My nine steps for youth enhancement

7 Aug

G Forss Nine Steps page 2G Forss Nine Steps page 1I have my nine steps here for you to try.  Look at No. 1 first and then No. 2. I am sorry that these are backwards.

I have a new book being published that will feature these and all of the wisdom/logic about such a new way for someone to restore and maintain some of their lost youth and health.

I have three calls about my last blog about a pending Solar Storm dilemma.  One person thinks this is as serious as I do.  This person told me that we have only about 30 minutes to protect ourselves when an large erupting Solar Flare from the Sun is coming our way.  A Solar flare of about 24K will knock out our communications and electronic instruments so that we will need to completely rebuild them.  A storm of this magnitude will cause major fires in our cities.  A Solar flare can be go to 64K !

If we get a warning over the Media (I hope so) you should shut off electricity at your circuit bracers, master house current switch or whatever you can do to end electricity coming to your home.  You should put your smart phones outside in your driveway and unplug all your computers, TV’s etc.  After this do not go driving anywhere. Stay put and pray. This can help.

Another person who called me said that we are protected from such a storm by Aliens and God.  This person said that something like this never really happens because smarter entities are watching over us.  I hope so.


I am putting a video here with about twenty five ducks coming into my smart phone in a line quacking a lot.  The lead duck sees me doing a video and commands the line of ducks to  reverse course and return to where they were coming from.  These are on artist Even Wilson’s beautiful estate.




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