Vegetables and Fruit are Creatures

28 Sep

G Forss Fruit and veggies in bowl small file

Vegetables and Fruit are Creatures

I am always thinking about my next blog. I do not have to create a topic or a theme for one of these. I know this. I just suddenly know what I must do.

Lately, I have been photographing vegetables and fruit in a certain way so that I will have a comely series of vegetables and fruit ‘Still Life’ portraits.

The first ‘Still Life’ of some veggies and fruit I did happened because I could not help but notice how creature-like a group of some fresh farm vegetables were in a bowl I was looking at.

This was a group of vegetables I was looking that gave me the initial idea to do a series of still life portraits about such plant life. I decided to photograph these with my smart phone. I discovered that close-up photography with a smart phone produces an image that is sharp everywhere and is also three dimensional like.

The picture at the top of this blog is just what I saw suddenly !

To be a creature, like the wild ones we see in Nature, one has to be fully expressive of ones overt capabilities. This is why animals and birds are so attractive to us.

Well, I am telling you, vegetables and fruit are creatures ! Oh yeah !

It is uncanny just how savage these plants are. They are all saying, in essence … ”Come and get me !”

Here is another thing I discovered … If you put two or more of these ‘food stuff’ items on a plate, or in a bowl, they will actually start to relate to each other in an overt fashion ! I could be wrong but … look at the antics of the vegetables and fruit in my pictures here. These are designed to be food for us. We know this. The ‘thing’ though is that they will also be very playful sexually in the short time that they are ‘ripe’.

The two grapefruits I have here are kissing each other. I put the two of them on a plate to photograph and then a little later I found them closer together and … uh ?? … kissing !

Look at the lot of them. A pickle, a zucchini and a pear that don’t like the hybrid apple … an ear of corn (Maze) that knows it is a lovable chore to eat all through human history … a yellow squash beautiful curves … two ripe bananas full of yummy …farm vegetables happy in a basket by the fireplace, etc. etc.

I captured the ‘ardor’ of these plants before they were all eaten up

I say no more.G Forss Assorted farm vegetables still life 2016

G Forss Farm vegetables for soup at DHW studio small file

G Forss Two Bananas on a plate small file

G Forss Large Yellow Squash plant on an oval plate small file

G Forss Ripe Veggies and three limes in a bowl

G Forss Zucchini, Pickle, Apple and Pear on an oval plate small file

G Forss Ear of Corn on an oval plate small file


I sell my pictures for $45. now.  Shipping is $12.

Backtrack on my blogs here to see many more images.  You can describe the picture to order (if you please).


George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 west Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816

518 677-3288



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