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Emergency Report for Everybody on the Planet

5 Apr


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Emergency Report for Everybody on the Planet

There is an emerging time-wise happening that could very well become an horrific event for all of us. This is the occurrence of a large geometric solar storm that will cause a sudden breakdown of all the technological goodies we are so enamored with in the modern world. I full blown eruption from our sun will envelope all of the advanced civilized countries of the world. Science now says that a large geometric solar storm is our No.1 threat.
We have been very fortunate so far but we must prepare for such an event with the best remedy we can devise with our super smart technology. Right now we are so preoccupied with too many issues of a kind of rampant dualism that does not really count for much in the natural world. It is more that our ‘fighting among ourselves’ is going to be the cause for the un-preparedness we will encounter when such a storm is upon us.

I am told that the activity of a very large mass coronal ejection (a solar storm) will hit the earth’s magnetosphere within every 300 years. I am told that this is a cleansing activity on the part of Nature according to the Spiritual relationship that the earth has with the Sun. This is a fundamental happening that is of some domain principality. I claim to be a conduit for such a source.

This report is essentially a very scientific one, so you can discount what I am prognosticating about, but you will not be able to deny the hard science of my research into this matter. There is a good amount of data that is known about Solar Storm activities in the last 400 years tops. Before this scientists are having a hard time finding evidence of a continuous series of Solar Storms, like I say, that will happen over every 300 years. Scientists do know that we will get hit with some more very large storms. I recommend doing a search about Solar Storms. Do Wikipedia and any other search you can think of.

Here are a few I have studied … “The Solar Storm that almost sent us back to a Post – Apocalyptic Stone Age” “Solar Storm preparedness plan” “Bread and Butter SSTA.PDF” “Solar Storm poses huge threat”

There are a number of scientific things that we must do to recover from such a storm. It happens that a large geomagnetic storm will greatly ill effect all of the electric instruments we have in our modern world. The entire atmosphere all around us is going to be charged with electricity of the kind that only the Sun’s powerful solar coronal ejections can create that will ignite (snuff out) stuff that most of us depend on for our happy living. Most of our radio and TV broadcasts will be burnt out and silent.

We need to have a set of new satellites in reserve that we can send up right after a storm. All of the current ones will be out of order. Many of these will be falling out of the sky !

We need our modern way with electronics. We must face the fact that this universe will not allow a current set of world wide electronics to last for more than 300 years. We should also acknowledge that the natural landscape is going to get a ‘cleansing’ in every 300 year period.

We are going to have to keep fighting back against Nature. This is what we are good at doing. This is what we have been doing all along … anyway ! We must have a reserve plan involving a new set of stuff for our electrical oriented societies economies and entertainment media jollies. Let’s put our money mongering greed aside so we can get ready for the next storm. An ultra modern automobile dashboard will like, uh … explode and catch on fire ??

Farming will not be so effected because food stuffs we all know are basically organic plants in Nature.  Actually, an open farm field will be the best place for viewing the new solar storm now and in future times when we get used to the periodic solar storms. People will say that they are glad to be alive during one of the new storms !

We need to have hands on farming again. This means that we will have about 30% of humanity involved in this type of farming. We can use old style tractors along with the most modern assuming that new tractors will be made that can withstand a storm and still operate. We can even have a hand cranking starting system with the new tractors. We can have two kinds of starting for a new tractor. We should have two kinds of starting for all of our vehicles. Our 18 wheel delivery trucks have to be upgraded so they will be running after a storm.

The 1859 storm took 17 hours to get here. So, we have time – if warned – to prepare. We should disconnect (switch off) all electric current to our homes. We should park our cars away from our homes.  We should also unplug our computers and bring them outside along with our smart phones. Please study all the science reports that you can.


About solar storms:

Do not take any of my report so lightly.  Do not think that I am just a nut who is behaving like a alarmist faultfinder.  You will see the same instructions in science reports … EXCEPT FOR THE NEED FOR US TO PREPARE RIGHT NOW !

A lot of the science reports come across as scary fun reports that are not really to be taken seriously !

We must use our amazing scientific prowess to save the day for us all ! It is estimated that half of the world’s population will perish when food and water and communication are stopped by a large solar storm as it will take two years or so to recover.  My line of thought here could be an exaggeration.  I am an alarmist faultfinder of the third kind !
The thing is we cannot take the chance that all of my report forecast will not actually happen.

I believe it is essential for us to always have a good backup plan for our survival. We can pay for this by incorporating a new economic plan that I have formulated recently. I claim that my plan is a spiritually divined plan.
You can read into this plan by going to my most recent blogs. This plan has the ideal of giving every person alive some annual financial worth just for the fact that they are a creature on this planet !   You should check this out.

Go to … >>>> forssblog <<<< and look at “Making Humanity Strong 123” My three new blogs.

Science says that we can make our electrical grid immune to a strong Solar Storm.

Do this now !

There are two scientific forecasts for the next storm to envelope the earth. One says we can expect one within 50 years. Another forecast says there will be a storm equal to the 1859 storm in the next 20 years.

There is an important fact to realize about our existence on this planet. This is one of my old ‘Findings’ …

“Only natural things can live well on the earth for millions of years”

This is a fact we can check simply by the mere observations that we can make about all of our human societies which were very short lived. Check on the ancient God’s who are gone … and a host of lost civilized people in their amazing cities … who where always strongly in a special place and then they have literally disappeared ?

There is a special excitement going on in all of our most advanced countries. Oddly enough, these are going to be the places that are going to be targeted by a strong Solar Storm because this is where all of our electronics are ! There is a special excitement of a party going on in our modern world with all of the amazingly covert and smart advertising and political ballyhoo going on.

Military intelligence in our world right know knows of a new bomb that can be triggered high up in our magnetic earth shield that will create an artificial Solar Storm. We need to stop this kind of thinking (planning). Our world is not a monster war movie !

I am deliberately writing in a somewhat balking teenager’s logic style before such a person ‘gets with it’ and learns how to effectively Rat Race as an adult !

I know that my writings, my claims of a Natural /Spiritual science, are just too difficult for people to fathom but the results I get are revealing of a kind of after the fact proof.

Here are two samples:

About 37 years ago when I was writing my first book ENOS I had a seemingly severely outdated claim. I said (the Aliens in this writing said) that humanity is the only intelligent life in this universe. Here we are today and science is now beginning to realize that this claim is true !

More recently I had a claim ( a new ‘Finding Sentence’) that said this …

“No human being has ever seen an Alien body or an Alien flying saucer on the Media or in a museum”

I know that these are still unfathomable but ‘you all’ will have to show an Alien body or find some other life in the universe to prove me wrong !

I was talking to a good friend of mine and I heard her utter what I determined to be a new genuine ‘Finding Sentence’. I asked her if she had ever mouthed her three words exhortation the way she did and she said “No”

I will end this report with her saying …

“Nature Always Wins.”


I have a series of pictures here taken with my smart phone in New York City’s Washington Square Park.

Notice that everything in each picture is sharp and that every person in each picture is frozen in the form they were captured in an instant !

It was a fun thing to do on this occasion when a man was using his soup bubble making device and sent large bubbles in the air.  The children were completely delighted !

I am trying to lighten the load of my ultra serious report here with my pictures.  We need to address the issue of this report.

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