My new ventures

15 Jan

I have not been very active with my blog.  This is because I am engrossed in a new place for my photography and my Ginofor Gallery artists these days along with some illness I am experiencing.  I am OK now.

I am about to create a short video of myself that will be the most ‘telling’ thing I have ever done. I feel that I need to do this in order to break through the MADNESS of our most current living idioms that are so success oriented in our worlds greatest economies.

I do not want to alter any of this without help from something I have discovered a few years ago that is the greatest source of special insights, remedies, spiritual cures and magical abilities.  I want to enlighten people around the world about the true workings of Nature more.  I am doing this to shock people into a ‘wake up’ that will enable us to think in a more triangular way of operating our world economies so that we can survive a very real ‘comeuppance’ from Nature that can happen soon.

I want all of our modern electronica to keep going even when with we are bound to experience a terrible – eventual – event !  Yes,  I telling you about a very large Solar Storm that is coming soon.  I am going to explain a new plan (a stop in our madness) that will ENABLE US TO PREPARE FOR SUCH AN EVENT.


G Forss Flier for Ginofor Theater 2020_edit

This is a new flier for my gallery created by Heather Bellanca.

You can see that my gallery is going International now !   Check out this site.

I have a picture here that is just ‘Skinny Me’ at the age of 78 and one half.  I look like some kind of a dope.  NO  This is more of what Nature wants me to be … a perfect fool for God !



G Forss Skinny George at 78 and one half small file

George Forss  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, New York 12816  518 677-3288  cell 518 538-9938






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  1. Gloria Johnson January 15, 2020 at 8:01 pm #

    Will have to check this out!

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