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We do not want to know the proper workings of this universe

15 Feb

G Forss Spiritually entangled trees small file

This is true when we can only see the continuous unmitigated mayhem and folly of all human societies that were so superior to any others and then had to end, that we have tried to foster so well, during the entire reign of humanity in this universe.

Still we are always doing the best we can.

So, what the heck is going on ? Well, we cannot know the workings of this universe in the way of its fate determining in the long run so well. It is just too much for us. We do have superior short term intelligence in this matter though, and this keeps us going along in the Rat Race for many thousands of years in the Blossom kind of way.

Here is something that we can do to foster humanity’s fate in this universe for a much longer period of time. This is a very beautiful thing and it will make us all continuously happy.

We can begin to emulate what we already see in Nature in the way that natural creatures are living so well for many millions of years. This is something that is obviously sanctioned by a God given fate somehow.

Note: I am only referring to all the animals and fauna that we find in some perfectly natural settings. These will have to be the ones that are still unperturbed by humanity’s unquenchable desire to ravenously rape the wild lands, a mania for ungodly knowledge and for fast moving technological competency.

How do we do this ? It is simple only if we can begin to love everybody and everything in a godly way so that we can slow down our mania. We can simply join in on the great ‘Love Fest’ of all the living wildlife. This is something that all natural wildlife is happy enough to know. This is the way of natural evolution on the planet that we are all experiencing. This is something that is supposed to be continuously operative here ! We can start to do this even while we are slowly wearing this ‘Love Fest’ down.


For the sake of the continuous survival of humanity, we have to take care of each other in the way that all species of animals and plants are naturally – INSTINCTIVELY – driven to do. They just want to procreate in a certain way to maintain their ongoing status in this universe for many millions of years.

I do not want to make a big writing out of this blog so I am going to wrap it up now with one simple TO DO activity that we can engage ourselves in from now on.

We need to decide that a given human being is to have a certain amount of financial worth from now on no matter what this person is going to do in their living. We need to also begin to end poverty and see to it that goodly majorities of people, everywhere, are very happy. We have to do this to keep the God Force of this universe from being triggered against us. I cannot be more serious then this, no matter how frivolous all of my ‘Findings’ may seem to be. I have to refer to ourselves being in this universe because I believe we are souls in this universe that were captured from another universe. I believe we are hybrid beings from another universe that are mixed with our former selves that were taken out by the God Force a long time ago.

I call for a new godly science about the better management of our people. We need a new Bill of Rights for all human beings. Check all of my recent blogs to find out how we can begin to accomplish something like this. Check my blogs starting in 2014.

Every godly creature and all the plants and workings of our new planet home do have all they need to live well as soon as they are born. They do have a sort of Bill of Rights from Nature naturally in this world. I cite this here and we can see this in action. We can know this if we can simply observe what is going on in our still perfectly natural settings. We can observe the long-standing creatures we found here. We need to study what we are seeing in such places so we can emulate such a glorious ‘Love Fest’. Mere observation of all of this will also prove why I am so right.

Our greedy observations are blinding us to the real truth workings of this universe.

Note that I am referring to humanity as being mostly a foreign entity here. We are still natural creatures here but not so much any more. This universe captured us a long time ago and we have rapidly progressed in our mad acceptance of this place … along with the unmatchable animalistic pleasures of being in the Devil God of Life world.

I have a new ‘Finding’ here and I will formalize it in a sentence here.

“We are hybrid beings from another universe that are mixed with our former selves that were taken out by the God Force a long time ago.”

I have one of my Symphonies to attach here. I created nine symphonies in the period of 2003 to 2004. I was able to do this because I wanted to create my symphonies in a Natural / Spiritual way. I have no real schooling for this but I knew that I would be able to do this. I found myself working with an old reel to reel tape machine, a few different audio components, a small mixer, four microphones and a blank mind to let this happen.

My nine symphonies are electronic feedback sounds mixed with borrowed music from some classical masterworks. I had to get into a kind of metaphysical state of mind to do this.

While in my erstwhile metaphysical state of mind I found that I was to be accompanied by an actual ‘presence’ when I created a particular symphony. This is really odd. You will not be able fully discount a presence in my symphonies.

When playing one of my symphonies do not expect to hear an immediate tempo or anything that can be described as being a quick introduction to my symphonies’ character and content. You will actually not hear anything for quite a few seconds with this symphony. This work is a dramatization of a baby in a mom’s womb. The infant is just starting to become aware of its destiny … even in the womb ! You will hear the baby’s piercing squeaks and water in the womb. After this the infant’s mother is experiencing labor pangs. The baby is experiencing a kind of ‘mission in life’ it wants to happen right now. After this the fun starts. The baby is born and there is a developing tempo for a military marching song that is a call for victory in an upcoming war kind of music.

This is my presence.

Yeah, I chose my symphony No. 5. for this blog. This one is entitled …

“Why was I born ?”

I also have a scroll-like data sheet about this work here.

I can sell a three-disk CD set of my symphonies for $40. One disk has all nine symphonies ready to play. My second disk has a photo image for each symphony and a scroll of text describing what is happening in each symphony. My third disk has an interview of myself explaining the construction of my symphonies and a demonstration.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12916 ph 518 677-3288


P.S.  It looks like my symphony are not going to play here.   I have them in My Music but and  I uploaded them here but … but … they are not playing. I am told I do not have the right source ?  I am very sorry about this.

Order a set for free anyway !  You will be happy you did.