Ginofor Movie “Communion”

24 May

My gallery has been turned into a unique movie theater !  I have a movie coming up this Sunday at 2PM.  I am showing the movie, “Communion” which is a real life depiction of a family’s many years affliction with some Aliens who have been abducting them for many years.  This movie is an accounting that is directed by the author of the famous book.

I still have over 30 artist that I feature.  All the art in my movie theater surrounds my theater screens.  More details …



George Forss’ Ginofor Gallery is now a unique movie art theater in Cambridge !

Look at a movie or media event on large screens with sonic sounds with 200 artworks on the walls.

I can promise a better esthetic for Media or Music than any other. Charge is $5 or less in my small donation box. There is no charge for a Saturday or Sunday event.

Take a break from our hectic world. Take one step into my gallery and relax instantly !

Saturday is Opera day 12p.m. Sunday is a 2pm movie that I pick

Ginofor Gallery is at 38 West Main Street in Cambridge, NY

Some new pictures

Patrick Molloy pix on GF ice crwam vendor

George Forss posing as a Good Humor man at a Mother’s Day party

G Forss Red Pepper Study

Red Pepper Study


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