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1 Jun

Imagine a new neo scientific way of managing human affairs that will fore fill the ideal of the song connected to this wording !

I have been privy to such a way … in the connectivity that I have had to a great phenomena … that has put the very details of a new way (a new plan) that will actually work !  This is a plan I have been working out in the last three years. I can say that it will work because the mathematics of it are sound.  The application of this plan, though, is next to impossible until it is around us in our ‘Heads’ for a while.

Right now I do encounter much opposition to what I have (by those who have quickly scoped the plan) because it is so new in such a way that it directly interferes with almost every well functioning person’s career oriented game plan in any society.

This is OK.  Such a totally new way of working the economies of our world will need some time to fester once it is introduced.

Well, I can introduce it officially now !

G Forss Poster for my Ra Ra book

This is a Poster the publisher designed that features the words I had to put together for the back cover of my new book.  I found myself typing up a composition for my book’s back cover, as you see here, without hardly giving it much thought.

The very astute writing that is evident here is actually too good to be some careful time consuming writing on my part. I now believe the entirety of these words are a genuine type ‘Finding’ that I am known to make a claim about.  This has happened to me when I needed something very critical in all the years of my venturing with the phenomena.  I started this blog by citing this phenomena and it has to be named … “The Force for Betterment” … I do not know another way to describe this. This is a force that is mindless except when it is using someone’s wish, a vow or a purely honest avocation that it will think through for the recipient … automatically !  It is important to know that the workings of this phenomena are applicable, as stated, in a completely indiscriminately way.

Ra Ra book cover001

This is my book’s cover.  I could not do a cover like this.  The publisher would not have it. I took a picture of the man posing as Donald Trump as soon as I encountered him.  As a photographer I will shoot first and think later.

As time went by my publisher began to favor this picture for my book cover and they worked on it.  They did some enhancing (cloning or air brushing out stuff ?) to my basic picture to make it as you see here. My original picture has people in the background and the lighting was not as good as you see it here.


In my Ginofor Gallery I am mounting an Impromptu exhibition featuring my three day tour of Paris in 1994.  Here is my flier about this …

Ginofor Gallery Press Release

Cathedral Notre Dame suffers a roof destroying fire and the world turns its attention to Paris. George Forss, iconic NYC cityscapes photographer turns up his photos of Paris, the city of light from his three day sojourn there in 1994. He finds – photos of Cathedral Notre Dame – and photos of street scenes. His documentary of Paris city life shows rare sensitivity and his fabled luck for capturing remarkable events of shining light and expressions of people in motion.

Forss has decided to display these never before exhibited photos as an impromptu show at the Ginofor Gallery … not interfering with the 35 + artists his Ginofor Gallery regularly represents.

Ginofor Gallery is at 38 West Main Street in Cambridge, New York 12816 opposite the villages only bank.

A reception to celebrate these views of 1994 early Autumn in Paris will take place on June 15, 2019 from 5pm until 8pm. All ages are welcome and all Forss’ Paris prints (signed) are reasonably priced at $20. Buying or just looking Forss welcomes everyone to share the enjoyment of a visit to Paris, France, home of Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, narrow ancient streets as well as broad boulevards and of course Parisians, the bon vivants of the world … Wine, Woman and Song !


!994 Notra Dame roof 2019 enhance

G Forss Horse statue in France_edited-1

G Forss Faces in old Roman stone and brick wall

G Forss !994 Eiffel Tower from Paris boulevard

G Forss Motor skooters Amore Paris 1994

This is Paris.  Everybody and everything in Paris is in Love … even these two scooters !


George Forss  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816

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