The fate of humanity over a long period of time

6 Jan

G Forss Geese flying south December 2017 3 small file“In the Universe, by and large, the whole of Humanity will have to demonstrate that all of our people will be well and happy for some thousands of years. We should do this so we will naturally garner a godly propensity for us to live in the Earth Garden for a million years or longer.”

The above is actually a new Finding coming from me. This is why I have it in parenthesis. The truth of this is readily apparent when we have a view of all the human type of societies that have come and gone until now. None of our societies have lasted more than a few thousand years. Some very old societies have actually disappeared from the earth in a very sudden and mysterious way. I cannot know about these.

I have an old Finding about this …

“Every creature born in a natural way, in a perfectly natural setting, has gone on to live a million years or more.”

This is so because such creatures have been garnered by the fateful love of the God Force and have not been deterred by a foreign intellect or energy from and a place that is not originally of this Earth Garden.

In our modern science we are becoming more aware of intelligent, other worldly, beings that have been breeding with humanity. Indeed, the various late ape types and the ultimate human type of species are the product of some foreign intelligence from somewhere else. We are coming to this conclusion. The human type of ape is the only one that is still here.

Our time here is still pending because we have been smart enough to thwart the natural God Force of this universe that will only maintain what has been naturally created here. The fact of this matter, though, is that there should not be any life in the universe we know at all unless there has always been some foreign influences that govern the very formation of the stars and planets, and people in the place like our earth at all !

We have to tamper the word ‘Natural’ because there would only be a state that exists that can be described as an endless incomprehensible firmament void everywhere if it were not for some intelligent foreign influence for the start of life here. This is so hard to describe that it only makes sense when we have creatures at all … ANYWAY !

I believe that I am able to issue a complete science about the situation of humanity on the earth now. I believe that I can do this because of the newest ‘Findings’ I have been getting since October 2014. It is just like some higher authority has decided to download the whole truth about humanity at long last to a proper fool like me.

Hey ! My Devil’s Advocate self is saying something here ! This is rare for my writings and me. This only happens at times when I am writing out a new book on occasion. I never got a comment from this source in my blogs ? I don’t think so.

[I suppose you are next going to tell us all that the writing here is going to be a Spiritual Warrior attack]

Note that I will put any comments from My Devil’s Advocate self in brackets.

My answer is yes. I wasn’t actually going to the state my writings here as such but you have done this for me.

[Do you want me to write out the rest of this blog for you ?] NO

I just want to write out my complete scenario (Findings) about humanity’s situation here and no more. I am not going to write out any snappy Devil retorts (my misgivings about what I am about to do) anymore. This is serious !

I am a person who does not record the events and achievements of my life very well. This is a no no in ones career and esteem in the world. I am fortunate that other people have done this for me. I have had three and 1/2 agents in my life and great benefactors involved in my career. I now have Park Slope Gallery in Brooklyn, N.Y. that represents me a well as they can. They never give up on me and they let me be as I am. What I do have is an obedient response to a kind of ‘Calling’ that I will not deny. This gives me the proper kind of Natural / Spiritual insights that I revel in. It is a continuous puzzle to me that so few people are picking up on the very truthful ‘Findings’ I have.

Speaking of my ’Findings’ I have to get busy now downloading what I have (what I do know about humanity) to extol at this point.

When humanity got here – a little at a time with an induction of some foreign superior intellectualism – against all of the other life that we have found here. A war started with the God Force of this universe and this became a prominent issue. This is a silent war. None of its battles and the resulting damage to the natural world here is apparently known enough by many people. We only have concerns about the short-term achievements of a bunch of stupid intercultural wars we are constantly waging. This is what we are good at. We are, indeed, unbeatable in the short term with our war with the God Force. BUT We are losing the battle of survival in the long term for us. We do not seem to care because we are given to want to do our wars for the sport of it. We keep winning in the short run against our fate and losing at the same time for a longer future for us.

Here are some telling ‘Findings’ that have been brought to me most recently:

1. There are no other life forms in this universe. This is so because there is only one ‘Present Time’ in our universe at any given time. This ‘Present Time’ has moved from its original place in this universe to be here on this planet right now.

2. There is some other life from the longer past that have been here but they are all dead right now. These other life forms from another universe did not come here as an adventure. They were trapped here instead. We can see what they were doing here in part by what they left behind about 20,000 to 30,000 years ago.

3. Our universe is a ‘Creature Universe’ it has actually attracted and grabbed some very intelligent life form types from other universes. The closest ones to us are the Greys. They lived in a ‘Present Time’ of a long time ago. It is observable that they are still here as part of humanity with another aspect of who they are these days. They can come here in an apparitional way only. They are actually crashing on the planet sometimes when they get here. The Greys are a playful life form but they are not on a primitive planet any more. They cannot come to our planet to stay. We see them and they are doing a playful animal life form type of fun things for them all the time. They are a life form in the void of space. They cannot leave this general area. They have some mixture of human beings with them in a world we cannot know.

4. It is wrong for us to value sheer smartness in everything we do. Purity counts more in this universe. There are three paramount living organism traits that must be showing on the part of any species of life in this universe. Mere observation tells us that this is so. Human society should value these three basic virtues of living successfully in this universe. We should embrace these virtues as soon as we can. This will steer us away from a comeuppance coming from the God Force of this universe. The God Force is the immune system of this universe. This is all it is. This is not a living mind somewhere that is constantly thinking about humanity for the sake of our betterment.

We must all be strong, happy and truthful.

We will never see a long standing and ongoing fate for humanity until these three virtues of physical living are paramount in all human societies people. Our association with only the very smartest and up to date wealth gathering techniques is happening more than ever in our strongest societies and this will portend to a period of a doom scenario that will result from such a faster and faster advancing level of greed. This will happen because of a level of ensuing confusion that only the very end of such a society can cure.

5. There is something truly great in this universe. It is so great that I think that this is God. It is a great ‘Force for Betterment’ that I have become aware of recently in the way that I am getting data about stuff in the form of my Findings.

I have to describe this carefully here…

First off, note that I am describing this ‘Force’ as this force. Note also that this force does not ‘Govern’ … that is does not govern anything. It is not a mentality somewhere. Instead it can use a mortal human being mind as its own once a particular person has made an attachment to it ! I cannot go into detail here about this because I already have in my recent findings. This is just a new blog. This is not a complete book.

This force gives someone, or any natural being, anything it wants. It grants any wish. I say this is so simply because this is what this Force is always doing that we can observe ! This force works miraculously in Nature within the strong and happy life span of all creatures. It accounts for the great beauty we see in natural vistas, the form and antics of animals, a single flower, down to the smallest insets and amoeba and out to the vastness of all phenomena going on in this universe. It does all of this automatically ! Only human intelligence is able to thwart what this Force (God) can do. Yes. Yes, and this is how we are slowly ruining everything here. To see the great majesty of this force we only have to observe the ‘going on’ of all life things in a perfectly natural setting.

6. There is a force of uncompromising Chance in this universe. This should be acknowledged. This is the working tool of this universe. This force will act for or against someone’s living situation in a more or less lethal way based on the purity of the situation this person is in. It is sad that there is also a necessary horror of an event the will fell very innocent people. When someone is felled in this way they will quickly find themselves in a kind of veritable heaven and return to a better living later. This is Chance, a predator, in action, wanting to own this person suddenly. Chance can take someone indiscriminately not just because they are good or bad. This can’t be helped.

So, at long last we have a scientific reason why bad things happen to perfectly innocent souls.

What happens to an evil person ? I don’t want to know. (I don’t know exactly?)

What to do ?

I got a plan ! It is the best plan for the management of human society that has ever been formulated. I am sure of this !

I will attach the details of this plan here as a JPEG image files. This is the simplest way for me to do this. This plan makes everyone strong, happy and truthful. You can also see this plan if you backtrack on my recent blogs.

I have been giving this plan out to some people. I know that it has not been well received at all. This has forced me to stop doing this.

“NO” I am talking to my Devil’s Advocate self. This #$%^&*

It is the 20-year plan you may have seen already and you can say…

“Oh, that one …”

If most of us can stop being such competitive intellectual political creatures we can see this plan as a vision of our better future. This plan will please every political faction at the same time. The poor will no longer be so poor and the rich will still get rich.

I believe this !

I have some new picture G. Forss collectable pictures here also.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West main Street Cambridge, NY 12816

518 677-3288

[Who is the 1/2 agent you say you had in the past ?]

I’ll answer this one …

I had a French agent for about one year who was trying to help me with my writing. She bought my book ENOS on Amazon and called me. She said … “Mr. George, your book ENOS is the best book ever written about humanity in the universe.”

She then said that she can act as an agent for me. I was so happy.

We spoke on the phone a few times and then it all came to a gradual end. I decided to call her after about a year after she stopped calling me. I had her phone number. I got a phone card to call Europe. When I called however a French speaking woman answered with a voice I did not recognize and said I had the wrong number. I never heard from my agent after this ?

This is all very sad because this situation is an illustration of the basic M.O. I have in life. Many people want to get to know me and shortly after they want to not know me. I am considered to be too dopey, child like, or something like this ? Some people have stayed with me for years and helped foster my career until now and I am so happy about this !

Note: I can email my book ENOS as a PDF file to you if you email me !

G Forss New World Funding for all Citizens001



G Forss New World Funding for all Citizens002



G Forss Best 20 year plan for humanity small file



G Forss Donna looking at the famous Case Clock at the Benni

G Forss Red Pepper and Tomato small file

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