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The Complete Scenario of Humanity in this Universe

17 Aug

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The Complete Scenario of Humanity in this Universe

The writing for this blog will be quite a chore for you, so I have a good idea. Don’t read any of this and skip to the very end of my blog until you see this …

The creation of Humanity

A summation

This will be a short cut to a listing of my complete scenario about Humanity.

When you do this you will be cutting to the chase to see a list of all the ‘Findings’ I have acquired about humanity’s presence here on earth. After you look at this list you may want to read my blog in full.


My full blog …

I do believe that I now have the complete scenario of humanity in this universe. I also want to further extol the virtues on what I have in a Natural / Spiritual way as though it is much more than just someone’s thesis on such a broad subject. I want to do this in this blog and in some other ways.

I want you to believe that I do have such a scenario, not because I am so smart or a special seer. It turns out that I have been involved with some kind of Natural / Spiritual arbitral influences ever since an initial ‘happening’ in August 1969. I will explain.

First of all – I want to explain – why I have not been very capable of marketing my writings (if I can explain this right here). I feel that I have explained myself (explained the spooks that are around me) fully.

Second of all, I must report that I have a conscientious abhorrence for the modern world’s business acumen ideal.  This is so stupid of me because there is no viable alternative to the great business success syndrome that is permeating our modern world right now.

In my writings I do believe I have a good alternative but none of it can be realized so fast. What I have (what I have proposed) (what came to me via one of my Findings) (something that will actually change our world for the better by bringing us back to Godhead) would have to be financed ! Yes. Financing is the way that all of our modern world’s economies AND WARS are financed.

This is possible but not right now. The things we need to do to dethrone the Blossom Rat Race are not registering with people even when all of it is carefully spelled out before them. Someone told me this …

“We cannot disprove anything that has not been demonstrably proven.”

So all I have then is good food for thought. This is what is said about me.


When I am writing, invariably, a comment will come forth from my ‘other’ self. This is my Blossom World self … the smiley faced – ‘make a buck’ – self that we must all feature in society to do well in business. I call this ‘self’, my Devil’s Advocate.

So, I say this to my Devil’s Advocate: “You can think this way but hear me out first.”

Ahem … I CAN logically explain myself. I know how true this is ! Take a look at the word “Arbitral” I found myself using in a sentence above … about 32 lines above this one. This is not a word that I know, or have used before now. I had to check it out in a dictionary.

I found it was a perfectly appropriate word in its meaning for this sentence.

This happens to me all the time of my writings … for many years !

OK  I want to present three Finding Sentence’s. Two of these were mouthed by two other people. I know that both of these people did not fully realize what they were saying.

So, I am realizing more than ever how some kind of communication, in the way that a ‘Finding Sentence’ is known to me, will come to my awareness suddenly, that is not of my own volition !

My new Finding Sentence …

“Spiritual Science is the mystical way of acquiring forever knowledge.”

A friend of mine suddenly said this while we were talking …

“Nature always wins.”

Donald Trump said this in a tweet just after the Robert Mueller’s testimony before the U.S. Congress. (A congressional hearing) …

“Truth is a force of Nature.”

It seems as though our President Trump is concerned about real truth all of a sudden ? The hard core business acumen of real truth (or the lack of it) is very critical in our ultra modern world these days.

Can I write out the name, Donald Trump, in my writing here ? Will some Russian operative approach me to smear some stuff in my eyes so that I will die shortly ?

Donald Trump’s Finding Sentence is a fact. You can check this out. My next

‘Finding’ describing what Donald is all about came to me as being a ‘Finding Sentence’.

This is of my own doing.  Another fact on hand is me being ‘boiling mad’, sort of, about the response by the public and especially Mr. Trump’s words just after Mr. Mueller’s testimony before Congress.

I did not tell who mouthed the other Finding Sentence that was not my own ?

I do have a formidable ‘Finding Sentence’ about Donald Trump that I should repeat here. Here it is …

“Donald Trump is a mighty warrior that knows how to win.”

To me a so called ‘Finding Sentence’ is a genuine spiritual science communication. I won’t reiterate further about this. It would be too long and involved.

Here is some …

I am a great achiever no doubt. I am famous for my photography. This is nothing compared to the majesty and grandeur of The New God’s truth though. I know that every human being is playing a role in life, for various reasons, while, unknowingly living without the necessary strict adherence to the spiritual science of living.

This is the science of a new God in this world with its rewards of fulfillment along with the adherence of a perfect protectorate force that can align magically with ones health and good fate that will make them become godly in every way. This is something we need know in our world now. This will be a true nirvana for humanity.

I think I will be able to explain what I am (who I am) right about here !

I can do this if I just keep my focus on this task and allow for a third hand in my writing to provide the proof about me … about me being a good conduit of this new God.

Keep in mind that this force is new here. It is only as old, in part, as humanity is. It came here by chance and it cannot leave this arena. Therefore, the presence of all human beings can be accurately described as being ordained entities in such an arena.

The Earth Garden is a place for all living things to play. It was deigned to be this way. One of my ‘Findings’ says this …

“Every living thing in this universe is playful”

The first thing we need to know is that there is a playful sort of New God here, but that this God is only a Force … a Force for Betterment … that will automatically enhance ones health and happiness if the recipient is very truthful and of the proper living entities innocent (dopey) childlike souls way.

Here is how it works: Just being born here a person of humanity is fully attached to this force and will be just like all the natural creatures. Just after this, though, the force of the Blossom* (the energy of its conflict with the Devil God), with its superior intelligence and knowing, is going to subjugate every young human being to become an astute capitulation of this Blossom and this will become the catalyst for a human being’s adventure into devilish delights. We are here to have fun. The Blossom* is the Rat Race we know.

The Blossom will also be the start of our quickened physical decline when our, so called, puberty sets in (when our natural maturity sets in). This is something that happens to a human being … and to all living entities, anyway, because it is naturally and spiritually wanted.

What I have to offer is a new way that we can get some of the original attachment to the beautiful birth splay force* back again at any age … if we really want to … if we can find a way to communicate with the new God Force. We need to do this honestly, by our own wits. Our initial attachment to this force is just too difficult to keep, otherwise, just after we are born. There is no exact formula for this. I do have a book about doing this. A book that gives a somewhat good guide and a nine step TO DO list of procedures to practice that I claim will optimally reawaken one’s best spiritual potential. This is beyond what is natural deigned for all creatures. So, I can say, we can get some of our beautiful youthfulness back ! Only a human being can do this !

* The Blossom *Beautiful birth Splay Force

I cannot reiterate on the two phenomenon above right here. These are fully explained in my first spiritual writing book, ENOS. This book is the bible of my adventure with ‘Findings’ and the lengthy, 400 page, creation I achieved about an abduction story involving four young people conversing with six Aliens in 1969.

I can quickly send a PDF of this tome to your e mail address. My e mail is …

Go to George Forss kirkus Reviews for more about my books.

We can be smart enough to do all of this (the way that I have become spiritual seer of sorts) if we are purely in a love state and we are earnestly aligned to a triangle of …The Child Self, The God Self and the Truthful Self … that is something inherent in all beings at birth.

This is a trio of the purist happy true self that has to gradually go to sleep as a living entity to the point where the individual begins to die … and we enjoy the ride !

Yes, animals can enjoy it all while this true self is naturally ‘burning up’. We are experiencing all the ‘jollies’ of physical living in this way … in this world of The Devil God of Life. The trick is to align ourselves to the force of our mere birth, whatever we have left, with some new techniques and a three word exhortation practice that will help to awaken our original child self !

I have a new book about doing this. This book …

“The Fountain of Youth, A Fountain of Good Health and Youthfulness, A Fountain of independence and Happiness.”

This is my first book by publisher Austin Macauley. It is available at It is available in many book buying places like Borders and at my gallery.

This force (the new God Force) grants wishes and reveals scientific data against whatever a mortal soul finds/wants for itself while honestly wishing and praying for something. Keep in mind that this force is not a mentality of any kind … that is has no desires of its own. So, something that you want will be fated to you simply because you are … Strong, Happy and Truthful …in your quest !

This is all the Force for Betterment wants ! This is also the secret of living long in the First God’s natural evolution (The Devil God of Life). This works for both Gods, for us and the natural beasts. We, as human beings need to also have three other New God avocations. Avocations that will align us with the New God … The Force for Betterment … for some amazing remedies, insights and ‘Orenda’* smarts. We can also be a super strong beast, I will assume, if we only comply with the natural universe three demands.

*Orenda You can look up this word in your dictionary

Is there a superior human beast among us that does not have to lie to live well ?

There are some in our Hollywood movies. These are not real. We also need to be financially Independent, beautifully honest and of the true Child self in our mindset … beyond what was our very first few years of the natural child. This is the dopey child state that is only a temporary unearned gift of Nature. All animals have this but they don’t even know it. They do not want any more than what they have truly earned anyway. We can see the amazing beauty and honest athletic skills of animals, birds any fauna during their natural living only. What we can do now, via the Natural/Spiritual truths I am uncovering, is to enact a new kind of science in our world. This can be a new science for us … a science that is not causing ‘ill’ to our home planet’s ecosystem. So, we can conclude that we need to become supernatural in a godly way. This is so that we will flourish along with our planet’s heretofore future state in Nature because we will have earned it !

The new science we can attain in this way is not Hollywood, it is all of a good and godly new reality for us at long last ! We can actually stay young longer, get a better fate for our wishes, become more creative and wise, get to keep all of our toys, achieve amazing skills without any of these causing more problems for us than they can solve. We can get all of this granted to us from the New God (a God for humanity) even though this it is not the true premise of the natural Devil God of Life for a mortal beings.

Basic wildlife will not need to know how to do this … or want to do this … and because this is a new spiritual science nothing we will do in this way will harm us !

This blog is going on and on … I know but I just want to ‘go for broke’ with this blog. I want to extol all the new data I have been getting along with all the very old data I have. All of this has been recently ‘spelled out’ for me … I now know the whole thing about humanity on this planet ! I believe so.

This blog is going to be extra long. I have a three blog set here that is book length.

I am a good conduit for all of the insights I have accumulated mostly because I am obedient to my ‘Calling’. This I what is going on with me. Here is the ‘Finding’ about this …

“God speaks through fools”

For many years I assumed that this saying was an old world saying. Recently, when I decided to check this out, I found that there was no known source for such a saying ? I had to conclude that this was one of my own Findings !

There is a communicative connection between all living beings and the ongoing forces of the universe that cannot be denied. It is very sensitive but it is not so difficult for a human being to be getting ‘Findings’ during this person’s time in life.

Animals and birds are getting such flawless input into their living all the time. They are accurately guided in all they are doing instinctively without actually knowing too much about what is going on. I know when I have become sensitive to a given ‘Finding’ and I know I must record them as they come or I will lose my sudden awareness. There was a single prayer vow I made in 1976 that caused me to become suddenly aware of any Finding’s.


The New God’s truth:

I now know that this is something I have been describing as … ‘The Force for Betterment’. This can also be described as ‘The Life Force’ for humanity alone or that it is simply a new God for humanity. I also know that I have a complete scenario about humanity concerned with this force.

I am now going to bring it all out here to end this blog.  I have the whole scenario of humanity in this universe.


This force was initially trapped here by The Devil God of Life predatory activities. Indeed, this first God, in this way, is always conforming to the Laws of Physics in a most playful way. It will never behave in any other way. We have to know this in order to counter its mayhem.

When there was some predatory activity going by the Devil God from 5,000 to 50,000 years ago in our history some new Gods were trapped here and their worthiness shows in some remarkable structures created by beings of great intelligence, after they found themselves here. They were captured here and they could not escape this world !

They made due here as best they could and they established a world wide sophistication of all over our earth while we were mere primitive beings with little abilities compared to them. The whole idea of there being a God among humanity comes from the activity of such entities arriving by coming out of our sky ! These beings were worshiped as Gods; by early humanity of this time as well they should be, because they were so superior to us and so capable !

Some of these new ‘Gods’ were also very strange with animal and bird heads and with such ingenuity in this new world that was not designed for them. It turns out that they could not live here for very long … and they knew this … so they left a record of their being here and saw to it that we were going to become the ongoing host of their smartness for, after all, as the hybrid remains if them.

The thing is that there were other types of life forms that could ‘express’ themselves here in the playful way among all the life form types here. This was a strange period in the whole of all the Multi-universe phenomena. What this means is that there are older life forms that can exist here with us for a while but they cannot exist on another planet in this universe or any universe any longer. The thing is that they cannot be as physically long lived here for the longer future as we can. They were always actively doing their ‘thing’ here with us, though. We have them playing with us throughout our entire history. They were able to do playful religious ‘events’ so that we can have … Moses parting the Red Sea, Jesus becoming a savior for humanity, Fatima, The Buddha, Mohamed, etc. etc. Also, we are experiencing as the Greys, who are our nearest relatives, who once had a planet to live on. Now they are here as various Ghosts, or as masterful inter dimensional travelers with fun crafts, or as crop circle makers, etc. etc. Maybe all of this is some kind of endless puppetry of some kind ?

I think, in this way, they have been playing with me (some Alien types ?) by making my creation of Buffy’s Alien abduction experience in my book ENOS very real !

The truth is that there are living entities of various types that have been very real in our universe for a much longer time than we can know. They created humanity. This has been a fun thing for them to do !

Keep in mind that ALL the adroit life forms of ALL the multi-universe are here for the fun of being alive in many ways. There is great evil in all of this but it is always justifiable. This is so because of a recent ‘Finding’ I have this one saying, in essence, that all the living of each entity, of any type, culminates in the heavenly phenomenon achievement of every individual living entity of any kind becoming totally Heaven bound in any way that this can happen. We can call this phenomenon …The Mercy.

I think that becoming completely dead is Heaven also, or a part of this, but this is very difficult to achieve. In my book ENOS it is intimated that a complete death is hard to achieve.

We do not have to think about any of this. It is too complicated. Our task right now is to secure the living of humanity on this Earth Garden so that our living can go on for millions of years. I am told that no other life form can come here (any wayfarer) to take this away from us. So, the only real enemy around us is ourselves !

All the weird entity-like beings we encounter are not as real, physically, as we are. They are just a kind of life form the way they are. They are the remnants of some older life forms that were taken out by the God Force of this universe … a universe that captured them in the first place !

Here is some more data from my Findings …

To me all the ‘input’ I am getting from my Findings is truthful data. The data I have been getting for many years is now becoming time worthy. This is the best and most spiritual way of determining the real truth of anything. I am also relating some very new data that I can ‘feel’. I can ’feel’ the real truth for such data for this very present time.

Note this new Finding I have about ‘Present Time’ …

“There is only one ‘Present Time’ … for our current physical living time … and for all of some older world’s activities that have been coming into our physical reality as visuals up to some actual temporary appearance by these.”

Note that foreign entities are limited in their stay here for a relatively short time. This is why we do not audio hear sounds coming from such spooky Alien appearances.

After a short time here these must also leave. There will be some radiation from these and this will be the only trait. The Alien bodies that we recover are to dissipate and dissolve also. There is a very strong odor while this is going on. This is why we cannot actually see an Alien body or their traveling craft on our Media or in a Museum. These are dangerous and will emit some strong radiation while this process is going on. These will dissolve into some radioactive byproduct substance only.

Do not agree ? Just show us all something !

Here is something … many years ago I was told that there were 90 million inhabitants of North America and when Columbus arrived here there were 9 million.

Just recently, while I was watching a documentary about a Native American tribe in our northwest territory the chief elder of the tribe was explaining that there were 60 million Native American Indians at one time and now there are only 800,000 in North America. He was detailing how U.S. army troops in the earlier period of our country were systematically killing off the Native American Indians. He did mention that a foreign Small Pox epidemic was also killing native people … that they had no defense against this horror. This is terrible but I was happy to have some vindication about my old ‘Finding’. Nobody I spoke to about this, for years, had anything to say, like … uh, we will just let the fool harbor his fantasy. The Native people’s chief knows their history all to well.

There is truth about Small Pox. There is also new truth, generally speaking, about ‘Fools’ in our world as I am a perfect example of a very valuable fool. I am not kidding ! I am the one (a kind of conduit expressway fool to God). I believe that this will explain the value of a fool in our world. First of all, being foolish is the natural state of all living entities. It is actually necessary for all beings to be this way in this universe.

The proof of this is how a view of every living thing what we can see in our realm that is completely, naturally, physical in sight, form and sound that they are playfully living in the long-term topography they are deigned to exist within.

This means that there will also – ALWAYS – be playful beings. I believe that we are trying to get away from the workings of Nature because we mistakenly perceive Nature as being an awful world of vicious creatures only.

I am always describing the areas where we can view raw Nature as a place where primitive beings are engaging in a Love fest. This is so true to me but not too many people. Basically, people only want a view of such a place if they do not have to be there. I believe that we are putting a biased human mindset view of the creatures we observe there. The creatures in Nature love everything they have and what they are doing from the standpoint of their amazing zestful primitive natures … not having to have a human like awareness of their pending mortality. The Earth Spirit poem in my book ENOS says that life forms in a natural setting do not know death. To them it is just another day. I think some of this applies to humanity. I think it is evident in the way that we empirically want wars and have a desire to be on the front lines. This is so because we can get the high of being in such a place of seemingly virtuous victory even with the possibility of dying in battle. We have to sometimes invent a reason to do a war in this way, but there are noble wars when we are fighting for true justice. We can be the good guys and want to free people who are perpetrated with false ideologies if we do not save them. We can also war when we are making a stand for basic human rights.

I have seen some amazing capabilities and have felt the godly energy a natural creatures when they are right in front of me. We all love our pets. All we have to do is make them ‘soft’ like us and feed them. I encountered a large Moose in Northern Finland. This creature walked right in front of me about six feet away. I cannot fully express myself about this experience. The creature in front of me was right and I was wrong !

On another occasion I saw the most beautiful bird in the sky, in high winds, flying against the wind with its winged strength enabling this bird remain stationary just in front of me. Next, this bird canted its head for a few seconds to look at me. It was saying, in my mind (my fantasy) “How you doing there pal ?” The white body of this large bird, the form, the tantalizing beak and its pink webbed feet will always stay in my mind. This bird was about six feet in front of me in the sky. This was an ordinary Sea Gull !

Mind you, all of these kinds of experiences are coming from The Devil God of Life in me … and the perfectly chaste New God energy in me as well ! I know that we cannot divorce ourselves from the energy of the Devil God. I do not want to divorce myself from either God. I want it all !

With my attachment to the New God energy [The force for Betterment], I am able to pick up on the reward for doing so … especially after I made a serious vow to God in 1976. I am foolish in society in the same way that natural animals are foolish. It happens that there are people like me everywhere. I am the one who has made a foolish vow during my time in life (in 1976) and … watch out…The Force for Betterment will grant a person’s wish no matter what it is as long as it is absolutely pure in its intent. So, because of my earnest vow I can report that I have a plan in this writing that would essentially end the reign of the Blossom World Rat Race in our world if it is ever applied to world society.

I also cite the Alligator type of creature in my writings. Is this vicious creature living so long only because it has an attachment to The Devil God of Life … Yes … and it has always been Strong, Happy and Truthful ! I think so.

It is difficult to break the spirit of this primitive animal. It will want to wane only when this happens. This is what happens to all creatures and to us also. We see something superior to us that cause us to experience our foolish mistakes and we begin to wane. The big Moose and the Seagull haven’t had this experience yet. They are still in the ‘wild’. The Moose was the Moose and I was me. The Moose wanted me to come in the woods and play with her. She knew I was no danger to her.

I feel I am just like a wild animal and I am also able to write about the purely logical Findings in my head because I am so obedient to such a mindless Authority that is in a partnership with my mortal mind. The vow I have made and this authoritative shiagamugo have put together some masterful books that are just like a variation of a special theme in music. I am fascinated by all my books.

Next door to me is a unique Americana Antiques store. A few years ago we were watching a husband and wife of Robin birds construct the same nest every year in the rafters high up in a corner of the antiques building. This went on for about four years or more ? We would watch the new young Robins come around and witness their first flight in the summer. This activity ended when the building owner made a new porch.

Where do Robins go during the winter and how do they know how to come back in the spring to the same nest ? There is also a large nest on top of a highway pole that is the property of a large osprey type of bird. This bird’s nest has been in place for quite a few years now. The people in this nest’s area are always looking to see some new osprey chicks in the spring.

The point I am making here is about me and my obedience to a ‘Calling’ I have. How dare I claim to be some kind of savior for humanity? This is not me at all … not the dopey animal part of me. Like these birds I can operate by intuition so that I will enjoy the experience of doing what I am doing in my life without hesitation. True, I am working out the anger I have in life, because I did not have a happy childhood, but I am doing this in an ultra fun way.

Here is where I will list some more ‘Findings’. I have old and new ones here that are the proof of my worth as, uh … What ? What am I ? There is nothing more exciting to me than exploring the unknown. I am doing this by tapping into the energy of The Force for Betterment, which is a mindless source for an all knowing, all wishes granted, natural healing and health benefits, etc. etc. I go to this Force and in turn the Force connects my mind to Shiagamugo ! I found this word in my mind to use to describe something that can’t be given a name. I am not thinking about whom I am when I do this.

[Red flag] [You do think you are the savior !]

I think Shiagamugo is the savior. It is if we want it to be !

One old Finding says that there are two truths in operation with all of our ambitions, wishes, love interests, and schemes for wealth attainment, etc. This means that we will always have two motives for all the stuff we want, what we desire and for all the things we are doing. If this were not so we would not want to do anything !

Another Finding is insight awareness that all of our big mammals are getting smaller. The sight of us is doing this. This is causing them to weaken and experience the decline of their granted good graces of The God Force of this universe that determines the long-term fate of everything. This is not merely Evolution in Nature. Basically, evolution will only make things finer and finer. Since the advent of humanity here, though … the war between the First God and the New God … because of the paltriness of large lands for mammalians of in our realm they have been slowly becoming less fine. The thing is that the purity of Nature for these is waning because we are on the scene and we are waning also because the ill smartness and the subsequent buildup of all our wares and vicarious societies are causing humanity to also become less fine. Both respective Spirits are waning.

Another new Finding says we do not have to struggle, be a saint, be completely chaste, or conversely, we can be as lazy and dumb as we want about everything and we will still ‘go to heaven’. We will be happy in the heaven we create. We will go to a heaven of our own making … that this is the reward for having physical life … as though we came here for this purpose. We can return to physical living whenever we want to find a perfect mate to enlarge and improve upon our wanderlust souls. Two spiritually mated souls never need too return to physical living. I am told all of this !

Here is some more: We can be as evil as we want in this life but we will not want any, so called, heaven afterwards. In this kind of situation a person who has committed so many horrendous things will actually be creating a hell of their own making. This is so because they will be bored in a peaceable heaven. With no physical life they will also be like all the predator creatures who can only be satisfied with a killing lust and want to return to physical living which can only happen for them, after a long time of a God fearing retrospective pain and tears, until and when they find themselves alive again … unhappily and unexpectedly … for the purpose of being a predator again ! They will have to howl at the moon again !

These few Findings are actually new interpretations of some long standing Findings. In my writings I believe I have about 600 Findings located in my body of blogs and all my books.

In my writings I will invariably have a new ‘Finding Sentence’ and I will find a word in a new sentence I write that is not known to me ? I will also find a new word for something that was never known before. This is very rare but I have one of these in this writing as well.

Here is a new Finding Sentence …

“The Force for Betterment is completely chaste. In this way it is not capable of sin, in its selective favoritism, in any of its forecasts nor is it in error with any of its favors of health enhancement and asked for rewards. This force is a force for good only. This is the greatest thing in this new world for humanity.”

The word in a sentence that I do not know at all is the word, “Empirically”. This word is in this writing. You can imagine my surprise when I found that there was such a word. I was surprised how well it applied to my thinking in this sentence, and that I had it spelled right !

Another new word I found myself with that I had to create in order to have a frame of reference word to describe a new unknown in my writing is … “Shiagamugo”

This is on page 8 Line 36. I have other new words that came to me in this way, which I needed to give to other new unknowns in my writings through the years.

Lastly, let me reiterate just why I am a conduit for a force in this universe. It is not because I am special or that I was suddenly chosen for this task or that I am a great mind on the scene. The reason that I am getting such ‘Finding Sentences’ from a source like ‘Shiagamugo’ is simple. It is because I asked for guidance in a purely honest way when I made my vow in 1976. I wasn’t expecting to get a task that would take me 42 years to complete involving so many ‘Findings’. The truth, though, is that I was so worthy (I did make an attachment to the Force of Betterment) and this was all that was needed ! So, in essence this force granted a way for me to proceed in my quest to end The Rat Race.

So, the Force for Betterment connected to me simply because it could !

I am so stupid ? Yes and No. I happen to be an amazingly stubborn soul who is error prone and very poor in our world of ‘businesses. I have to do everything that I can attain very well in the ‘Slow but sure’ mode. I say about myself, “I never know what is going on ?” This is true. I slowly learned how to become a masterful photographer by a process that I can describe as being a kind of ‘Osmosis’. I do have the magic of “Orenda” coming to me from the betterment force in me, and this is how I have learned to become expert in everything I do. Everything else about me is goofy and charming.

Here is the No. 2 dictionary definition of the word, “Osmosis” …

2. A subtle or gradual absorption or mingling: He never studied but seems to learn by osmosis.

So, acclaim or blame it all on the Rat Race and blame me on the Rat Race. I say … “Let’s try to become so enlightened about all the errors of our long standing primitive malediction and become wholesome children of the New God that is here for us. Let’s decide that the Rat Race Blossom is crazy and end its reign !”




“Ask and you shall receive”

I close with the above Biblical saying. I believe that there has been a spiritual science for humanity from the very beginning. I believe that this science has doubtlessly informed all of us about our life condition. I also believe that a science in this way will become the source of controversy and disputes depending on the energy of the Blossom and the veritable Devil God of Life that will want to grant favors for those who are wishing for dominance over others and want to have a great victory in this way.

The Blossom is the source of The Rat Race. This is something that I have been writing about for years. This writing is introducing something new using the same science !

Yes it is !

We should now start asking for a better world for all 7.5 billion of us.

The Creation of Humanity

A summation

We are alone as physical beings in this universe.

There is only one ‘Present Time’ in this universe.

The entire ancient God’s are dead.

There were other intelligent beings living in our Solar System (in this universe) in another ‘Present Time‘.

The situation between our Sun and the Earth has remnants of others who have lived here physically in the longer past and they are still here as playful ghosts.

Humanity was created in the longer past in judge able evolutionary stages.

There is a great playful augury of many situations for physical life forms to come.

Humanity is here because there is a new God here.

The Blossom (the Rat Race) was created when humanity arrived here.

The universe we are in is a predatory creature universe.

There are no other life forms, like us, in this universe.

In the past there were very strange beings here with us on the earth but they could not reincarnate here so they are gone.

To live for a million years or more in this world modern humanity will have to attain the ability to determine whether something (anything we are doing) is godly or not.

Having a science that can determine absolute truth and the true worth of anything would garner our existence through many eons to come.

Only naturally wrought things can last for a very long time (millions of years) because these do not require constant fresh and sinful ways of living other than what their own natural wonts would dictate.

We can live for many thousands of years if we can advance in our technological prowess at a rate that is faster than the rate of our older animal soul’s continuous decline as puritanical fissure beasts.

The new God is here as the greatest savior possibility for us in this universe.

The conflict between humanity and other living beings on earth will end when we are finally secure and happy about our lot in this world without constantly having to change-to-upgrade all of our wares and Institutionalizing ways.

The precepts of great religions can last if they are true to the art of their original founding.

The one thing that our science cannot argue with is a large Solar Flare Storm as it is cancelling out most of our electronic instruments.

Art and creativity, the way we know it, comes from the animal and the connectivity we have to our new God.

The energy of fads and trends is very destructive; it spelled the end of all the intelligent life forms before our advent into this earth place.

The God Force -The Devil God of Life – toys with us until we are spiritually cast and then we are gone.


February 8, 2020   NEW   NEW    I am introducing a new ‘Finding’ in this part of this older blog because it is a critically new awareness I received about God !

I now know what God is !  I know that God is a special force around us. I should say I know WHO God is but I cannot.

Here is the original ‘Finding Sentence’ about this …

“God is the Force for Betterment in this Universe”

This is a force that is in orbit around our sun with the great Devil God of Life, much like the Moon and the Earth orbit the Sun.

These two can only operate the way that they do at the speed of evolution … So … these two major forces will keep everything perfectly pure and natural over some very long spans of time … but they cannot stop anything that is happening in the very short time by the means of any faster witted intelligence that may be here in some inadvertent way.  This is Humanity !

The Devil God of Life is the ultimate arbitrator of a good fate for every living thing.

If there is any justice, love, a better magical fate, youth enhancement, excellence of any kind of effort, sheer beauty, majesty and spiritual insights, it comes from The Force of Betterment !

The forever slow improvement of finery, at the speed of evolution, comes from this force as well.

This accounts for the relatively short spans of success that all of our ventures accrue … no matter what we are doing !  This is because we are foreign to this place with our faster witted intelligence and we are so greedy in our new home !

Simply put … the Universe plays with us for a while and then we are gone.  This is what happened to all of the Gods of this place before us !

A learned view of human history … and what we can figure out about some others who were here … tells us that all of this is true !


My mother’s photography was chosen for this blog because mom’s children in her photography were ‘little adults’ playing roles in the social world of humanity. There is total honesty and an uncanny purity of classic portrait art here.

The photo that opens this blog is what I can describe as my mother’s “Mona Lisa’ picture. This picture explains the face of the real Leonardo da Vinci “Mona Lisa” art to me. My mother was not satisfied with simply capturing a quick portrait study of the children that she chose to photograph. Each child would have to submit to a costume fitting from my mom’s wardrobe department and then she would decide on an ideal setting for their portrait … and then the dressed for a role ‘little adult’ would have to also submit to a posing ritual that would last for an hour or so. My mother was Hollywood ! Yes. She was I her own way.

This explains the expression on the young girls face … being satisfied looking and annoyed at the same time. I can see the same face on the Mons Lisa painting. I know I am borrowing too much credentialed sameness from Hollywood here but I say … “So what?” I am having fun with this blog in a perfectly Natural / Spiritual way.

Lastly and very truthfully, I want to forgive myself and maybe you will too … to those who are expert writing mechanics. It turns out that in my most recent bogs I thought that the ‘Spelling and Grammar’ check facility of my writing computer was on and working well. It was but I did not get any grammar checking because I did not have this facility’s grammar checking turned on ! I was getting good spell checks but no grammar checks ! Worse than this, when the Spell and Grammar check said that my writing has all checked OK I was so happy because I was thinking that my writing now has become so good that the grammar check was not finding any errors !

This time, with this blog I had a funny feeling that something was wrong, that the check went too quickly to be a good grammar check. I went to ‘Tools’ on my computer and found that the Spell and Grammar check was going to check my spelling but not my Grammar because I did not put my mouse on the check Grammar part of this checking facility.

I Grammar checked this writing. I thing is … there is something good here … I now have a very good way of indicating just how Natural and Spiritual I am !

[OK George … you are the mighty Spiritual Warrior that is never really wrong]

Ha ! Yes. I do say that here is no such thing as a person (personage) being a Spiritual Warrior but … I repeat BUT … there can be someone on the scene that is obediently acting as one because he was told to do so. This is when this person’s input with the Force for Betterment will make such an advent possible. This is especially true if such a person has many ‘Findings’ that do not fail !

I better shut up now. This is fun writing to me.

Natural is the dopey animal and Spiritual is the faultless authority that is communicating with such a fool.


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Norma Forss George 1945 sml file

George 1945  Norma Forss


Norma Forss Alure young girl001 sml file

Allure young girl  Norma Forss

EPSON scanner image

Boy in army gear  Norma Forss


Tough guy  Norma ForssNorma Forss - Tough Guy002 sml file

New George Forss Career Activities

2 Aug

I am sorry for not doing a blog last month but I have been engrossed in quite a few good and bad situations.  I say no more.

My new book by Austin Macauley England is out and it listed everywhere that books are sold !  I am working on a blog associated with this publisher along with You Tube video that is out now.


The address for the You Tube can be found if you look at (search) “Austin Macauley Trailers” on You Tube.   This is a fun way to get to my ‘Trailer’. You will see many A.M. new book trailers this way.  Look for the title of my book … “A New World for Humanity with Ra Ra”

Big news for me !!  My photography is now in the permanent collection of the 9/11 museum at the site of the old WTC.  I have about 50 of my images here.

I am working on a new blog that is entitled …

“The Complete Scenario of Humanity in this Universe”

In this blog I can claim to have a download that explains all that we need to know about humanity in this earth world.  Do not discount this claim.  It is a ‘proof in the pudding’ type of claim just like all my 47 year span of claims that have not failed me yet !

The video that starts this blog is one I did at  friends home.  You can see the ducks on his property as they are (a bunch of them) moving along before my camera until they see me and then they get a command from the leader duck to ‘About Face’.


Some new pictures here …

G Forss Three colored Pepers wit flash 2018




G Forss Poster for my Ra Ra book

Poster for my new book


G Forss Me and Donna by the Battenkill enhanced\

Me and Donna    Picture by Nancy Krauss


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