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Making Humanity Strong 2

17 Dec

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Making Humanity Strong 2

42 years after I made a vow to end the Rat Race I finally have the ‘solution’ to this problem. To say that this is a problem is simplifying the situation. The Rat Race is only a slang term used to describe some kind of energy that is so powerfully vexing to us. This is a growing ‘energy’ that has been steadily growing along with the amazing advancements humanity is making in every area that advancements (advancements against this natural love fest world) can be made. We do have a more proper term to describe the advancements that humanity is making while coping with this energy. We call all of our newest smarts and the accumulating science we are advocating as ‘Progress’ and we have the people and organizations involved in any of this under the heading of being competing conservatives and progressives.

All of this is fine. Yes. I can be described as a ‘Progressive’. My progressiveness, though, is different than all of that which falls under the heading of something being progressive or conservative.

In this regard I want to enlighten people about the true nature of humanity living well in our earth garden world. The thing is that we are all involved in a war that has persisted since day one of humanity’s advent in The Earth Garden. I am a progressive but I am on the side of a third party in this war. I am on the side of Nature, or the side of ‘The First God’. In my opinion we are mostly gripped with the very ill effect of a high-speed greedy science we know in our modern world but we are not so much aware of the truer and a more lasting science of natural evolution any longer. This is because we are involved with the smartness of the foreign ‘New God’ that is here exerting the powerful Rat Race energy over us. We are wrongly evolving with the kind of smartness that is ruining the validity of our living here for a long time. We are also ruining the long-term promise of the ecosystem of this earth world. This is really true !

In my writings I am very aware of the new energy affecting us but I know it is mostly unknown to general society and thus it is unnamed. I do have a name for this new energy. I found in my writings that this energy was to be given the name, ‘The Blossom’. I write about this in all of my writings.

If you are new to my blogs, and puzzled as you are reading this blog, I recommend you should backtrack on my older blogs to get a fix on all of my anomalous terminology. There is new science here that needs new descriptive heading terms. Keep this in mind.

I will not engage in any more writing about this issue here except to say … the third party of this war is the true power of this universe. We must understand this and know that we will have to get with the true workings of Nature in order to survive on earth for a very long time. Our time has been short here and we are having so much fun with all of our obedience to the adhocracy of our governments and all the ‘goodies’ of our technological skills … so much so that we are casting a blind eye to the long-term viability of our situation in this universe. There is a great overbidding power in this universe and it determines the fate of every living thing.

In my wirings this is known as … The God Force.

I want to explain how the plan that is offered here – Making Humanity Strong – will end the Rat Race. I will do this by listing the most vexing problems we are facing and how such a plan can end the misery of many people while fostering a sure cure for each vexing problem. Keep in mind that this is not a plan that I have been ingeniously formulating. Sure, I have to work out the fundamentals and the details, but this plan has all come to me via the way that all of my ‘Findings’ have been enlightening me for so many years. This plan was in my mind suddenly about 2 ½ years ago.

Backtrack on my blogs to get more info.

1. Crazy politics and warmongering … Most people will respond to the patriotism and war footing of their respective nations from the hidden standpoint of it all being the most critical sport in our world. The military of each nation in such a ‘sport’ is also financed. A great deal of a nations wealth is spent on the rearing of its young people so they will want to participate in a nations military defense agenda. If we can initiate a plan like the one that is advocated in this writing we will awaken the people of the world to something even better for them to want to get involved in. True, the military life for a young person is a good one indeed, allowing that there will not even be a major war in their life. I have been a champion of our U.S. military being the guardian of democracy and world peace with our connectivity to the U.N. for many years. This has broken down now.

I believe that the plan here will entice people to want to change. I think this is very possible.

When the workings of my God given plan is fully in place … even during the twenty years or so ‘Interim Period’ that is needed for its full fruition … young people everywhere will be watching a nation that has adopted this plan knowing that they too can have another, new and better, alternative to the career building feature of their nations military. They will want to do this if they are guaranteed a financial stipend during their living as a new Bill of Rights in our world ! This is true especially when they will receive a big catch of finance money suddenly when they reach maturity and they are ‘out on their own’. Young people, everywhere, will want to vote all of this in for their own nation. No violence need be advocated in this as long as the voting will actually count. If this is not so then a new breed of youth will have to force the issue. I believe that there are new ‘millenniums’ coming to power soon and a new science in the area of a better and more honest voting counting coming to fore. In the future, if we are wise, we will want to finance a better world with a new lasting world peace agenda.

Why do we need to finance peace ? We do because the universe demands it. Note that we will not know this in the hurried pace of these modern times, but in the slow but sure workings of the universe we will lose it all if we do not measure up to the three demands of this universe. Study the history of so many nations and cultures that have come and gone in very short spans of time compared to the many varied natural life forms that exist for millions of years.

What can we do ?

The universe demands three behavioral traits of all living things. Namely, a goodly majority of any species will have to be … strong – happy – truthful. Most of humanity is OK, sort of, but we are loosing ground with too many people suffering and having to vacate their long held homelands these days. The truth about this universe is that it is a veritable ‘Creature Universe’ that does not value sheer smartness the way that we do. This is why many creature species will flourish perfectly as they are … strong – happy – truthful … no matter how primitive and gutsy they are. I have to emphasize this in this bold way.

2. Immigrants … A strong nation can easily afford to enact the new ‘Bill of Rights ’ feature of the plan here. It is cheaper to do this … to simply ‘buy out the poor’ in this way … especially if a nation can do this without a lot of hegemony. Once this is decided upon a given nation can improve the fate-line of its people and their culture. We do have to improve the standing we have in this universe. It is as if a veritable ‘ Devil God of Life’ is watching us. So, it must be decided by our human species that every citizen is to have a good base of financial worth during their living. Nature does this for its best creatures. Creatures in the wild, born in their natural setting place, have all that they need during their living. It is best for you to study the issue of a Devil God of Life in my books and my blogs.

“There is no such God personage that we can detect around us, anywhere, but it is as though there is.”

I say a variation of the above (an old ‘Finding‘) in my writings for many years. We want to believe that we are safe and sound here for a very long time but all of our brethren, all of the former ape types are dead. I HAVE NEW ‘FINDINGS’ THAT SAY THAT ALL THE GODS ARE DEAD. What we are experiencing then, when we see Flying Saucers and the like, are some kind of intelligent beings from the future that are visiting us in a rather ethereal, mediumistic, apparitional way. These beings are from a future place and do not exist in this universe any more. They may be coming here for other reasons but they are still not of the present time of this universe. My most recent ‘Findings’ are telling me this.

Note that they cannot actually come here to live again ! Also, they perished here because they were too smart in this ‘Creature Universe’ ! They were captured here ! Read some of my recent blogs !

Immigrants will have to be strong and want to salvage their home lands and enact a new millennium (New Age) way of governing for their people much like the plan I have here. The U.S. can still take in new immigrants in the traditional way.

I think my country, The U.S., has been a great melting pot for new immigrants but we should also foster a new set of international civil rights guidelines for other nations so we can help spread a new way of Nation Building with something like the New Bill of Rights in my plan everywhere. We can do this instead of policing the world to prevent wars and instill Democracies. This isn’t working any more. We have simply lost most of our credibility.

We can still be ‘The Good Guys’ and want to restore displaced immigrants to their former homelands. This is a forceful action we can take with our military. We have to really want to do this and not have some greedy ulterior motives.

3. Crime … Crime pays. I do not know a more simple way to describe the situation of so much crime (and wars) developing in the modern world now. Surely, you can say we really are all living in a creature universe. You can say … “Well, that’s it ! What can we do ?”

Yes. There will always be the ‘Animal’ in us. The plan that is being illustrated here is, though, will be the best possible remedy for all of it. We can sing the old adage about crime in earnest while we are enacting the new Bill of Rights … this one … “Crime doesn’t pay !” The plan here is actually a new religion in this regard. This plan cannot be more serious than this.

When someone commits a crime in the new world of this plan they will have to pay for what they have done financially … immediately … just after such a crime is simply deemed judicable. The person who commits a crime will be fined a certain amount of money which will be deducted from their personal stipend wealth account. This is an account that is always under the supervision of their nation’s stipend finance funding authority. The outlay of an annual amount of spend able money in the form of a government bank issued debit card type of wealth is essential. This will be a new government program that pares down the cost of all the current programs to some extent over a twenty year period. This is where the money for citizen annual stipends comes from. This will actually cut basic government spending by a considerable amount. Consider that the outlay of about $120,000. for each person in prison on the part of the U.S. Government is a basic cost now. This new program’s officials and staff will see to it that every citizen is accounted for in this new way and the cost of handling the housing and caring for the prisoner population in the U.S. jails will fall under this office. The prosecution and fines issued for any criminal activity by a citizen in this program will be the under this authority. This authority has only this one function. This program has to be sacrosanct or the whole business of a New Bill of Rights for humanity will not work.

When this program is fully in place the U.S. prison population will shrink and prisons will be funded by the fines placed against a criminal if they committed a crime that warrants them being issued a fine amount that is deducted from their current assets or from their next stipends to come. Also, the annual stipend that a criminal – still a U.S citizen – is to receive is now allocated to the stipend pool that funds the annual outlay of stipend funds to all citizens. This will increase the amount of income each citizen will receive ! We can sing the old adage again here … “Crime doesn’t pay.”

Prisons ? … There will still be prisons but these will also be changed to become a safe place to contain those who are mentally ill and those who are dangerous virulent criminals. These souls will be housed in kindly mental hospitals that will care for them. This will be deemed necessary for people who are not able live very well in their society’s wards and are determined to be incorrigible or mentally ill. The worst thing that can happen to those who are accused of an unpardonable crimes will be a life-long banishment of this person from society. They will have to exist in a new and better hospitable prison within the means of their annual stipend. Society will no longer want to support the amalgamation of old prisons.

A new Religion ? … Yes. All of the funds that a person will be getting from this program will be monitored in a very religious way. The funding authority (a government program) will want to know just how each individual will be spending their annual stipend wealth. This has to be this way. Keep in mind that the funds that are allocated this way are based on the basic low level income needed for each citizen’s financial upkeep. What a person can keep secret is the amount of wealth they are accumulating that they made from their own talents and industry … that will be the kind of wealth a person achieves (from a job or other) that is above the monitored stipend money they spend.

This is very true also for the great amount of wealth that a young person receives initially as they are starting a new life away from their childhood home. This is a great gift from the godly program so described here ! The stipend funding authority need only know about the tally of spending accrued against the amount you initially received with your government debit card account. After this you are free to keep your own records about the success of your profit making industry with other banking and record keeping for taxes and other.

Health and Sanity ? … The health of a nation’s citizenry will improve dramatically when each citizen is actually forbidden to be very poor … having to answer only to themselves when they have failures in life. We all have failures. In this new Bill of Rights world though there will be a new and great incentive for a person to WANT to be healthy and happily sane all throughout their living. If a young person has a very early failure from a business venture they started with the great amount of stipend money they received when their new independent life started this will hurt. It will, but they will only be able to blame themselves and also some other people who may have influenced them badly about a business venture. There could also be a high cost expensive item a young person will be prone to want … of any kind … that will prove to be of some bad decision making. There is very important ‘happening’ here and a very important realization, just after such a failure … EDUCATION ! Having to learn how to have a full knowledge of ones true persona in life by the means of having the kind of self aware – independence – this new setback will provide is invaluable. Other people WILL want to take advantage of your youthful stupidity but this is equivalent to being a new wild animal in a perfect natural setting that will foster a natural jungle like honest self awareness in your life … like you would be in the wild ! You will have a great joyous happiness in this place when you do succeed because you are truly earning your keep in life. You will have some predators around you to test your true worth in such a world. You will be a strong, happy and honest human being through all of this ! The universe wants this !

Finance every living thing ? … Yes. This will be the best way that we can all live well with the kind of love orientation that evolves with this kind of an agenda. Many super rich people want to be the only powerful ones in society because they despise the poor and want to keep them downtrodden so they can enslave and rape them of their dignity. This is the only way for despot to get so rich.

I have two old ‘Findings’ that say this in the most succinct way …

“ There are no rich people without poor people”

“We are being kept occupied and we don’t know life anymore”

We are being kept obediently conforming and submissive in our world of the Rat Race. No one is responsible for this except that the very energy of the Rat Race is doing this !

If we can simply make sure that every living thing has its way within its own natural capabilities … with the universe watching us do this (a Devil God ?) then we will actually be fending off a sudden COMEUPANCE coming to us from the God Force when this thing gets triggered.

I refer to this as a ‘Thing’ because I find that I can do this without being ‘stopped’ somehow.

Here, in this plan, is a new way to love and smooth down the rich (the people who have to get rich to get away from the poor). So, if poverty is kindly outlawed in our world then the rich will not have to ‘Grab it all’.

Every human being is basically a lovely soul. We are special in this way. It is only because of the riggers of each person’s situation in the Rat Race that is making us all greedy and meaner souls.

I have a new ‘finding’ that came to me in this writing. I must always wait a few days before issuing such a new insight. I did this and I can now relate what I have. My ‘Finding’ is about someone being able to connect to a new known force (The Force for Betterment) that I have become aware of in 2014. This is the force of a ‘New God’ that is here. Search my blogs and my books for info about this.

Here is the ‘Finding’ …

“Stop having to say the word “I” to yourself and to others when you are talking. When someone can do this well they will feel some relief from an impure agency causing castigating illness and injury that is emasculating their natural souls.”

This is a holiday gift from the universe that I can fathom very well. This is a gift from someone like me (A Spiritual Warrior) acting in conjunction with a great universe force described here. Follow the edict of this finding for a period of about two weeks and see what happens. I am doing this now and I am feeling some more of the godly energy that comes from The Force for Betterment. This very same energy has been guiding me for many years now. This is a special new force in this universe.

Yes. Take all of this new blog seriously. I can be described as a Spiritual Warrior now. This is happening after 42 years of this project. The ordinary person is sure to describe my efforts here as the product of a stupid fool (a person gripped with delusions of grandeur) but I do not know this until my ‘Findings’ fail. There is so much of my thinking, let alone my erstwhile ‘Findings’, that is sure to prove me wrong. I invite you to do this ! Just tell me in so many words how I am being so misguided.

I am not desirous of being a Spiritual Warrior unless I am told to act as one in a certain way. A warrior is someone who will attack an enemy that they can logically perceive to be the one that they must undue. So, I am not a Spiritual Warrior unless I am told to be one. My obedience to this is my mantra.

So, what am I attacking ? I have been telling the world off, as best I can, saying that it is the Blossom’s Rat Race phenomena energy I must try to disengage humanity from. This happened to me (some kind of energy instituted in me) in1976 just after I made a vow … a vow that I made to God saying that I would do something to end the Rat Race if I got better. I was very sick. I am working with the two Gods !

My ‘Attacks’ are amazingly wise and profound insights in the form of ‘Finding Sentences’. I find these in my mind suddenly all the time ever since my 1976 vow. On one level I can perceive that I am, “Breaking Peoples Bags”, citing the old Hippie saying. On another level It can be said that I am having fun with all my writings. My writings are very playful to me … even while I am not having much popular success with them. I do have an authority of ‘brain waves’ coming at me saying that I am not going about my prognostications in the right way. I know my writing is esoteric and wrong for the general public. I can feel a brain wave around telling me this right now !

Is this my ‘sport’ ? Is this all that I am about ? I don’t think so until I am proven to be wrong.

I say in jest … “Don’t you worry” … I am only telling you about a grand future I want that you will want too.

I have some more amazingly entertaining DHW (Donna H. Wynbrandt) art to decorate this blog. I thank you for your time with all of this.

NOTE: We have to use the word “I” in our writing. Writing cannot be done without this word.

I have 65 “I” words in this writing. Whew.

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