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7 Nov

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I want to Blog about a program /plan that I say has been Spiritually Devised by me.  This program will be detailed here and in Making humanity Strong 2 to come.  This plan involves a whole new way of managing humanity in society.  It has to do with all the citizens in our country (or any country) getting an annual income.  This is base level income only but it is also a new way to make our people happy and secure.

Having a new kind of socialized stipends of wealth for all people is a good ‘New Science’ goal for young and old. All of us will be reveling in a new kind of Capitalism. I have two, very rough, before and after, math ‘equations’ about this to study. The new equation cuts the costs of basic government social program funding in half for people while setting aside an amount that is to be spent on stipends. Note that there is no denying some overall taxation will still be needed for each of the old programs. A new surprising actuality, though, can be simply noticed about the ‘New Science’ equation in that it will make the lot of humanity happier than ever before … without harming, even enhancing, capitalist venturing gambits !

The annual U.S. Government budget for 2015

Defense / Military = 648 billion

Medicare / Medicaid / Entitlements / unemployment = 2.380 trillion

Public Education = 44.5 billion

Debt / Veterans / Transportation / Housing
= 617 billion

Foreign Affairs = 27.2 billion

Every other government spending = 2.900 trillion
Totals: GDP is 17.8 trillion Spending for above programs 6.7 trillion
If we cut the cost of programs we don’t need so much in half we can easily fund a new way of granting living stipends for all people. In this way we will have a living stipend funding that we all really want. This is something the honest True Self animal of us and the majority of people who work for corporatists will also want. People will now parry with the person of wealth they are always offering lip service to in a Rat Race society that they do not truly believe in.

New science way of funding with guaranteed life support

Defense / Military = 324 billion -1/2

Health Care Medicare / Medicaid / Entitlements = 1140.5 trillion

Public Education = 22 billion -1/2

Debt / Veterans / Transportation / Housing
= 308 billion -1/2

Foreign Affairs = 13.1 billion -1/2

Every other government spending = 1, 450 trillion -1/2
Total = 3257.6 trillion for programs
Look what happened here. The New Science way of running a country (the U.S. here) comes out to about 1/2 total = 3257.6 trillion. There is now 3457.60 trillion dollars of extra government wealth to fund for the New World annual $9000 thousand outlay of socialized stipends for every citizen plus an extra 307 million. I used a figure of 350 million Americans in my math, allowing for such a population increase twenty years from now. Oddly enough I have not been able to get the full 2016 or 2017 U.S. Government budget figures so easily ?
Hey ! Like … We can give every citizen a basic 9,000 or so each year ! This includes the wealthy who do not need this money. If you want know how we can cut the so called ‘important programs’ down by 1/2 and make all of this a very likely possibility …

Look at each of these individually in a New Science way:

Defense / Military:

If people, in general, when all our world nations, become so intrigued by the new U.S. citizen funding they will have fun starting to think about the idea of adopting a proposal like ours, so much so they will be less interested in warfare … need less funding for this.

Health Care Medical / Medicaid / Entitlements:

I need not even get into the excitement of cancelling much of the money needed for these programs.

Public Education

People, with their new health coverage and stipends … when this closes down
some of the mandatory regimentation of schooling places … I mean … we can still do sports ! I mean … etc. etc.

National Parks, Infrastructure, Research, etc,. etc.

Yeah. Cut this in half. People will behave better and appreciate our parks and want to rebuild our infrastructure, do research with a new kind of cost affective incentive … without the gross ‘Industry’ of these.

Foreign Affairs

Are you kidding ! People in the world will look at the U.S. in a whole new light. We will lead (be No.1 in a new way) without having to ‘Police’ the world so much.

Every other kind of government spending:


New capitalism will start with our New World universal funding. Don’t you worry. There is nothing surer and more wealth gathering than Capitalism !


It is not possible to suddenly switch over to a New World kind of Bill of Rights program for all citizens so fast. I have a twenty year plan for this I wrote about recently. This is a fun thing. I have a paste of it here …
This is the period between the very start of a New World funding for all citizens
and the amount of time it takes for a young person to reach maturity. This is when this person can cash in on their stipend total that has accumulated during their childhood. This takes about twenty years or so. I have the math for this ! I do !

It all came me in a ‘swell’ the way my ‘Findings’ come. I have it so that there is a continuous graduation of stipends for all citizens to take place during the first ever twenty years of a New World funding.
Here it is …
The Interim Period

This is the period between the very start of a New World funding for all citizens
and the amount of time it takes for a young person to reach maturity. This is when this person can cash in on their stipend total that has accumulated during their childhood. This takes about twenty years or so. I have the math for this ! I do !

It came me the way my ‘Findings’ come. It is a continuous graduation of stipends for all citizens to take place during the first ever twenty years of a New World funding.
Here it is …

Let’s say that a new kind of U.S. President is elected and the New World funding has started as I am featuring in this writing. This President will need a way (a plan) to cover the funding for the first period of twenty years of the new stipend program. It is not practical to suddenly cut the cost in half for public schooling (regimentation), Welfare costs, Defense (military might to fight wars), Foreign affairs (funds to police the world), Dept, Veterans, Transportation, Public Housing and various other government costs.
Now, here is the ‘To Do’ part I found in my head suddenly … Let’s say that the new President (new Congress) earmarks 1/20th of a deduction for each program to be cut every year for the next twenty years. While doing this the new stipend funding program will get an additional 1/20th amount of funds. This will enable new funding for a full-fledged stipend program to take place in twenty years. The programs that are gradually getting less funding are going to be less needed anyway. This is so because there is going to be a degree of new minded people involving themselves in this new society during the twenty-year stipend funding.

Why? How ? Here is the fun part. As a certain amount of funds are cut from the not so wanted programs, the amount earmarked for new stipends will be given directly to each citizen. It won’t be $9,000. The first year of new stipend funding will give each citizen 1/20th of $9,000. ($450.). New children will start their annual stipend savings account with this amount of money. The next year, another $450 is added and anti goes up to $900. The next year the anti up goes to $1350. The next year to $1800.
With this kind of New World citizen funding taking place with increasing life support money, each citizen will have their hopes and dreams multiplying for twenty years, culminating in a brand new world for all.

Isn’t this Fun !

Note that wealthy people can refuse their stipend every year and let it accumulate in the pool giving people who want it even more money ! Note also that a parent can use their child’s annual stipend as a way to garner their child’s health. A parent can use a child’s stipend money for health expenses. This is optional. A young person in this New World will naturally want to practice good healthy living, from now on, to secure the accumulating wealth in their personal account.


I seems so improbable for a New World agenda I am proposing to actually become a reality, among our world societies economically brainwashed populace, but after 41 years of my ‘Findings’ I am still living with the most amazingly stark reality of truth about my ‘Findings’ that I can know. I do have people who are akin to my proposals but in each case they are not of the severe ‘Professional’ type of people who are the only ones who can enact the kind of changes I write about in society. I NEED MORE TIME. I know this. I know that time is on my side; maybe more than I will have in my life but this is OK. I am doing the formulation work for all of this in my life.

Ba Da Boom !

So, I believe we need to make humanity stronger and we will have to emulate Mother Nature to do this. I mean really do this. It is such a wonderful thing for me to have the details of a plan (not my plan) that will ensure the survival of humanity and at the same time end extreme poverty in our world, end debilitating welfare AND warfare, having an end to excessive government spending for prisons, and having the most secure capitalistic venturing … more than ever … that will be giving people a new financial lease on life to make everybody happy !

To do this we need to know more about the universe we are in. Yes, we can do this, with a new kind of awakening we can experience from the New World program I write about here. This is a new freedom we can all acquire and we will be able to literally stop the god awful mindless Rat Race (The Blossom) in its non stop advancement.

Do not think that I am a lot of nonsense here. If you do please tell me off in any way that you can. Prove to me how wrong I am. Mind you, I say that I have Spiritually divined all of this about two years ago. This is not my personal intellect at work, except for the fact that I did get a very strong ‘Swell’ about all of this plan and I have carefully worked it out here.

Yeah. This is not my plan. I am only a conduit for a special Force I have discovered in my ‘Findings’ researching (divining). You have to keep in mind the original vow I made in 1976 that started all of this for me. I made a vow in a stupid (stupid stuff to a Blossom Type) child-like state of mind. I said in my vow that I would do something that will end the Rat Race. This is the kind of thinking that is not allowed in any society ?? Is this true ? You know it is.

In the proper employment of the science of Nature – if we can become more aware of what this is – we will all finally become freed of a primitive malediction that has been with us since we got here.

In Nature every living thing is subject to certain invaluable laws that keep each species viable living going on for millions of years ! We are apart from this (not wholly of this Earth Garden) and yet we are subject to basic animal desires that are mixed with our amazing smartness that is actually the very source of the deterioration of all of our societies during all of our living time. There are a stream of many new human societies that are constantly having to change their values and objectives while they are functioning, while trying to hold true to their original nations founding principles. This is also causing the deterioration our earth’s eco system‘s own principled set of purely set of physical living functioning’s… that do not need to constantly change in such short periods of time the way that our societies do !

I cannot explain all that I want to say in this writing so I will invite you to explore all my blogs and my series of self published books that are adjuncts to my first Natural / Spiritual book ENOS. This book took me about twenty five years to put together (the source of my mania to this day). You will learn about the phenomenon of the Blossom and get a complete picture of what is going on with humanity in these modern times. I have four other books that are adjunct writings of ENOS.. My blogs have a simple connect.     Just go to >>>>forssblog<<<<

Help Help I need some Blossom Type (professional help). I can send PDF and rich text files of all my writings in an e-mail. I have these books at my gallery that I can sign and even give them to you for nothing ! You can also buy them.

I can now tell you the reason smartness doesn’t work in this universe. This is the reason why the God Force of this universe is constantly taking out our new cultural societies within a few thousand years tops. Each one of these societies has failed. The word failed is emphasized here. It is the kind of smartness we all know in the modern world that is causing something like ‘The God Force’ to activate against all of our societies. We are not aware of a force of fate like this because it is immeasurable in the way that we measure a force in this universe. We are failing in the areas of certain Spiritual laws I have come to know many years ago. I will list the Five Spiritual Guides here in a comparison to what can also be described as the five laws of our Business Acumen Ideal. The details are on page xxxvii in the preface of my book ENOS.

1.Keep your own ————————————————Always look good
2. Do your best ——————————————————Make to sell
3. Live for life —————————————————–Give no secrets
4. Don’t be sold —————————————————Succeed at last
5. Wait for love —————————————————-Spare no fool

Humanity is here for the fun of it all and we rationalize about Nature being nothing more than a savage place with creatures constantly killing each other – that it is all survival of the fittest in any Evil Smartness way. Nature is the power here but it is not really so evil. Creatures would not live for millions of years if this was so. Most species (in a perfectly natural setting) cannot be any stronger, happier or truthful than they are. Any newcomers here are going to have to measure up to the purity of Natures way. This is the situation with humanity right now.

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I am using the art of Donna Wynbrandt in this blog.  Donn art is all about people.  In Donna’s art people are enjoying freedom and great fun in life. This should be the goal for all of us in this world.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816

518 677-3288


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