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Choose a good life for all of humanity in God’s Earth Garden and you will be happier too

21 Mar

FORSS-George-The Fountain of Youth-13,march-v1“Choose a good life for all of humanity in God’s Earth Garden and you will be happier too.”

The heading for this blog is actually a new ‘Finding Sentence’ coming to my mind and this is why I have repeated here it in parenthesis.

What this means is … WE … all of us will be happier when we are finally living by the dictate of a kind of maxim as this finding sentence is about. I have the word “God” (God’s Earth Garden) in my sentence as it came to me also. This is so strange to me because I do not believe that there is a single God personage that is hovering around us somehow and deciding our fate according to how well be behave or not. Instead I will go along with an answer that was given to the query, “Who is God ?”, during a prolonged dialog the Aliens had with four young people in my book, ENOS.

Namely this … “We are God”

Yes. I believe all of us will be happier if we can follow the guide of my new ‘Finding Sentence’. This includes the new leaders of brewing dictatorships afoot that are intent on re-establishing a true identity for their particular homeland people types. This is somewhat understandable but it turns out that the fury of warmongering goes along with our world politics when nations want to secure their sovereignty with military might to guard against any other nation who they fear may be intent on making foreign inroads into their society. It could be an enemy’s intention of ending their ‘old world’ ways for the sake of some modern world business acumen agendas.

Worse than this, a particular despot will also be engaged in the sheer fun and glory of making their nation so strong militarily so as to have their nation become a major force that can threaten other nations more than is needed for their own security.

Many people today are fearful of a pending third world war. Many think it is predestined to happen.

Well, there is something good that is happening if we can all hang on long enough in our distress world without destroying it too much.

There is a slow but sure homogenisation going on in evolution with the intent of improving humanity involving all of the various factions of human type cultures … at all times … and societies that cannot stop. Each culture can win wars and dominate their world for a while but in the long run this homogenisation will make us all much more the same, sane and HAPPIER.

I claim that there is a mighty force in this universe that will always make everything in life beautiful and of the best possible representation of a species kind in the way of an unstoppable natural evolution. I call this force, “The Force of Betterment”. I have actually discovered that a human being can have an attachment to this force for the attainment of their personal health, happiness, youth enhancement and fateful security in their living.

I have a new book being published that details the workings of such a force. I just made an OK of this book cover with my publisher. I have it here as an attachment. Note that this book can be described as only one of a few books connected to my book, ENOS. On this book back cover you will notice three strange ‘Mindsets’ from ENOS that I cite … a 25 foot brain, an angry Earth Spirit and a sentence that was mouthed suddenly by the ‘Devil God of Life’. This ‘sentence’ was something that happened while I was writing out a particular section of ENOS many years ago. Those of you who have this book can find it on page 45. I can also send the whole book to you as a PDF file via your e-mail.

Having a good connection to the ‘Force for Betterment’ is not easy. You have to be completely sincere when you are praying for help and you cannot disconnect yourself from this force once you have it. You have to do what you say you will do if you do get this kind of godly benevolence.

I believe I have a good solution on hand to solve our world’s political mess that we have been mired in for some time. Actually, I think the godly solution I have is something that can break the whole aspect of a long-standing primitive malediction we have all been mired in since day one of humanity’s advent here !

I say that the solution I have is godly simply because it is ! It is not my solution. What I write in this blog about my having an attachment to ‘The Force for Betterment’ is true. I am an obedient conduit to this force.

The solution I am fostering is a kindness solution of the type I write about in all of my books. Think about this … think about overpowering an enemy with an assault of kindness against them. I am not kidding.

In our worlds current political situations right now I will advocate a plan that will please the so-called ‘Left’ leaning liberal minded souls and to the ‘Right’ leaning conservative souls. I believe that a plan that I have to foster needs a twenty-year or so interim period to bring it into full fruition but the fun and kindness of it starts right away.

I am not going to write out the details of it here. This blog is over now (long enough) but it can send it to you via a PDF file of the entire book writing for the cover attached here. I know that very few people are looking at my blogs and giving me a ‘Like’. I do have about 175 new Facebook hits but I cannot connect to my Facebook. My smart phone told me this ? I have three Facebooks. I tried to institute a Facebook for myself but I could not. Two people have been using my Facebook as their own ? So, if you want to respond to this blog do it here.

I am not so businesslike with my blogs but I am also using my blogs as a diary of all the Findings I get. If these were to fail I would stop doing this. My ambition is to publish a book with the Findings from mid 2014 or so. This is when the ‘fur started flying’ in the content of my Findings.

I have to self publish to get my books out so I would have to raise money to do a book like this.

Yes, since 2014 there has been an increase of ill fate forecasts that are tuning in to all of our human affairs that are of a moral issue … most unrepentantly so.

I am not alone ! Recently, when I was driving around in Manchester, Vermont I saw a man and a woman holding up signs to protest something. I don’t remember what I was looking at except for the sign that the man was holding. IT HAD A ‘FINDING SENTENCE’ ON IT !

I believe this man had a godly, faultless, insight to extol to the world.

“The earth has no enemies”

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