A true reality of humanity in this universe

19 Aug

G Forss Hobar Qe II in NY 1977 copy

QE II in New York 1977


A true reality of humanity in this universe

I believe that I am charged with the responsibility of acknowledging the sheer reality of this writing’s heady line of thought above … even to the expression of an acknowledgment that our universe is just one of many more universes that exist – somehow – everywhere !

More than this, I also believe that I am to do this in the manner of being a Spiritual Warrior in the way that I am good at doing.

I know my thinking on this matter will seem to be completely ludicrous to the modern person especially in the ways of the successful ultra modern social and economic workings that prevail in our world now.

A Spiritual Warrior is not someone who is about the business of viciously attacking others simply because this person is so uninhibitedly strong in doing so. A Spiritual Warrior will be doing something that opposes violence that is so physically destructive by offering the very best insights of pure truths and understanding about our godly solar system planet. A Spiritual Warrior is only about the truth of our lasting world.

The Spiritual Warrior person knows that there is a very critical trio of virtue demands of this universe in regards to all species (even a foreign one like human kind) for the long-term survival in this universe.

The universe wants all of a particular type of any creature to be obeisant to the perfect examples of a very critical trio of demands that the universe runs the whole show on. There is no long-term survival for any creature without this adherence, naturally so – anyway – or in an arbitral way within the workings of human kind societies.

Somehow, we are going to have to follow the three edicts of this universe to live a long time here no matter how primitive we think this place is for us. This is so because we will witness the comeuppance of our world by an overbidding force of fate in this universe when it is ‘triggered’ against us and decides that the living fate of humanity here must end.

I call this force … The God Force.

In this universe all living entities have to follow these three forceful edicts … to be as STRONG as we can be, as HAPPY as we can be and as TRUTHFUL as we can be in order for us to live on in this universe for many million of years.

Note that this force works in reverse also. We are always surprised and delighted when we discover all the well living entities in every natural realm of this Earth Garden. This will also mean that such entities have already lived here for many millions of years !

This is a sure indication that humanity is very new here !

The truth is that humanity is failing in the area of these three virtues. Mere observation tells us that this is so. Most of humanity is OK but many are failing in the area of naturally having any inborn healthiness any longer, essential happiness potential, and a basic truthfulness possibility in our social affairs.

Here is a great mere observation truth that we can witness in an area on our planet that humanity has not despoiled too much. Look at all the living creatures in such a wild area and you can see an amazing love fest going on with everything in a magical godly balance. This is where we can observe that every living thing here is … as strong as it can be … as happy as it can be … and as truthful as it can be.

All these things are vulnerable to our wiles in the short-term but smarter than smart in the long-term. This is why they are living so long. Humanity is new here and we are an amazing intellect of this Earth Garden. This is why the natural beings and the landscape are so willing to succumb to all of our misguided selfishness with this place. It is as if we accidentally fell into this place and … just for spite … we are going to devour the whole place !

One of my new ‘Findings’ says we were captured here by our predator ‘Creature Universe’ and we have to make due here … that we cannot go back to where we came from. So, is this a fun place for us only if we can pillage the place as we have been doing ?


Our misguided smarts and our science with this place are making all of the Earth Garden ill. This is so.

I believe we just do not want to know the truth about our origins.

We have no long-term history here, except with a few other apes types who have also had to succumb to the God Force of this place. We keep winning against this force but not for long.


I do have some really good stuff to extol about this place for us !

In all of my writings I have finally come up with a unique plan for the management of humanity in any society that will please and benefit all the people of any political deference of any kind at the same time !

You can read about this plan and be privy to so many new truthful ‘Finding Sentences’, ‘Findings’ and some great Spiritual insights in my past blogs … right here ! Start searching some of my blogs before this one. You will be surprised about what you will find when you do this. This is all quite an adventure for me.

The trick of this plan is for a governing hierarchy to simply ‘buy out the poor’. Yes !

When we do this we will cut the costs of running a government more than 1/2 and every citizen will get an annual stipend for life. Evil doers and criminals will have to simply pay financially from their stipends when they commit a crime or to even loose their citizenship and be banished from their society. There is no more ‘stipends’ for abhorrent criminals at this point.

I can also send you a bunch of my new writings, the plan above, and info about my Ginofor Gallery which I have founded and been running for 30 years now. I can do this if you request that I do so and can send me an e-mail address location for you.


I also have to tell you that I am not really a naturally endowed Spiritual Warrior. There is no such thing. I did not want to do my newest writings that were becoming much too mystical for the basic human person to want to try and comprehend. I know this. I made a connection to this force by accident and intuitively by being a stupid fool. This is really true.

Here is one of my ‘Findings’ about this matter …

“God speaks through fools”

The thing is I am being obedient to a ‘calling’. I have been doing this on and off for 49 years starting in 1969. I have words and instructions and book titles in my head for all these years. I get all my genius abilities from a special force in this universe.

Now, I am being told I have to declare that I am such a warrior in any of my new writings. Right now !

Read about this ‘Force’ below. This force is for you too. It is not just for me. It is for all of the living in this Earth Garden !

A Force for Betterment

I believe there is a force for betterment in our world that governs the initial creation of every living thing in a way that will guarantee the forthright strength and beauty of every living thing within a proper placement of each living entity over a very long time.

I have a new book about this phenomenon. I have a stock in my gallery and you can search this book on Google. My book is published in England. This is where I wound up.

“ The Fountain of Youth,

A Fountain of Good Health and youthfulness,

A Fountain of Independence and Happiness ”

by George Forss

Publisher is Austin Macauley in England

When we – as a mere individual life form – can tap into this force we will get the benefits of this force automatically. We can get some youth enhancements, a better fate, genius abilities, wish fulfilments and more !

In all of the beautiful workings of Nature we can see this force in operation.

In our modern world though, we hardly know this. We only know the workings of our amazing ill smartness about science, religiosity, commerce, technological inventions, chemistry, political convictions, social media, new and newer modes of behavior and dress, etc.

We really can hardly help ourselves in the area of our social and economic betterment in the long run with such an array of accompanying conglomerations of sheer smartness in our fast moving world of changes.

What are we supposed to do ? Are we supposed to close all of this down and retreat into the wild we can get our jollies throwing spears at each other again ?

In business I think we need to focus on a triangle of purity involving the three ideals of happy living. We need to do this by being … Natural – Spiritual – Creative … in life and not so much of having exclusivity for the modern ideals of a Modern business. The basic business acumen ideal of having to be … Commercial – Professional – Popular … all the time.

We need to have a more basic respect for the dignity of humanity and the sanctity of life from now on. We need to actually finance these things though. We do finance patriotism and wars – each nation of us – or else we will lose our sovereignty in the world. We can curb this down a lot and learn how to finance Peace and Love in our world.

Lastly, I want to list a few of my ‘Findings’ to show how fragile any of my claims are. You will think these are fragile. I do not.

1. We are the only intelligent life form in this universe.

2. No human being has ever seen an Alien body in the Media or in a museum. No human being has ever seen a flying saucer type of craft in the Media or in a museum.

3. All the Gods are dead. They were here in the longer past and we are a part of them alone now.

4. Each one of us is born to live here over and over again until we find a perfect mate. Naturally wild animals do this regularly.

5. There is no single intelligent personage source for all of our living in this magical solar system but there is a mere observation capability that can surely say this …

“There is no God – BUT – it is – AS IF – there was a God a long time ago.”

Note: No.5 ‘Finding’ is a new one in my mind during this writing. It needs a better layout and punctuation perhaps but it will be less fun to me if I did this (if I knew just how to do this ?) All of my writings are a fun thing to me in the way that I do them.

Now, I have some very keen G. Forss landscape pictures, that I can attach here, that I made from a set of my photography that was contained at the Hobar Gallery in California for many years. This set is from the 1987 exhibition period when I had my photography first represented by this place.

My pictures where returned to me recently and I decided that I will have to photograph them in the mats they are in so I could later do some publicity with them.

Much to my surprise, I am finding that the new digital images I am making of these photos are showing quite a remarkable image likeability and painterly kind of quality. My new digital version of these images is also showing great pictorial acuity from the very big files I am making !

Let me know what you think of my Natural/Spiritual writing. My books get the best praise. At some point I believe my writings will find a great acceptance. I can feel this beginning to happen.

George Forss 38 West Main Street Cambridge, N.Y. 12816

ph 518 677-3288 georgeforss29@gmail.com

G Forss Hobar Bowery belle 203 E small file

Bowery Belle  1985

G Forss Hobar 55th Street east side view

NYC 55th Street  East Side view

G Forss Hobar arc lamp series Downtown East Bwy small file

NYC Arc Lamp Series 1982

G Forss Hobar Gallery 1982 Central Park small file

NYC Central Park  1982


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