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Making Humanity Strong 3

21 Feb

Making Humanity Strong 3

I am writing another chapter on the subject of Making Humanity Strong to try and make my audience, spare as it tends to be, strong too ! To do this I want ‘folks’ to consider doing ‘business’ in a new way. I am introducing a new idea that will align humanity with the true working ways of Nature. My spiritually divined 20 year plan will do this. If this plan is considered favorably and voted in it could be the institution of a new science for humanity away from all of our ill science. We have been greedily enamored with our smart human science short cuts and quick gains since we came here ! I know I always say this. Yes, but I also do know that I have a godly plan here that will give us something that we can do about the situation of our greed and its way of triggering our planet’s presently incurring ecosphere decline and also the decline of humanity’s physical and spiritual health.

Our smart ill science is telling us that we are a ‘not so strong’ species any longer but we will always be able to adapt to this. Our solution seems to be to simply use our smartness to use up the Earth Gardens amazing resources, as we have been doing, to enact amazing new cures and toys. We believe that our science will somehow manage to offset any new incurring uproar from Nature. The best of us are having a grand time with all of the amazingly fast technological inventions we are instituting. This is all under the heading of an ungodly axiom … our business acumen ideal … that is the hallmark for success for all of our worlds economies. This works for the while of our madness these days but there is also a growing decline of our good graces in this universe as well. You can say … “So what” … also … “We will always have a solution for all the new maladies we are suffering from.”

It does seem as though we are here to do this ? Are we here to also enjoy the jollies of it all as part of our common excitable death wish fun party that is a part of the animalistic side of our nature during our shortened time in evolution. Is this our destiny ?

There is a good ‘long term’ solution for us in this universe, though, especially at this juncture of our maddening Rat Race existence these days ! I believe the plan I have here would be a new kind of Natural /Spiritual scientific cure for humanity. We do have to do something like this in order to live on in this universe for a very long time. We have to conform to the three requirements for successful living in this universe. We have to be Strong, Happy and Truthful. This is true for every successful creature in this universe. This is new info from my ‘Findings’.

The Rat Race is something new here, it is the product of a tension between our foreign inference here and this universe immune system. All living things in this universe have this, a systematic way of combating an ill in their presence automatically. This is why we have to stop cheating our fate and begin to truly earn everything that we have created so well. We can do this without such a gross, grow or die, profit motive. We can create beautiful stuff that is so tasteful, lasting and sound that our inventions will comply with the universe three demands. We have to be beautiful minded people in this way also.

Is the Rat Race slowly increasing and causing us to have to compete against what is definitely a kind of God Force around us with very puritanical requirements for long term living in this universe ? Is this a force that will suddenly get triggered to want to end our reign ?

I often get two particular comments from people when I find myself talking about my plan, the way I do above, saying I want to make humanity stronger at this time in our ongoing evolution … like it so essential and yes … I do jump at the chance to emotionally speak about the 20 year kindness solution plan that is offered in my writings. You can say that I should be more ‘professional’ in my pitch. This is so.

Well, the first comment I get is SILENCE. I cannot comment on this because my retort to a situation like this is going to have to be my own silence ? [George, silence is not a comment] It is to me !

I do get a comment from my Devils Advocate self in my writings at times. It is odd. It does not happen often but I always want to address this Devil’s know it all smartness. This is my Blossom self questioning my own spiritual logistics. I know this. [Yes]

The second response I get is a very smart set of comments in the form of the common superior mindset that will come from goodly functioning people in our Blossom World. There is always some knowing intelligence that Blossom Type people have. This learned facility enables them to quickly speak out a knowing response … one that is sure to put down a not so well functioning soul’s ardor in society … because they will surely want to be able to have a quick fix on such a person’s foolishly stated idiom. The thing is, if someone is not functioning very well in society they are probably wrong. This is the only kind of smarts a Blossom Type wants to advocate. This is not true though in the grand, long term, universe around us though. This universe wants every living thing to be happy without having to be short term smart.

We are essentially living only for the short term of our time here. Do we somehow know this ? Is it all part of the ill excitement we are enjoying because of a kind of communal death wish we have ? If we can somehow stop running and running faster in the Rat Race maybe we can begin to relax and end this ‘Quest’ and love this place ?

I have been get comments like … “ If we have a plan like the one you are advocating people will want to have many children so that each child that is born here, that is a legal citizen, will be getting all that money during their childhood.”

I know this will happen but in the situation of my plan being older than 20 years with each citizen person receiving about $9,000 annually, a new crop of wealthy young people will not want to have a few children right away as they are starting their mature life. Such New World people, will want to do so many things with their sudden catch of wealth. If you are about 19 years old or so and you now have about $250,000 dollars to spend, what would you want to do ? Getting married to someone who also has a new catch of wealth would make you and your new mate even richer ! A couple of young people like this will be very busy spending their wealth … for toys, college, business ventures, travel, shopping, science ventures, art, discovery interests, etc. etc. Keep in mind that such people will not get their catch of wealth until they are out on their own. Maybe the mature child will now justly want to pay back their parents for bringing them to this world. The parent will also want to have a few children so that they will have a few wealthy grandchildren ? Somehow a situation like this doesn’t equate to me. In a situation like this, it is much more likely that two rich young newlyweds will want to start a family in a more timely manner after they will have established themselves in such a kindly new world. Poor impoverished people, without many options, tend to have many children. Poor people tend to have children to establish themselves in the poor community they are forced to live in. A natural woman, who is born and raised in her poor community home environment, alone in such a very poor community is what ? She is insecure and will have to have a lot of sex and children !

Here are some other comments … “Your plan would ruin our economy !” “No one would want to have a boring menial job any more !” “Your plan would not produce the kind of extra government wealth that would be needed to fund the annual stipend money !” “This will be the end of Capitalism !”

Keep in mind that, after the twenty year interim period, there will be hoards of young people receiving big money and wanting to spend their New World inheritance right away … an inheritance that reverses the Rat Race ! There will be a hoard of independent (stupid) venture capitalists … getting their stipend inheritance all the time ! In this way, the great wealth producing capabilities of human endeavoring will spread out among billions of people ! It will be just like the wildebeest’s of Africa chancing across the mighty jungle river for the alligators to feast on during their seasonal migration.

This is the system that Nature uses … the only one … and this will be a continuous feast !

HELLO Worthy Capitalists, you will find a guaranteed source for your corporative ambitions. HELLO

Our government (any government) will be getting tax monies on all of this ! What we will be developing is an economy that is the greatest one in human history ! I think so.

“All the new rich people will not be able to get a simple loaf of bread at a local store.”

OK uh … let me answer this in this manner … a rich person will tend to get everything they want. A particular rich person (one who loves bread) will be getting even richer supplying the community with bread … all kinds of bread … the best bread ever baked !

Supply and Demand. Demand + Supply = stores full of demanded items. This is my simple equation !

Wow ! My Devil’s Advocate self is ranting wildly all of a sudden. I will answer these queries as a part of this writing …

[You are not a good Rat Racer] [You are chastising the ones who are successful out of your jealousy about their admiring success in life] [You are not an economic expert]

[You cannot even run a successful business !] [You keep saying humanity is only in this universe. You are, in essence, saying that we were captured to be here]

[Everybody knows it is important for us to be well educated] [You haven’t learned much of anything of high learning in your grade school years and you did not finish your High School term]

[You are a lazy intellectual. You would rather quickly assume superiority with your, so called, conduit divining with the Life Force than going through the trouble of becoming academically learned to receive high honors]

[You only want to have fun in everything you do !] [You want free independence in life without working for it]

[You also have no concerns about Immigrants, a whole new bunch of citizens, in your plan ?]

Well … I’ll start to answer all of your remarks … yes … these are my fears. I am only, kind of fearless and feeling so independent fearlessness, when I am a Spiritual Warrior with my Findings. I do my writing when I am privy to the faultless insights that I am getting when I am in this state.

The input I have about Immigrants is nil. I am like most American (lazy) people. We do not really know what is going on exactly. My plan is to make every U.S. citizen (a citizen in any country that adopts the plan) have some financial worth from the day they are born. The plan does not include a remedy for illegal immigrants*. The U.S. is most known for its ‘melting pot’ feature so the basic laws about an ongoing quota system should apply here. A person who wants to be a citizen of a country that has my plan in effect has to become a legal citizen of that country.

* Note that my plan does not supply funding for Education, Welfare and Jobs. These are of the same issue as a government having to deal with an influx of illegal immigrants. The only thing that my plan is for is to institute a new way of dealing with all of the poorest peoples of our world … no matter what the inflicting circumstances are about their predicaments. This plan is simply a new Natural /Spiritual way to ‘buy out the poor’. All government programs costs will be greatly reduced with such a plan. The other special feature of this plan is that young people – any basic group of young cohorts – will find it much harder to formulate a successful criminal agenda when this plan is in full effect. Basically, a young person who is not having much success with their criminal venturing, will be forced to blame themselves when they fail and not other people around them. Such a person will not be able to blame their government !

They will still get the stipend of $9000 a year. They will not want to tamper with this.

Something important has to be considered here: Strong in Nature and with the New God means that a person will be free from the sin of heedless ballyhooing. This means that the advent of annual living stipends for the citizens of a country (the whole world ?) has to a ‘from now on’ sacrosanct proposition or the Make Humanity Strong plan will not work. It also means that the parents of a new child must be the ones who will decide if a child is to receive the stipends.


Hello to my Devil’s Advocate; so my answer to most of your comments is a resounding YES !

Yes, I am not a good Rat Racer, economic expert, business owner, keen and supporting of a learned education, displaying of any academic smarts and I am indeed, very lazy, socially. But, I am not assuming to have superiority over others. I am what I am. I know I am justly capable of being a conduit for some kind of a Faultless Authority that I am obedient too and that it never fails me.

About people who will want to load up on children to get the $9,000 for each child. The simple motive for this is the sheer amount of wealth that will be generating for such a household. The parents who are doing this will have to be wary of a new kind of peer pressure in a community that is operating this plan, though. The individual stipend for individuals will vary depending on how much annual wealth has been set aside for the outlay of the stipends. In this plan everyone will know that parents who are having a lot of children will be selfish parents. This is not so if the parents are very rich and do not take the stipend money for their children … if there is a large estate planned for each child. This is so when wealthy parents are gratuitous to such a plan and do not need it.

In essence, some greedy parents will be wearing their guilt connected to doing this like a sign on their back, saying … “I am a greedy parent”. Each child will have a sign that says … “I am child number six of my greedy parents.” This is so because everyone will know that ‘these people’ are taking some of the annual stipend funding away from people who do not have many children. Maybe this assessment is wrong and most people will want to encourage parents to have a lot of children ? This does not equate to me though.

Also, I am an honest conduit for the plan I have here and the Spiritual business of it all cannot be faulted. I also think that my divined plan is a practical new birth plan for our overpopulated world !



You can think this way but hear me out first.

I can logically explain how true this is ! I am a great achiever no doubt. I am famous for my photography. This is nothing compared to the majesty and grandeur of The New God’s truth though. Every human being is playing a role in life, for various reasons, while, unknowingly living without the necessary strict adherence to the spiritual science of living. This is the science of a new God in this world with its rewards of fulfillment along with the adherence its perfect protectorate force that can align magically with ones health and good fate that will make them become godly in every way. This is something we need know in our world now.

I think I will be able to explain what I am about right here !

I can do this if I just keep my focus on this task and allow for a third hand in my writing to provide the proof of this new God.

Keep in mind that this force is new here. It is only as old, in part, as humanity is. It came here by chance and it cannot leave this arena. Therefore, the presence of all living things can be accurately described as being ordained entities in such an arena. The Earth Garden is a place for all living things to play. It was deigned to be this way. One of my ‘Findings’ says this …

“Every living thing in this universe is playful”

The first thing we need to know is that there is a playful sort of New God here, but that this God is only a Force … a Force for Betterment … that will automatically enhance ones health and happiness if the recipient is very truthful and of the proper living entities innocent (dopey) childlike souls way.

Just being born here a person of humanity is fully attached to this force and will be just like all the natural creatures.

Just after this, though, the force of the Blossom*, with its superior intelligence and knowing, is going to subjugate every young human being to become an astute capitulator and this Blossom will be the catalyst for a human being’s adventure into devilish delights.

This will be the start of our physical decline when our puberty naturally sets in. This is something that happens to all living entities and it is naturally wanted. What I have to offer is a way that we can get some of the original attachment to this force again at any age … if we really want to … if we can find a way to communicate with such a force, honestly, by our own wits. Our initial attachment to this force is just too difficult to keep just after we are born. There is no exact formula for this. I do have a book about doing this. A book that gives a somewhat good guide and a nine step TO DO list of procedures to practice that I claim will optimally reawaken one’s best spiritual potential. This is beyond what is natural for all creatures. So, I say we can get some of our beautiful youthfulness back ! Only a human being can do this !

We are smart enough to do this if we are purely in a love state earnestly aligned to the triangle of …The Child Self, The God Self and the Truthful Self … that is inherent in all beings at birth.

This is the trio of a true self that gradually goes to sleep in a living entity to the point where the individual begins to die. (and we enjoy the ride). Yes, animals can enjoy it all while this true self is naturally ‘burning up’. We are experiencing all the ‘jollies’ of physical living in this way … in this world of The Devil God of Life. The trick is to align the force of our mere birth, whatever we have left, with some new techniques and a three word exhortation practice that will help to awaken our original child self !

I have a new book about doing this. This book …

“The Fountain of Youth,

A Fountain of Good Health and Youthfulness,

A Fountain of independence and Happiness.“

This book is available at Borders and at my gallery.

This force grants wishes and reveals scientific data against whatever a mortal soul finds/wants for itself while honestly wishing and praying for something. Keep in mind that this force is not a mentality of any kind … that is has no desires of its own. So, something that you want will be fated to be simply because you are … Strong, Happy and Truthful …in your quest !

This is all the Force for Betterment wants ! This is also the secret of living long in the First God’s natural evolution (The Devil God of Life). This works for both Gods, for us and the natural beasts. We, as human beings need to also have three other New God avocations. Avocations that will align us with the New God … The Force for Betterment … For some amazing remedies, insights and ‘Orenda’ smarts. We can also be a super strong beast, I will assume, if we only comply with the natural universe three demands.

Is there a superior human beast among us that does not have to lie to live well ?

[There are some in our Hollywood movies] These are not real. We also need to be financially Independent, beautifully honest and of the true Child Self in our mindset … beyond what was our very first few years of the natural child. This is the dopey child state that is only a temporary unearned gift of Nature. All animals have this but they don’t even know it. They do not want any more than what they have truly earned anyway. We can see the amazing beauty and honest athletic skills of animals, birds any fauna during their natural living only. What we can do now, via the Natural/Spiritual truths I am uncovering, enact a new kind of science in our world. This can be a new science for us … a science that is not ‘ill’ or a science that can ruin’s our worlds ecosystem. So, we can become supernatural in a godly way. This is because we will have earned it.

The new science we can attain in this way is not Hollywood, it is all of a good and godly new reality for us at long last ! We can actually stay young longer, get a better fate for our wishes, become more creative and wise, get to keep all of our toys, achieve amazing skills without any of these causing more problems for us than they can solve. We can get all of this granted to us from the New God (humanity God) even though this it is not the natural Devil God of Life for a mortal beings. Basic wildlife will not know how to do this … or want to do this … and because this is a Spiritual science nothing we do in this way will harm us !

This blog is going on and on … I just want to ‘go for broke’ with this blog. I want to extol all the new data I have been getting along with all the very old data I have. All of this has been recently ‘spelled out’ for me … I now know the whole thing about humanity on this planet !

This blog is going to be extra long. This three blog set is now as long as a book !

I am a good conduit for all of the insights I have accumulated mostly because I am obedient to my ‘Calling’. This I what is going on with me. Here is the ‘Finding’ about this …

“God speaks through fools”

For many years I assumed that this saying was an old world saying. Recently, when I decided to check this out, I found that there was no known source for such a saying ? This was one of my Findings !

There is a communicating connection between all living beings that cannot be denied. It is very sensitive and is not so difficult for a human being to be getting ‘Findings’ all the time. Animals and birds are getting such flawless input into their living all the time. They are accurately guided in all they are doing instinctively without actually knowing what is going on. I have become sensitive to a given ‘Finding’ and I know I must record them as they come or I will lose my sudden awareness. There was a single prayer vow I made to caused me to become aware of any Finding’s at all.

The New God’s truth:

I now know that this is what I have been describing as … ‘The Force For Betterment’. This can also be described as ‘The life Force’ or that it is simply a new God for humanity. I also know that I have a complete scenario about humanity concerned with this force. I am going to bring it all out here to end my three part report about Making Humanity Strong.

This force is completely chaste. In this way it is not capable of sin, in its selective favoritism, in any of its forecasts nor is it in error with any of its favors of health enhancement and asked for rewards. This force is a force for good only. This is the greatest thing in the new world for humanity.

This force was initially trapped here by The Devil God of Life predatory activities. Indeed, this first God, in this way, is always conforming to the Laws of Physics in a most playful way. It will never behave in any other way. We have to know this in order to counter its mayhem.

When there was some predatory activity going by the Devil God from 5,000 to 50,000 years ago in our history some new Gods were here and their worthiness shows in some remarkable structures created by beings of great intelligence, after they found themselves here. They were captured here and they could not escape this world ! They made due here as best they could and they established a world wide sophistication of all over our earth while we were more primitive beings with little abilities compared to them. The whole idea of there being a God among humanity comes from the activity of such entities arriving by coming out of our sky ! These beings were worshiped as Gods, by early humanity of this time as well they should be, because they were so superior to us and so capable !

These new ‘Gods’ were also very strange with animal and bird heads and with such ingenuity in this new world for them. It turns out that they could not live here for very long … and they knew this … so they left a record of their being here and saw to it that we were going to become the ongoing host of their smartness after all as some hybrid remains if them. The thing is that there are other types of life forms that can ‘express’ themselves here in the playful way among all the life form types in the whole of all the Multi-universe phenomena. What this means is that there are older life forms that exist … here with us that do not have to exist on a planet in this universe or any universe any longer. They cannot be as physical as we are. They are always actively doing their ‘thing’ here with us, though. We have them playing with us throughout our entire history. They can appear as Moses parting the Red Sea, Jesus made a savior of humanity, The Buddha, Mohamed, etc. etc. as the Greys who are our nearest relatives who once had a planet to live on, as various Ghosts, as masterful inter dimensional travelers with fun crafts, as crop circle makers, etc. etc. Maybe all of this is some kind of endless puppetry of some kind ?

I think, in this way, they have been playing with me (some Alien types ?) by making my creation of Buffy’s Alien abduction experience in my book ENOS very real !

The truth is that there are living entities of various types that have been very real in our universe for a much longer time than we can know. They created humanity. This was a fun thing for them to do !

Keep in mind that all the adroit life forms of all the multi-universe are here for the fun of being alive in many ways. There is great evil in all of this but it is always justifiable. This is so because of a recent ‘Finding’ I have this one saying, in essence, that all the living of each entity, of any type, culminates in the heavenly phenomenon achievement of every individual living entity of any kind becoming totally Heaven bound in any way that this can happen. We can call this phenomena …The Mercy. I think that becoming completely dead is Heaven also, but this is very difficult to achieve.

We do not have to think about any of this. It is too complicated. Our task right now is to secure the living of humanity on This Earth Garden so that our living here can go on for millions of years. I am told that no other life form can come here (any wayfarer) to take this away from us. So, the only real enemy around us is ourselves !

All the weird entity-like beings we encounter are not as real, physically, as we are. They are just a kind of life form the way they are. They are the remnants of some older life forms that were taken out by the God Force of this universe … a universe that captured them in the first place !

Here is some more data from my Findings …

To me all the ‘input’ I am getting from my Findings is truthful data. The data I have been getting for many years is now becoming time worthy. This is the best and most spiritual way of determining the real truth of anything. I am also relating some very new data that I can ‘feel’ the real truth of for the present time. Note this new Finding I have about ‘Present Time’ …

There is only one ‘Present Time’ … our physical living time … and all of some other world’s activities are coming into our reality as visuals up to some actual physical appearance but these are limited to a stay of a relatively short time here. This is why we do not hear sounds coming from such a spooky Alien appearance. After a short time here these must also leave. There will be some radiation from these and this will be the only trait. The Alien body’s that we recover are to dissipate and dissolve also. There is a very strong odor while this is going on. We cannot actually see an Alien body nor their traveling craft on our Media or in a Museum. These are dangerous and will emit some strong radiation while this process is going on. These will dissolve into some radioactive byproduct substance only.

Do not agree ? Just show us all something !

Here is something … many years ago I was told that there were 90 million inhabitants of North America and when Columbus arrived here their were 9 million. Just recently, while I was watching a documentary about a Native American tribe in our northwest territory the chief elder of the tribe was explaining that there were 60 million Native American Indians at one time and now there are only 800,000 in North America. He was detailing how U.S. army troops in the earlier period of our country were systematically killing Indians. He did mention that a foreign Small Pox epidemic was also killing native people … that they had no defense against this horror. This is terrible but I was happy to have some vindication about my old ‘Finding’. Nobody I spoke to about this, for years, had anything to say, like … uh, we will just let the fool harbor his fantasy. The Native peoples chief knows their history all to well.

There is truth about Small Pox. There is also new truth, generally speaking, about ‘Fools’ in our world and I am a perfect example of a very valuable fool. I am not kidding ! I am the one (a kind of conduit expressway to God fool) that will be able to explain the value of a fool in our world. First of all, being foolish is the natural state of all living entities. It is actually necessary for all beings to be this way in this universe.

The proof of this is a view of every living thing what we can see in our realm that is completely naturally physical in sight, form and sound that are living in the long-term topography they are deigned to exist in. These will also – ALWAYS – be playful beings. I believe that we are trying to get away from the workings of Nature because we mistakenly perceive Nature as being an awful world of vicious creatures.

I am always describing the areas where we can view raw Nature as a place where primitive beings are engaging in a Love fest. This is so true to me but not to many people who only want a view of such a place if we do not have to be there (we are more civilized) and we are putting a biased human mindset view of the creatures we observe there. The creatures in Nature love everything they have and what they are doing from the standpoint of their amazing zestful primitive natures … not having to have a human like awareness of their pending mortality. My Earth Spirit poem in my book ENOS says that life forms in a natural setting do not know death. To them it is just another day. I think some of this applies to humanity. I think it is evident in the way that we empirically want wars and have a desire to be on the front lines to have the high of being in such a place and the possibility of dying in battle. We have to invent a reason to do this.

I have seen some amazing capabilities and have felt the godly energy a natural creatures when they are right in front of me. We all love our pets. All we have to do is make them ‘soft’ like us and feed them. I encountered a large Moose in Northern Finland. This creature walked right in front of me about six feet away. I saw the most beautiful bird in the sky, in high winds, stationary against the wind with its winged strength enabling this bird to cant its head for a few seconds to look at me. It was saying, in my mind (my fantasy) “How you doing there pal ?” The white body of this large bird, the form, the tantalizing beak and its pink webbed feet will always stay in my mind. This bird was about six feet in front of me in the sky. This was an ordinary Sea Gull !

Mind you , all of this kind of experiences are coming from The Devil God of Life in me … and the perfectly chaste New God energy in me as well ! I know that we cannot divorce ourselves from the energy of the Devil God. I do not want to divorce myself from either God.   I want it all !

With my attachment to the New God energy [The force for Betterment], I am able to pick up on the reward for doing so … especially after I made a serious vow to God in 1976. I am foolish in society in the same way that natural animals are foolish. It happens that their are people like me everywhere. I am the one who has made a foolish vow during my time in Life (in 1976) and … watch out…The Force for Betterment will grant a person’s wish no matter what it is as long as it is absolutely pure in its intent. So, because of my earnest vow I can report that I have a plan in this writing that would essentially end the reign of the Blossom World Rat Race in our world if it is ever applied to world society.

I cite the Alligator type of creature in my writings. Is this vicious creature living so long only because it has an attachment to The Devil God of Life … Yes … and it has always been Strong, Happy and Truthful !

I think so. It is difficult to break the spirit of this primitive animal. It will want to wane only when this happens. This is what happens to all creatures and to us also. We see something superior to us that causes us to experience our foolish mistakes and we begin to wane. The big Moose and the Seagull haven’t had this experience yet. They are still in the ‘wild’. The Moose was the Moose and I was me. The Moose wanted me to come in the woods and play with her. She knew I was no danger to her.

I feel I am just like a wild animal and I am also able to write about the purely logical Findings in my head because I am so obedient to such a mindless Authority that is in a partnership with my mortal mind. The vow I have made and this authoritative shiagamugo have put together some masterful books that are just like a variation of a special theme in music. I am fascinated by all my books.

Next door to me is a unique Americana Antiques store. A few years ago we were watching a husband and wife of Robin birds construct the same nest every year in the rafters high up in a corner of the antiques building. This went on for about four years or more ? We would watch the new young Robins come around and witness their first flight in the summer. This activity ended when the building owner made a new porch.

Where do Robins go during the winter and how do they know how to come back in the spring to the same nest ? There is also a large nest on top of a highway pole that is the property of a large osprey type of bird. This birds nest has been in place for quite a few years now. The people in this nest’s area are always looking to see some new osprey chicks in the spring.

The point I am making here is about me and my obedience to a ‘Calling’ I have. How dare I claim to be some kind of savior for humanity. This is not me at all … not the dopey animal part of me. Like these birds I can operate by intuition so that I will enjoy the experience of doing what I am doing in my life without hesitation. True, I am working out the anger I have in life, because I did not have a happy childhood, but I am doing this in an ultra fun way.

Here is where I will list some more ‘Findings’. I have old and new ones here that are the proof of my worth as, uh … What ? What am I ? There is nothing more exciting to me than exploring the unknown. I am doing this by tapping into the energy of The Force For Betterment, which is a mindless source for an all knowing, all wishes granted, natural healing and health benefits, etc. etc. I go to this Force and in turn the Force connects my mind to Shiagamugo ! I found this word in my mind to use to describe something that can’t be given a name. I am not thinking about who I am when I do this.

[Red flag] [You think you are the savior !]

I think Shiagamugo is the savior. It is if we want it to be !

One old Finding says that there are two truths in operation with all of our ambitions, wishes, love interests, and schemes for wealth attainment, etc,. This means that we will always have two motives for all the stuff we want, what we desire and for all the things we are doing. If this were not so we would not want to do anything !

Another Finding is an insight awareness that all of our big mammals are getting smaller. The sight of us is doing this. This is causing them to weaken and experience the decline of their granted good graces of The God Force of this universe that determines the long-term fate of everything. This is not merely Evolution in Nature. Basically, evolution will only make things finer and finer. Since the advent of humanity here, though … the war between the First God and the New God … because of the partialness of large lands for mammalians of in our realm they have been slowly becoming less fine. The thing is that the purity of Nature for these is waning because we are on the scene and we are waning also because the ill smartness and the subsequent buildup of all our wares and vicarious societies are causing humanity to also become less fine. Both respective Spirits are waning.

Another new Finding says we do not have to struggle, be a saint, be completely chaste, or conversely, we can be as lazy and dumb as we want about everything and we will still ‘go to heaven’. We will be happy in the heaven we create. We will go to a heaven of our own making … that this is the reward for having physical life … as though we came here for this purpose. We can return to physical living whenever we want to find a perfect mate to enlarge and improve upon our wanderlust souls. Two spiritually mated souls will never need too return to physical living.

We can be as evil as we want in this life but we will not want any, so called, heaven afterwards. In this kind of situation a person who has committed so many horrendous things will actually be creating a hell of their own making. This is so because they will be bored in a peaceable heaven. With no physical life they will also be like all the predator creatures who can only be satisfied with a killing lust and want to return to physical living which can only happen for them, after a long time of a God fearing retrospective pain and tears, until and when they find themselves alive again … unhappily and unexpectedly … for the purpose of being a predator again ! They will have to howl at the moon again !

These few Findings are actually new interpretations of some standing Findings. In my writings I believe I have about 600 Findings located in my body of blogs and all my books.

In my writings I will invariably have a new ‘Finding Sentence’ and I will find a word in a new sentence I write that is not known to me ? I will also find a new word for something that was never known before. This is very rare but I have one of these in this writing as well.

My new Finding Sentence …

“The Force for Betterment is completely chaste. In this way it is not capable of sin, in its selective favoritism, in any of its forecasts nor is it in error with any of its favors of health enhancement and asked for rewards. This force is a force for good only. This is the greatest thing in this new world for humanity.”

The word in a sentence that I do not know at all is the word, “Empirically”. This word is in this writing. You can imagine my surprise when I found that there was such a word. I was surprised how well it applied to my thinking in this sentence, and that I had it spelled right !

The new word I found myself with that I had to create in order to have a frame of reference word to describe a new unknown in my writing is … “Shiagamugo”

This is on page 8 Line 36. I have other new words, that came to me in this way, that I needed to give to other new unknowns in my writings through the years.

Lastly, let me reiterate just why I am a conduit for a force in this universe. It is not only because I am special or that I was suddenly chosen for this task or that I am a great mind on the scene. The reason that I am getting such ‘Finding Sentences’ from a source like ‘Shiagamugo’ is simple. It is because I asked for guidance in a purely honest way when I made my vow in 1976. I wasn’t expecting to get a task that would take me 42 years to complete involving so many ‘Findings’. The truth, though, is that I was so worthy (I did make an attachment to the Force of Betterment) and this was all that was needed ! So, in essence this force granted a way for me to proceed in my quest to end The Rat Race.

The Force for Betterment connected to me simply because it could !

I am so stupid ? Yes and No. I happen to be an amazingly stubborn soul who is error prone and very poor in our world of ‘business’. I have to do everything that I can attain very well in the ‘Slow but Sure’ mode. I say about myself, “I never know what is going on ?” This is true. I slowly learned how to become a masterful photographer by a process that I can describe as being a kind of ‘Osmosis’. I do have the magic of “Orenda” coming to me from the betterment force in me, and this is how I have learned to become expert in everything I do. Everything else about me is goofy and charming.

Here is the No. 2 dictionary definition of the word, “Osmosis” …

2. A subtle or gradual absorption or mingling: He never studied but seems to learn by osmosis.

So, acclaim or blame it all on the Rat Race and blame me on the Rat Race. I say … “ Lets try to become so enlightened about all the errors of our long standing primitive malediction and become wholesome children of the New God that is here for us. Lets decide that the Rat Race Blossom is crazy and end its reign !”




“Ask and you shall receive”

I close with a Biblical saying. I believe that there has been a spiritual science for humanity from the very beginning. This is a science that has doubtlessly informed all of us about our life condition. I also believe that a science in this way will become the source of controversy and disputes depending on the energy of the Blossom and the veritable Devil God of Life that will want to grant favors for those who are wishing for dominance over others and want to have a great victory in this way.

The Blossom is the source of The Rat Race. This is something that I have been writing about for years. This writing is introducing something new using the same science !


We should start asking for a better world for all 7.5 billion of us.

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