simply became humanity after we associated with the original Gods that were captured here to mix with the first apes. There was a big change in this creature universe when the Apes of various kinds came over a long time period. There was a hyper advance in an ape type evolution suddenly, though, before the creature God’s arrived.

I do get a very long streams of estrus logic along with my basic ‘Findings’ at times. I am obedient to a stream like this.

I have to do what I am doing. I cannot stop unless I am proven wrong. I know we are here with very rich Blossom Types who are running the show … a lot of show’s that do not last very long ! All of our fads and trends come from the conflict between humanity and Mother Nature.

I believe that we can learn to survive here for a very long time in perfect happiness.

Look at this circumference of happenings …

Absolute Chaste humanity arrives 50,000 to 100,000 years ago




A God Force of life is always here    MIX      A new Force For Betterment arrives




Strange creature God’s arrive to be with us


Super Intelligent Beings were captured here up to 50,000 years ago with creature heads

Note that the time line described here is NOTHING to this universe.

This is all just a plaything. We are just living in a mindless predator universe.

Another thing about our situation here is that we are living in what is described as our one and only ‘Present Time’. This is one of my Findings ! This explains why we do not find intelligent life elsewhere. The setup for this is this whole universe !

“There is only one present time.”

What’s also new is the fact that The Force For Betterment cannot be dissolved by the God Force. It is like we are now in a permanent orbit around the earth with each other.

I truly believe in such a special force for humanity because of the continuously gratifying experiences I have with it. I ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT I HAVE DISCOVERED THAT THIS IS  GOD !  A God that is not a ‘Who’.  We are mixed with this as greedy people who will desire a multiple sex partners actuality of the human kind that is a mix of a chaste mind with an animal in Mother Nature’s garden.  We are here because of an inference by such a very chaste ‘Mind’.

God is The Force For Betterment as far as humanity is concerned. The Persia of the God Force is a God for its regular creatures. The both of these are mixed in us.

[You are going ‘too far out’ with all of this]

I am in a kind of spiritual rut … in a rut. There is such a thing. There is an experience we can have … what I call … having a Spiritual Orgasm. This is when our mind will be reverberating with super pleasurable feelings from the arts, from new creations, our inventiveness, new formidable religious logic and my Findings !

I now have great ‘animal success’ while I am aging. I know how to report my exertion failings and health issues to the Force for Betterment for a quick remedy.

White Teeth

White teeth, dyed hair, artificial nails, penciled in eyebrows, use of condoms for multiple sex partners, over use of wonder drugs for various remedy’s, artificial body parts, false claims in advertising, lack of Spiritual leaders in the community, no recognition of such and of the naturally aspired creature of us in this earth world living.

I say we are going ‘too far out’ with all of this … all of our greedy Blossom Type of science that is weakening our species. We have to have a much lower level of all the enhancements we are so smart at instituting. We are actually not so receptive of what we would be if we did none of the things I just listed … amazing as these goodies may be.

Look at a You Tube I put together in 2008. This one is about the need for us to have Spiritual Leaders and what a true Spiritual Leader is about.

Here are the addresses … VTS 1, VTS 2, VTS 4, The King Cobra Speaks. Put my name after each … VTS 1 George Forss etc. An Alien speaks through me is this filming.

The fact is that life forms in the full universe have to cope with The God Force of life here that demands a naturally slow but sure way for each to acquire the long term finery and beauty that will last for millions of years.

If we want a quick fix of our natural appearance … a trimmer eyebrow, whiter teeth, permanently colored hair, etc. etc. we should let these things happen naturally … so we can get these at the speed of our natural evolution. We CAN reshape and improve ourselves to be more beautiful, smarter and healthier over a long time merely buy our pure desire to do so. We should simply accept what we are and what we will have  – that can last for millions of years – when we do not have to do all the Blossom Type science we employ.  Purity counts for everything in this Universe in the long-run.

The universe is carrying the weight of our pleasure seeking greed. We have to do something about this. I say that we do have a new way to keep all of our goodies and also live for a much longer time in this universe ! With the purity of some attainment of The Force for Betterment I describe in all my writings we have our cake and eat it too !

Here is something to start with: You can get into a mindset that is of the purest Dopey/Child/Natural self as you can muster by just singing out the following three word exhortation … by doing this you will get some.

“Don’t get sick.” This is some old advice from page 671 of my book ENOS.

The ongoing temporary fate of every living thing, or actual fate, will be determined by the purity of our living. “In the meantime” I say … I say … before we get our necessary ‘comeuppance’. Be the child singing above like you are singing to God.

[You are being too playful here] No No again ! We cannot be too playful in this universe. The fact of the matter is that this universe is continuously playful ! It is playful when it is killing and when it is giving birth to life forms. Surely, we can use our fast witted intelligence to get what we want (which adds to the weight that the universe is carrying for us) and this will work. The thing is; we have to keep doing this to survive !

Here is a famous slogan … “Truth will win out in the end.”

Here is one of my old ‘Findings’ … “If someone or something is before you and it is not very playful you should not trust them or it … there will be an error in this persons logic and about the thing in question.”

The Spiritual Warrior

Me ? [Is this what you are going to relate to the world just now ?] Yes.

There is no – actual – presence – or force such as a spiritual warrior in the physical realm. But. But. It can be happening IF someone is directed to be as such when they have been obediently spouting out mighty warrior type of logic for many years.

I am going to tell you all about this ‘just now’ (briefly). I was not fully aware of how I was behaving all these years but I am now. [Just now] Yes.

I have been bringing out very stern facts many years ago, just like, the ones I will relate here. These hit very hard as initial ‘finding Sentences’ and I write about extensively in my books. Here is one …

“We are being kept occupied and we do not know life any more”

It is just that our scientific advancements have to keep on advancing because the logic of this kind of basic science does not hold up or that we are so greedy about being, uh … larger, stronger, faster, more invincible all the time way beyond what we are going to naturally earn over the more logical and lasting accomplishments we will attain in our ongoing evolution. The term “Survival of the fittest” is possibly the cruelest kind of logic humanity has had to deal with since we got here !

We are being kept occupied with our greed. I need not even say more about being a Spiritual Warrior … read my books.

[None of them are selling]  Yes.

I know that all that I am about will likely just come to an end when I die.

I need help !  I keep thinking that my writings and warrior attacks will strike a cord with some young people. I will just keep ‘keeping on’ ! My biggest problem seems to be the sexuality of my writings.

Look at this !!  I just looked up the word ‘sexuality’ in dictionary because I always find myself using words and logic points in my writings that I did not intend to use … and later find that they are highly appropriate after all !

[Your thinking is too greedy]  Yes.

It is ! I want it all too fast while I get nothing. Here is the opening meaning of the word “Sexuality”.

Sexual character; possession of the structural and functional traits of sex.

I am going to leave the word in my sentence. I was in a Porno film years ago. The agent person I had then talked me in to doing this. In my book ENOS there is a chapter in the book where the Aliens take six Hippies on a ride around our Sun’s planets and they encounter another Alien vessel and then they have sex with them.

They were doing a sex dance on a large rock in orbit around the planet Uranus !

[What is a Spiritual warrior attack ?]

Here is the finding sentence for this …

“You will be struck with the most truthful insights freely given.”

In my book Enos the Aliens talk about a place (planet ?) called Uterbia. The beginning of this conversation can be found on page 246 – 247 of this book. This place (planet ?) is not in this universe. Also the Aliens talk about the Uterbians having a ‘Spiritual Weapon’ … how it became so important to have something like this in their world.

[Are you going to start attacking people with your warrior weapon ?] No.

I can do something like this if I can decide that my erstwhile attack will surely benefit the person. I am mostly unable to do this however. This is not because I am afraid to …

No No No

I am the warrior ! I am always intent in what I truly want to do. I am also completely stubborn in some stupid anti social way. Look at my punctuation techniques.

I insist on having a space after a sentence before I put a ! or a ? I am disobeying the rules ! And you can see what happens when the ! Or ? Falls away from the sentence line.

I never want to become a very ‘Professional’ in my writing because this would be too much like the ‘Blossom Types’ I keep writing about … that hardly anybody wants to know about !

If I do confront one single person to cite their flaws and faults I can question them about their mode of having to have A (artificial) white teeth, A dyed hair, A penciled in eye brows, etc. etc. … the whole gamut. I do find, though, that I can only question someone (people) in a very general way. I just want to enlighten people about our purest evolution in Time.

[So you not confront anyone, you will shy away from confronting people directly]

I just did some here ! So that a Blossom Type reading this will ‘get some’.

[Some of your cutesy slang] Yes.

I have to end all of this now. I hope I made some impact on anyone who has so much greedy wit. This is my basic problem. I want to influence the super Blossom types. I want reach the ‘person’, not a personality. There is a difference.

[Good point !]  Yes !

“We are all of a misshapen and varied humanity; even from somewhere else initially … going a long way back in time.”

This sentence, the above line of thought, is too new in my mind to be of my own studied thinking. I think this is a new ‘Finding Sentence’ ! In the ongoing evolution of species types there is a relative sameness and longevity. This is not for us. We are here, uh … to quote a long poem in ENOS … “The Earth Spirit in 1969 is mad” … on page 397 of this book and also this poem is at the very end of my new book …

“A New World For Humanity Without Ra Ra” … quote …

You brought something with you that is not God wrought.

You brought a distorted sense of a credo,

a business acumen.

When you came here you wanted to honor the Devil

whom you found here in this world.

Summation 1

I want to ignore myself when I am writing. I know that this is the best way I will have of getting a good connection to a great benevolent force I have been privy to discover. I am having so much trouble trying to get this across to others. Every human being has to have a thwarted way of making a living in this world. This is my opinion and it keeps me going with my mania. I know this. Our world knew this for a time during the Hippie days in the 1960’s ! The Hippies said we were all doing ‘Trips’.

I believe in what I am doing more than ever now … and I can tell we are all beginning to want to end something that is needling us just like the Chinese torture technique of water dripping on our foreheads. It is getting harder and harder for a person of God to do a ‘trip’.

To me God is just what the Aliens said when the six hippies aboard their vessel inquired with this question, “Who is God ?” Without hesitation the Aliens replied … “We are God.” This means this whole universe is God … and this probably means that other universes also have their own God !

The Alien response is on page xxv / xxvi of ENOS.

My writings, in so many ways are telling us that something like all of this is going on in our Creature Universe. A ‘Trip’ means we are new here and have to make do and so we have to lie to create a modus for our living here.

“The earth is a place for all the others, from so many multi-universes, so that they can exist in our ‘Present time’

Something is happening while I am doing this summation; I am getting a ‘Swell’ right now. It is in my mind with the above Statement, which is actually a new ‘Finding Sentence as well ! I think I cracked open an Alien egg ? This is when a sort of ‘Third Hand’ comes over me and does a supreme set of notions in my writing. When this happens I do not stop until it is over !

This swell is about some new data I have to write out. I think this new idea (a new ‘Finding’) accounts for all of our human misshapen selves.

My swell was short.

Also, I am going to prove that we are living in a Creature Universe soon !

Summation 2

A summation

We are alone as physical beings in this universe.

There is only one ‘Present Time’ in this universe.

The entire ancient God’s are dead.

There were other intelligent beings living in this universe from another ‘Present Time‘.

The situation between our Sun and the Earth has remnants of others who have lived here physically in the longer past and they are still here as playful ghosts.

Humanity was created in the longer past in judge able evolutionary stages.

There is a great playful augury of many situations for more physical life forms to come.

Humanity is here because there is a new God here.

The Blossom (the Rat Race) was created when humanity arrived here.

The universe we are in is a predatory creature universe.

There are no other life forms, like us, in this universe.

In the past there were very strange beings here with us on the earth but they could not reincarnate here so they are gone.

To live for a million years or more in this world modern humanity will have to attain the ability to determine whether something (anything we are doing) is godly or not.

Having a science that can determine absolute truth and the true worth of anything would garner our existence through many eons to come.

Only naturally wrought things can last for a very long time (millions of years) because these do not require constant fresh and sinful ways of living other than what their own natural wont would dictate.

We can live for many thousands of years if we can advance in our technological prowess at a rate that is faster than the rate of our older animal soul’s continuous decline as puritanical fissure beasts.

The new God is here as the greatest savior possibility for us in this universe.

The conflict between humanity and other living beings on earth will end when we are finally secure and happy about our lot in this world without constantly having to change-to-upgrade all of our wares and Institutionalizing ways.

The precepts of great religions can last if they are true to the art of their original founding.

The one thing in our modern science is a thing that we cannot argue with is a large Solar Flare Storm as it is a naturally cleansing our world … when it will suddenly cancel out all of our electronic instruments.

Art and creativity, the way we know it, comes from the animal and the connectivity we have to our new God.

The energy of fads and trends is very destructive; it spelled the end of all the intelligent life forms in many universes before our advent into this earth place.

The God Force -The Devil God of Life – toys with us until we are spiritually cast and then we are gone.


I want to be the spokesperson for Mother Nature. This is my vent for many years up until this point.

The list above is especially intriguing to me. This is Mother Nature downloading conclusive data about humanity on her life sustaining planet … the only one in this universe right now !

Surely, this will be the most annoyingly difficult kind of logic to you.

A friend of mine said it best …

“If you cannot prove something you also cannot disprove it.”

[Why are you the only person doing all of this ‘Telling’]

Why Me ? Yeah … Anybody reading this is going to want to know what is so special about me. The best way to explain this is to explain just how The Force for Betterment works. Yes. The very first thing to understand is the fact that there is no God personage somewhere who is constantly thinking about humanity. Keep in mind that there is nothing ‘out there’ that can be like this.

Here is something that you should begin to understand … something that all of us should keep in mind … that there is a force ‘out there‘ that will grant someone anything they want.

This force requires a complete earnestness, though, in a wish coming from any living human being. The very truth about this Force is that it does all of its wish fulfillment automatically as well ! It does this all the time for a human being living among Mother Natures creatures. It does this in conjunction with the veritable Devil God of Life that that is the dominant force here. The Devil Force does not grant a single thought out wish for its long standing creatures because they do not have a need for such a wish. It can be said that the Devil God’s creatures have a ‘furry’ instead in the mostly unthinking rush for pleasure, rest and a sustenance achievement that they are always about.

In 1976 while I was trying to sell my photography at southeast corner of the New York Central Park entrance area I got very sick suddenly. I was so ill with some kind of pain in my gut that I could not stand up. For some reason I wanted to get away from people instead of seeking some help ? I made my way to an area behind the concrete wall that rings Central Park and I hid down on the ground beneath a small tree. I lay here for a few hours and at some point I started praying to God, saying that I would do something about our worlds Rat Race as though I had some responsibility for it ? This prayer became a vow that I was making … that the Force for Betterment was picking up from me ! A short time after I made this ‘Vow’ I got better and I was able to head back home.

What is going on here in this Nutshell writing is the most important thing I am going to be able to report to you.

The very chaste source of humanity is here and it will infer its wont through the God Self, child self and the inherently truthful self in any way that his can happen. This is a very powerful thing and it is dangerous as well. Such a presence cannot be here in any other way. One thing about making a Spiritual vow; you better follow through on it !

I wont say any more about this here.

So, after I made my vow under a small tree, my illness began to dissipate. I started getting better and I felt so good about being under this tree now that I did not want to leave this place.

I did get up off the ground to go home. It was about 8:30 pm now. I also started to be aware of what I describe as a ‘Finding Sentences’ coming to my mind. My very first ‘Finding’ was a nutty one to me but it was also very godly so I jotted it down on a piece of paper. This was the first one that wrote down on a piece of paper.

This one is on page 7 of the Forward to this book …

“God does not approve of your wealth if it is not truly earned.”

The very chaste source of humanity will infer its wont through me; through the God Self and the child self of me against what my original vow was about automatically … anyway ! I know this.

I have documented proof of all my claims (my ‘Findings‘). I have, for instance, packaged the No. 4 version of my book ENOS and mailed it to myself around 1994 and I have not opened it yet. I did this because I was afraid that someone would quickly put out my ENOS book as their own and I wanted copyright my book in this dumb way.

The ‘Finding’ in this book is saying we are the only life in this whole universe !  It is in this writing !

I have all my hospital records and a great list of my career accomplishments that my agent person put together for me.

Any documentation (proof) of any claims I portend is not about me being right all along … it is more about the truth, purity and accuracy of the Force for Betterment !

Note: The Force for Betterment can only benefit a human being in a Natural / Spiritual way. Do not go to it (try to make a connection) with your sheer ‘smarts’.  Be a dopey fool for God instead.

We are all dumped here, as it were, because we are sinners (unwed souls who need completion) from various multi-universes. We are here to do some Karma, penance and retribution while trying to find a perfect mate here. This is something to observe in all of us.

In my final statement here I say that I want to defend the true nature of physical life on this planet. In own way I have been very obedient to the ‘Findings’ I have been getting for many years, without any of my own individual animal ego tripping.

Do you recognize a very profound ‘sentence’ in your mind suddenly ? These are so fleeting as to be unnoticed … especially if you are Rat Racing all over this place. If you do get something new and godly in your mind grab a pencil or a pen and jot it all down on the side of your shopping bag, a handkerchief, a piece of newspaper, etc.

Here are two almost unwanted ones of mine that I kept after they came into my mind somehow …

I was at my local medical place and checking out when I found myself saying …

“If we don’t take care of each other what else is there ?”

Here is one that I figured is just an odd saying that I like to tell to people …

“Love everybody and everything.”

I always realized that this was a profound way of thinking even though the stricture of this foolish notion is trying to coexist in this Creature Universe.


“We are God but we do not know it.”

Now I am getting another ‘swell’  The God’s are at it again with this authoritative sentence ! I have to follow through with this. I am getting totally new data that I have to use to explain this line of thinking. I will finish after this … this is more than just another ‘Finding’.

The Devil God of Life is the founder of physical life in this universe. All of our passions, ideas, creations and art are coming to us from the mix of the chaste God of humanity because we are rushing to achieve a wedding of our ego with some other soul. We can only do this at the speed of our very human wit. We can die happy forever when we do this. We can because we are the newest God in this universe contingency.

Contrary to this, if we are very fast at failing in this venture, we will only have to return here again. This will drive humanity on for many eons if we can keep addressing a need to become ever more smart in our ways. We just need to do this at a rate that is a little faster than our decline in the Devil God’s evolutionary contingency.

I know I have said all this in my writings but I have been hedging against the awful truth of our living here so we can die happy forever …not having to do this again.

I do want to live here forever ! I want to fix humanity in this most lustful world.

I want humanity to live much like Mother Nature’s creatures for millions of years.

The picture and the art I chose for this blog are new. The top picture for this blog I could not refuse. I think the quick picture I took of this Robin is a stopper ! I am amazed by the sheer tenacity of this bird creature. Something is going so right here that you need not even read the rest of my blog ?

The two black ink art drawings of “Rushing Humanity” are by Donna Wynbrandt, my special soul mate in life.

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DHW Rushing Hunanity



Late ‘Finding’ Report …

July 16, 2020

Just after I completed my new blog I find that I have a critical new ‘Finding’ to enclose into this production. So, I am creating this additional text page to add to this blog writing project.

Here is my new finding …

“The Force for Betterment enables humanity to reincarnate here.”

I can edit my recent blog so I can add this ‘Finding’.

I also have a question someone responding to my blog is enquiring about.

“What is Spiritual Science ?”

I want to answer this query in the most direct way that I can.

Spiritual Science is the pure – long-term – forfeitable – science of the universe that will be inferred in a metaphysical way only in an honest wishful person’s mind. Under the conditions of such a ‘Find’ in their mind someone will suddenly realize some automatic health benefits, lasting science data, awareness of special insights, wisdom, logical observations that will not fail and a wish fulfillment that will be granted for their honest soul to involve themselves with. It is very critical for such a ‘Finding’ to be honored. The best way to go about this is to simply be an obedient fool by having a knowing adherence to whatever comes to your mind without a question.

I also want to further explain the basic reincarnation of a human being on this planet. This is a very critical explanation for me to pursue.

We cannot stay here forever. We are here now because a new Force for Betterment is here. We can do what we can to make our living here so exciting or horrific but when we fail to find a perfect soul mate we will want to return here (reincarnate) to try to do this again. It can also be said that we will want to return to this Earth Garden to have physical fun in life over and over again.

The Force for Betterment is here to stay and it cannot be disavowed. It is working in conjunction with the great Devil God of Life which will mount the greatest force of fate against someone when it is triggered. I have given it this term … “The God Force.” I am saying, though, that a newer deity I term … “The Force for Betterment” is God as far as humanity is concerned. This means to me that this new force will ultimately be our salvation in this world.

Now I have another question to answer. This is the question that I am asking myself … “Why don’t I find a way for us to cope and do away with the corona virus that is so terrible in our world right now ?”

[You do not want it to end it … you think it is Nature’s comeuppance.]

Yes. This is true … I want to promise that I WILL get a new Finding about ending this.

Well … suddenly I do have something … I am getting a swell ! It is the cure I just wanted !

The solution … the cure … is to enact the things we already know that will enable most of us to survive a very large Solar Storm and we should also study the concepts featured in my new book … “A new world for Humanity without Ra Ra”. Also, as a part of this, we need to Vote all of this in everywhere … in all of our governments ! We need to surely finance a better world for humanity.

The thing is our very behavior in a regard for these ‘cures’ will be noticed by the God forces I cite in my writings and then these will end the corona virus and restore our Earth Garden !

Do not think that a known fool like me is ego tripping. I do get ‘Findings’ that do not fail !

I hereby challenge anyone to a ‘Spiritual discussion’. See about this on pages 584 / 676 of ENOS.




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