The Reason Animals are not really so stupid

3 Nov

The reason why animals are not really so stupid

Animals are not so smart in the way that humanity is smart. They have not been ‘having to be’ capable or have needed to be so smart in all the years of their individual species ongoing evolution. Look at me ! Is this a proper ‘smart’ sentence structure way of describing creatures in the ‘so called’ animal kingdom ?

Hmm … I just did a basic computer grammar check of the above writing and it was OK.

I am a lot like an animal in my basic mindset. I believe so. In my newest writings I want to stress the virtue of being so with a more ‘natural’ honesty in ones mind for the sake of getting some youth enhancement and a much better fate leading to a happier life. The business of all of us having to be constantly smart and competitive … in a faster and faster fashion … in our socializing is going to force us into a very rude awakening soon. I believe this. This will be a god awful happening unless we can institute a kindly godhead awakening when we can slow this madness down.

This is our basic Rat Race madness folks ! We don’t need this continuous high level of ballyhoo in our world any longer.

The animals cannot know the science we know. The thing is that they do not need to know any science other than the honest parrying they do with other creatures. They simply (intuitively know) joy in being strong and showing their fangs, horns, speed and other worthy attributes on display and fostering the best offspring to prolong their species living for millions of years in this food chain Earth Garden.

We need to do the same thing somehow despite our intelligence. We can simply follow the three ideals of living long in this universe. Mere observation tells us how true this is ! We need to be biologically pure and strong, ultimately happy all the time we are here and engagingly honest. We need to show the universe that we are not really so stupid either when we are wide open honest.

I am getting a set of ‘Findings’ all of a sudden in the form of my most recent reportage from 2014 to now. I have to formulate them so that I can report them here. These are really stark new truths about our present and ancient situation in the Earth Garden.



1. The Gods are dead (the creature universe killed them all after they were captured here in the first place).

2. There are no life forms than our own in this universe. I was informed about this in my book ENOS years ago. It is here again as a newer Finding in my head.

3. The ancient Gods were all driven insane when they arrived here (after our predator creature universe grabbed them). They became our new leaders (they had to make due here).

4. The ancient Gods were mixed with animal and bird heads and were capable of flying around in our sky.

5. Groups of different, captured, God types (those that were only in our sky) were here to do warfare activities with advanced weaponry. These were insane masterminds. They killed each other !

6. Now we are alone in this universe and we are looking for other life form types. We need not explore the realm of the past physical stars activity we see in the night sky. We need to fully fight for our own sanity and better living on this planet instead.

7. We are mixed with these God’s now. This is the motive for our creature universe capturing the God’s in the first place !

8. The ‘Grays’ are the oldest life form in this universe. They are billions of years old. They can interact with us only for very short periods of time. They come here to play like earth animals constantly play … for many millions of years ! They are forced to do this ! Their saucer craft are a living life form that exists, in front of us, in the their future (not ours). They have offspring that are mixed with human and their own biology.

9. We cannot fully comprehend the logic of our universe. We have benevolent mystical God’s of our own who can guide us (God‘s created in a Natural/Spiritual way). These are a life form around us also !

10. We cannot see forward from our position in the time long universe. The Greys and others are coming here in a mediumistic way, like ghosts, from a future we cannot perceive. The future can visit the past but the past cannot visit the future.


I think that I should discount this sudden set of very stark (crazy ?) Findings in my head but I will not. I am being obedient to some kind of ‘Authority’. I have to report these ten here. I have been told to do this. I never want to know my Finding source.

I have been doing this for 35 years !

Hmm … all I wanted to do before this set of Findings came to me was close my new blog writing with an adjunct 20 year plan, an adjunct to my 20 year plan to finance human beings in a better society. We need a companion 20-year plan to salvage the Earth Garden, also, which is the greatest crux to all matters before us in this new age.

I will do this in another blog.


Well … you see … we need to know something … even more than our scientists do.

Some scientists are aware of the matter of our Earth Garden’s way of refreshing the natural terrain everywhere for the sake of maintaining the earth’s ecosystem.

I am talking about the increased intensity of storms that we are experiencing. The ultimate storm of course is the doomsday storm. This is something we have to address now more than ever. The Earth Garden will forcibly keep its natural world going good or it will end it all in a relatively short time.

The thing is we have to not become a matter that the Earth Garden will have to do something about, to have to correct our Earth Garden living in such a manner.


I am very sorry about this blog all of a sudden. You can say that I am just needlessly concerned about situations that are not so prevalent before us at all … that I am just in a crazy head-trip right now. Nobody can say that I am completely wrong.

I have three pictures here taken with an adapter I invented that will enable anyone to take pictures with their telescope or binocular with their smart phone.  I have a provisional patent on this and a full patent pending.

The first picture I took is of the Hippie Planet (a part of a distant Hippie days peace symbol sign).

The second picture I took is our real moon with my smart phone attached to my stargazing telescope.

The third picture I took is the Janus Joplin moon way out there (another part of a distant Hippie days symbol sign).



George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 518 677-3288

G Forss Janus Joplin moon extrados

G Forss Edge of the moon Gemini telescope with adapter for

G Forss The Hippie Planet Invention picture small file

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