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The True Science of Humanity’s Advent into The Earth Garden

5 Oct

We are all gripped with a new issue in our country that is ill affecting us all.  It happens that we are all undecided (Spiritually) about the real truth concerning the selection process for a new Supreme Court  Justice.  We cannot accurately figure out if the candidate at this time is telling the truth or that a person that is accusing the candidate of some wrongdoing in the candidates past is telling the truth.

Note: When something is ‘Spiritual’ this means that that something is purely truthful.

There is a modern science way for us to know real truth when we have a very pressing issue that is separating our people into two all encompassing feuding camps.

In my ongoing seer like explorations over many years I have been getting many truthful ‘Findings’ that never fail !

I do know of a way to get to the real truth of an issue.  I have been ‘told’ about a way to go about this … yes … by utilizing the latest MRI technology to go about this.   People who know me already know about so many things of a pure truth that I have been privy to … that I have been saying that I am privy to.

OK  A few years ago seven scientists invented an MRI scanner that can determine if someone is telling the truth or not.  This machine has a 95 to 98 % plus accuracy.  This is more than the basic polygraph type of procedure.  This machine is not permissible in a court of law.  This is OK because what I have been told WILL up the accuracy of this type of scanning to 100 %.  Still this will never become so determinable in any court, for a number of reasons, Politically or of any other concern.

I am ‘Told’ that eight scans of this machine without any one of the scans knowing what is being found out by any individual scan will show us 100% truth if all eight scans happen to agree.  The thing is that a person accused of some wrongdoing CAN voluntarily submit to the eight scans to clear their good name TO SOME DEGREE !

Look at this machines web site …


About Humanity’s Advent into The Earth Garden …


We have not been able to know the true science of humanity in this world by the means of our amazing evolutionary stance, mental acuity, astrological discoveries and our science and educational advancements alone. We have not been able to know the real truth of anything for a very long time because we are forced to change the assessments of everything we do in very short periods of time. We are simply easily bored with any of our exceptional undertakings. We have to constantly create new things except for the items of great art that do become very stable things of great beauty for us to enthrall about for a long time – seemingly forever – even if we have to constantly change the way that we have of extolling these. We just do not know how to formulate and create a great society like our great art. When something is great art it has become so profound, by itself, as a time honored entity by a process that we cannot control. We want to control everything we invent and institute simply because we are so smart and greedy about these in our world.
Well, I can say I believe that I know how to realize just what is going on here with humanity in this world. Yes.
I can do this as a seer in the world of our godly earth garden. This is really foolish. It happens, though, that I have been connecting to a source for such seer realizations the same way that the ancient seers we read about in biblical scriptures did. I started doing this when I made a vow to God in 1976. I am a rather child-like person who is not so smart about everything and simply needs to honestly ask for guidance from God. I am not referring to a God personage of any kind here. I am only aware, in all the time after my 1976 vow, of a special FORCE in this universe that I can communicate with. Still, such a person can use the vernacular of a making a PRAYER in a spoken for way to God – in a completely earnest, honest and forthright way and something miraculous can happen. I can accurately claim to have been operating in a Natural / Spiritual way in this matter.
I cite this force by naming it – “The Force for Betterment” – and it has been downloaded unconstrained answers to long-standing queries I have been harboring in my mind for many years. So, do I get ‘Findings’ that are never wrong ? Yes. I do welcome any criticism and retort to any of my claims. This hasn’t happened ?

At this point in my life, I can now say that I have a complete scenario that is concerned with the true science of humanity’s advent into The Earth Garden. I will do this by relating a whole set of new interpretations of my many ‘Findings’ that will spell out just what is going on here with humanity. I will reinvent a lot of my ‘seer’ data as a new set of ‘Finding Sentences’.
The idea of having a complete scope of humanity’s advent here started for me in 2014. I think I have it all now and I want to relate it. I am going to do this by having a new sentence or short id about each of my ‘Findings’. I believe these new sentences will culminate to be some new science data for all of us to consider. I truly believe that we can get the truest ‘data’ about life and our living in the way of being a seer.
Mind you, this new data is here not because I say so. It is more that I am able be a perfect natural fool which enables me to be blindly obedient to a ‘calling’ for all of this. I tell myself that I will only stop when my ‘Finding’ claims are discredited. I believe that I have accumulated hundreds of ‘Findings’ from the start of my writings since 1983 that have not failed yet. I know if my writings are threatening the Devils of life they will have to ‘put me down’. If this happens I will challenge them to a ‘Spiritual Discussion’. You can read about this on page 676 of my book ENOS. I say to anyone … “Tell me off !” “Tell me just how I am wrong !”

New sentences about my ‘Findings’ …

“All the ancient God’s are Dead” “We are the only intelligent life in this universe right now” “There is only one present time in this universe” “Older intelligent life form beings are coming here from the our future and they are only able to represent themselves in our present world for a short time as an apparition” “This is why no human being has ever seen an Alien body on a Media show or in a museum” “The advent of all intelligent life forms arrived here only when they were captured to live here for a short time as neo animal beings while they were being spiritually cast” “This is the fun of this universe” “All of our worldly wars among various human kind factions are faulty as we are mistaken about our origins” “We are only, truly, warring against the ongoing truer workings of Nature from the force of chance defending this universe against us now” “There is no perceived benevolent God of Love for each nation” “There is only a special Force for Betterment that will grant health, good tidings, wishes, happiness and longevity for all purely living entities without exception” “The true founder of life in this world is The Devil God of Life” “We come here to be with this Devil for the fun of being alive” “We are also drawn to this living because we need to find a perfect mate; after this happens we will not return to this kind of living again” “We also have another reason to be here”
“Every creature and every human being is building a special heaven for themselves in the after life nether world” “ We have these three reasons to live here in this present time only”
“Still, in our madness, we are yearning to get the advanced technology we knew from a place in another universe that we were familiar with” “This is the source of our greed here” “Humanity is a hybrid animal that is all that is left of the amazingly strange and powerful entities that were trapped here as neo animals going backwards in a time manner 5,000 to 50,000 years ago” “There is also a Godhead for humanity in this universe” “This Godhead is a gestalt that will ultimate prevail over all of our affairs if we can merely survive for the evolution of the purely chaste anomaly of a Godhead that will ultimately dominate our living” “The God Force of this universe now is the dominant force for longevity but it has not been able to completely disavow an infant subjugated Godhead that is still here” “The future for humanity despite the horrors of pure chance and our pungent needs for satisfying death wish activities will be a gloriously beautiful place when Godhead succeeds” “We cannot continue to harbor and maintain all the amazing computerized electronic instruments that are designed to cheat away the natural time-wise gardening authority of Nature” “Only naturally charmed designed products of Nature can live in The Earth Garden for millions of years” “None of our intelligent modernity and the world of electronics can last long in this world” “The best we can do is to create these the way we create art” “Art takes the place of natural things without having to destroy the natural realm” “We are constantly creating new wares to compete against the Devil God in nature ” “All of the ill things we create will be subject to a sudden comeuppance by The God Force” “This will happen during the cleansing that the universe will formulate to have an assured win against humanity in the times of our modern madness in one way or another” “We have to succeed against the Devil of Life here but we have to do this in a godly time-wise manner” “We cannot survive if we are hit by a timely large meteor” “We can do well against any new raging Sun storms only if we can darken our worlds electronic grids, suddenly, before a new storm is upon us” “Humanity is insecure here because we have not been naturally wrought through Natures timely evolution“ “We are the children of the Gods who were captured by this creature universe acting as a justified predator” “This is likely to happen again when our universe is ironically in contact with some other entities from another universe that we could not know anything about” “Survival is best for humanity if we can fund a guaranteed base level of good living for all people” “We have to live with the awful energy of the Blossom (the Rat Race) in our world until we can improve in our evolution to the point where we will just laugh it all away … when each one of us has ample finances in a beautiful and lush environment” “The Devil’s universe, the way it is now, will attract certain forces that will garner our living if we are purely innocent” “To get this support we have to be Strong, Happy and Truthful beings” “In this way we can be happy with the world of The Devil God of life and free from needs like the primitive life forms we see in a perfectly natural setting in the wild ”

“We are God” “This is the quick answer that was given to the question, “Who is God ?”, when four young people were having a long dialog with the Aliens that abducted them in my book, ENOS” “These are not so real but their logic has proving to be quite sacrosanct” “I created an Alien abduction scenario to write a book that would go with hundreds of ‘Finding Sentences’ I was accumulating that started to become more then a fantasy in my mind” “This new God (We as God) is to be the ultimate Godhead that will be developing slowly over the longer time of our scheduling evolution in Nature with a new God for humanity” “There is no evidence that can show us a modern super benevolent God that we have to measure up to” “The new God for humanity a growing thing that can give us universal freedom from the obeisance upkeep of our primitive societies” “This new force will be with us through the eons, and … Surprise Surprise … This is Godhead !” “I can say that this is so because I have clear proof of this in my mind as I am writing this tome” “The proof is in this old saying … “The proof is in the pudding” “Yes” “There really cannot be a new purely natural force in this universe” “The Force of Betterment is here, though, and it is demonstrating to us an effective way to parry with The Devil God of life who will always be here as the only assured power of this universe … as the most selective, most rightly, most certain, most worshiped, most power granting and most beautiful predator that has ever lived”
Look for a side by side comparison of these two on page 557 of my book ENOS
Lastly, I have a new ’Finding’ that is to be connected to this writing. I do not fully understand this one but I will dutifully place it here now. This one was in my mind just as you see it here ?

“There is no sole God – BUT – it is – AS IF – there was a sole God a long time ago”

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