New George Forss Career Activities

2 Aug

I am sorry for not doing a blog last month but I have been engrossed in quite a few good and bad situations.  I say no more.

My new book by Austin Macauley England is out and it listed everywhere that books are sold !  I am working on a blog associated with this publisher along with You Tube video that is out now.


The address for the You Tube can be found if you look at (search) “Austin Macauley Trailers” on You Tube.   This is a fun way to get to my ‘Trailer’. You will see many A.M. new book trailers this way.  Look for the title of my book … “A New World for Humanity with Ra Ra”

Big news for me !!  My photography is now in the permanent collection of the 9/11 museum at the site of the old WTC.  I have about 50 of my images here.

I am working on a new blog that is entitled …

“The Complete Scenario of Humanity in this Universe”

In this blog I can claim to have a download that explains all that we need to know about humanity in this earth world.  Do not discount this claim.  It is a ‘proof in the pudding’ type of claim just like all my 47 year span of claims that have not failed me yet !

The video that starts this blog is one I did at  friends home.  You can see the ducks on his property as they are (a bunch of them) moving along before my camera until they see me and then they get a command from the leader duck to ‘About Face’.


Some new pictures here …

G Forss Three colored Pepers wit flash 2018




G Forss Poster for my Ra Ra book

Poster for my new book


G Forss Me and Donna by the Battenkill enhanced\

Me and Donna    Picture by Nancy Krauss


George Forss  38 west main street  Cambridge, NY  2816  ph 518  677-3288













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