Spiritual Warrior Attacks ?

21 Dec

G Forss Rainbow outside my door 3 best small fileSpiritual Warrior Attacks ?

Some people I know and some followers of my blog want to know why I am now saying that I am a Spiritual Warrior. It is not that I think I am a Spiritual Warrior, or even that I want to be one. Those who are familiar with my book ENOS will know that the writing of this tome goes on about me having to be known as Spiritual Warrior (that I will have to declare that I am one) at some point. Yeah. The time for me to come out in the open more about having such a propensity has come to pass. I think so. I am afraid of what this will pertain for me, like it will actually ruin my career and status in the world of business for sure … if I haven’t been doing this already.

Look at it this way…

If you want to ruin your business and social life (Blossom Type activities) tell everybody that you are a Spiritual Warrior.

So, if I am such a warrior it will also have to mean to me that I have been one all along ! This is really true.

All my so-called ‘Findings’ have actually been Spiritual Warrior attacks ! This business of me getting ‘Findings’ for many years is just what is happening. I have been issuing many truthful wisdom points (Findings) for many years now.

How do I really know that I am a Spiritual Warrior and have there been others like me ? Well, to borrow from and old adage, I say…

If I look like such a warrior and attack like one … and I get a result like one … and I also have been doing this for some time, then I am a Spiritual Warrior. Mind you, this has been going on for some time !

Please note that a Spiritual Warrior, or any Spiritual person, is never very adept at being an avant-garde sophisticated socialite. They are mostly ordinary playful creatures that will seem to be lax in having an up to date fix on the latest Blossom world education trends, attire and demeanor. A spiritual person tends to have a simple life long informality as their mode of behavior. You can call this laziness.

I will excerpt a section of my book ENOS where I am informed about having such a propensity…

From 2003 (ENOS)

What you have learned in this particular wisdom tome is that God is a presence here, as I have stated above—We as God—and that all the beasts and birds have a definite set of godly personality traits that cannot be altered through evolution.


The fact then—when we are perfectly natural—is that all of us are being . . . FreelyEntertaining, Magical and Universal . . . while we are also being . . . Bold, Boisterous and Dramatically Frivolous all the time. We are doing this to represent a godly presence in our world. But Blossom society doesn’t want this at all ! We have to face the fact then that we need to be liberated from such a mind-set . . . especially as it turns out to be a foreign mind over us that needs to cower from God and aims to establish a totally artificial life here for us . . . that isn’t possible anyway !

I do have a love, need and purpose to foster a new wisdom more than any person I know. It’s like I am here for this task. The Aliens have actually told me that I am a spiritual warrior. A spiritual warrior is the opposite of a physical warrior.

A warrior as we have known them will attract a large army to attack and supplant another enclave of peoples in order to take their land from them . . . even if they believe they are conducting some sort of holy war.

A spiritual warrior can only work alone and is inclined to want to penetrate the very souls of many people with soothsaying wisdom. This, as a matter of course then, is a person who has been somewhat ill affected by his or her society or a fool.

What am I saying now ? Huh ? So now we have a new kind of bible writer on the scene and it is I ! Yes, I am foolish enough to make this claim and do this writing . . . and with a perfect blind faith to get all of this wisdom together. This is why I say that this is much more than any concoction can be. OK . . . but it is still just an outpouring of my complex subconscious frustrations.  If this is so, how do I get a constant stream of new data that my subconscious could not possibly know then ?

I am a spiritual warrior ! Look out !

If you have to believe that anyone who would do this would have to be insane, then it is also not possible to have any more new bibles. Our society is so sophisticated now that it will hinder anyone who would write such a tome and while such a society would not hinder their efforts in fact, such a task would be immediately discounted. [left unsung]

Well, I don’t know about this. It is September 2003 as I am writing this part of my seventh rewrite and our sophisticated societies around the world are not looking too sophisticated right now. There is so much confusion and mayhem going on in my world right now that I believe in the purpose of this writing more than ever.

I am a Spiritual Warrior !

Look out ! Hah . . . read on [are you still with me ?]

End of 2003 excerpt (ENOS)


What about some other Spiritual Warriors ?

This would have to be a person who doe not want to be commercially oriented but wants to impart a special set of truths mostly to people in general who are Blossom Types and do not want to know about real truth. Blossom Types is a term I use in my writings and this type of person is the target of my attacks.

I think an good analogy is the kind of foolish person in literature that is always coming forth with a better logic then the ‘featured stars’ of a given writing. There is a reading public that only wants to know about a bunch of people who do not really care about a godly purity to everything in life because they are having too much fun with their errant ways. But, alas, there might be a Spiritual Warrior in the writing that is trying tell the stars of the writing a better way to resolve an issue that is better than their own greedy logic. Mostly, it is war games that are wanted for the prurient fun of it all and the Spiritual Warrior is telling about a more logical (boring) way to resolve an issue.

I am thinking about the fool in Shakespeare plays and a fool in a Japanese film who is telling his King something like … “You know sire, you do not really have to have this war. It is a war that you are likely to lose in the end !” The fool goes on to explain just why this scenario is so true.

I do not want to write much more about my ‘Spiritual Warrior Attacks’ in this blog. It is that so much time and writings by me have transpired at this point and I am not of a mind these days to want to repeat myself. It is like I have to start it over again (most of what I write about in my books and this blogs has gone unnoticed in our world).

Just look at some Warrior like annihilation of falsities of my most recent blogs. This is what a Spiritual Warrior Attack is all about. Such attack has to be a final put down, if you will, or in the term that the Hippies used to use …

“I am going to break your bag !”

One of my ‘Attacks’ is just new and I do not even know of the science that must be involved in this one. You can read about this one in my most recent blogs. This blog is saying that there is only ONE PRESENT TIME in this universe.

In another recent blog I found myself writing out an attack against all the Media coverage of so called ‘Ancient Aliens’ shows and movies. I did this with an insinuating, really good ‘Attack’ with this statement…


With this attack all that is needed to put me down would be a broadcast coverage of an Alien life form (Alien to our world) body being shown ‘on the air’. There should also be one in a museum somewhere.

Also, according to one of my oldest claims (saying that there are no other life form types in the universe than ourselves), you can surely reason (according to our current explorations of the stars) that we are about to discover some new life forms in the cosmos. This will put an end to my Spiritual Warrior claims. I can then retire already. I am 76 years old now and this is actually the time in ones life when a person’s stupid nonsense becomes known, conclusively, to such a poor soul.

One more old ‘Finding’ I have here is a Spiritual Warrior answer to a proverbial burning question of old. When I created my book ENOS I wanted to have a prolonged dialog between four Hippie type characters and the six Aliens in my book. I wanted this to also be a fun thing. Well, I wound up with about 375 pages of dialog between the Hippies and the Aliens. The Hippies trying to be real cute asks the Aliens some never before answers to a bunch of so called ‘Burning Questions’ and they got very surprising (truthful) answers !

Here is the Alien’s answer to this Burning Question … “Why was I born ?”

Answer: “We are all born over and over again until we find a perfect mate.”

I am not able to discount this answer. I have never met anyone who is not really here to find a perfect mate, no matter what they say their life is about.


If you can readily discount any of my logic please do so. You can Spiritually Attack me !

I invite everyone to read my complete ENOS writing (730 pages) as a PDF file.

E mail me at >>> georgeforss29@gmail.com <<< and I will e mail the file to you.


Please study my recent blogs since 2014 carefully. I find that there is a speedup of the kind of ‘Findings’ I am getting with very stark info data about humanity’s current situation in this world. I am getting a complete clarification of what is going on here from a source that is much more knowing that our current ill science. I am not kidding !

I have a unique film to present here. This is a very short film that shows my kitchen window display of Noah’s Ark creatures. I have God in a basket and a little Alien observer of this whole scene. I talk about this playful scene during the film.

I also have a Natural Wonder picture attached … a large Rainbow that appeared in the sky just outside my gallery recently. My pictures these days are selling for $45. for an 8 1/2 X 11 archival digital print. A George Forss print is a good collectable.

Check out all the pictures on my blogs as well ! My gallery friends, who know me, tell me that my digital prints have a world price value of about $180 (8 1/2 X 11) now. I am famous and infamous. This is two sides of my personality.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816

518 677-3288

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