The Enemy is Warfare

14 Sep




IG Forss The Donald on 5th Ave for his wall small file

The Enemy is Warfare

A lot of people have an opinion about the situation with North Korea’s missile launches. I told some people that I do not have to necessarily have an opinion on many topics, including the aggressive nuclear missile program that the North Korea leaders are foisting on the world scene right now.

Many people believe that North Korea is the enemy of world peace, as we know it. I do not want to have a strict opinion on any of this. I do have a strict opinion about humanity’s ‘needs’ in this matter though. Surely, North Korea is a great threat to South Korea and the U.S. now. Worse than this, I believe that the time is nigh for a major war confluence in our world right now and that a character like the young leader of North Korea is a catalyst in all of this. We are subject to the wiles of the creature universe. We are always smart enough to override (adjust for) the uncalled and unjustified fortunes of many horrors through all of our history here

Why should people want to have such quick uneducated opinions on so many such events in our world … a steady stream of them. Is it not part of the ‘sport’ of our worlds modern affairs ? We simply do not want to know the complete truth of these events. As an active member of my society, the animalistic part of me, I too would like to see the end of this new U.S. dictator enemy in the world right now. This guy is antagonizing us and getting away with it ! This is my need for ‘sport’ I am expressing. I know this.

I am aware of a very primitive and ongoing phenomenon of a pattern that is noticeable in the entire history of humanity’s cultures. In these modern times this has to do with a seemingly warlike period in human affairs that is a necessary immolation of a cultures young men every 25 years or so. This is so stupid to me but I am also aware, in my new Findings, that we are all driven by the pride of just being a creature in this universe. This is a pride that every person in every culture wants to express. Being smart, though, actually means that we can do things in a fashion that is not truly earned IN THIS UNIVERSE. Long-lived animals know how to earn their keep, so to speak, even if it is just by their instincts.

This thing is ultimately a killer of us all if we are too smart about everything in life. This universe killed all the advanced beings that were here 15,000 + years ago ! All we have is the remains of what they have done and also of the wars they were raging. Are we going to be smart and wiser about all of this ? We can make a good science remedy out of our modern life malaise.

I have a good solution to the ongoing conflicting situation in Korea … all of Korea !

I think we should address the very people of all Korea with a new plan that is universal and loving for all the Koreans in a way that will surely impress the so called ‘average’ person of this culture. This is not my plan … my ego at play. I say this because I have been in some kind of communication with some kind of forceful authority for many years and I will obediently obey all of its directives knowing that this thing is never wrong. I am not kidding !

I have two books in production by a publisher in England and these will carefully detail my adherence to such a force. I have to self published my writings to get noticed in the world. I am being foolish and perfectly wise. I am describing the force as a ‘thing’ because it is not of the earth garden world here. I know this now.

If South Korea were to institute the twenty year plan I write about in the blog before this one it would start a very serious change in the mindset (mindsets) of (on the part) of all the people of North Korea. Surely, you can say that the ‘ordinary’ person in North Korea will not know about this. Do not think this way. This is just some stupid Blossom Type, enemy conscious, reasoning. You will know that this is so if you read the details of such a plan in my last blog. Consider this; the Korean culture is a very old one and they do follow every nuance of each side of their split cultures very well these days. If my ‘Love is the Answer’ type of plan is instituted it will actually spell the end of the foreign type of government up north in Korea. The plan has to be voted in a Democratic way. It has to be started in South Korea. North Korea has a controlling dictatorship in power now.

In our entire world the oldest warfare is the one involving …

True Nature – versus – Conglomerated Humanity.

This started as soon as we got here.




I have a new remarket able way to marry traditional film photography with the new digital photography in vogue right now. It is showing in my opening picture of a Donald Trump disguised man begging for Donald’s Mexican wall. It is just like a new confluence between the Republicans and the Democrats that can be achieved if we were to marry conservative ideals with advanced progressive ideals. The pictures I have here were made by scanning an 8 1/2 x 11 inch print that was made in a photographic darkroom with the kind of computer program that can enhance the scanned image in a number of ways.

You will not know exactly what you are looking at when you study these pictures. They are neither a film picture nor a digital picture. By scanning a B&W darkroom print you will pick up the longer range of tones and silky highlights of a film picture and also the cloning fix of any film flaws … and the considerable enlarging of the picture overall size. My pictures here are about the size of pictures taken with a 50mb picture-taking camera.

How about my opening picture of Donald Trump ! This is a man on 5th Avenue in NYC posing as the Donald trying to raise money for his Mexico wall.

I sell my pictures for $45 now. This will be an 8 1/2 x 11 inch print on a very good digital paper. Shipping is $12.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 518 677-3288


G Forss Saint Patrick's Cathedral 5th Ave Chinon small fi


G Forss Picasso Irving Penn Chinon 720 digital small file

G Forss Trump tower double exposure Chinon camera small fi

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