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No way to go

12 Jun

No way to go

I believe that something is happening that will push the value of humanity’s good graces in the universe a little too far. We are racing to introduce a new science that I am sure will cause us some harm that we will not be able to recover from. I saw all of this ‘great new science’ on a recent television show. What this is will happen very soon.

I am known as some kind of nutty person who is a constant harkener of dire warnings about humanity’s upcoming bad fortunes mixed with remarkably creative antidotes in the area of salvation for various human ill science conditions. This is true but none of my new science finding pictures I hang on an erstwhile wall of truths items I hark about in all of my writings is demountable. This is why I believe in what I am doing. I do not even get any criticism about my prognostications; instead, I get what I call, ‘The Silence’.

I didn’t have a good childhood. So what !

I do offer good solutions to a myriad number of godly living issues that are not being discounted by anyone. This is a puzzle to me ?

So, what is the matter ? What do I have to deal with now ? Well, there is an amazing science dawning involving an item we can buy into that will open up our mind and body sensory capabilities for a new kind of virtual reality that we will not be able to, want to stop. This why I what to address this as a valid issue. I don’t think we hardly know what a valid issue in the universe is any more. This is true if we can just buy and partake in this new science item for delights that we have never experienced before without any precautions. The thing is we are not going earn this new science dome of pleasures and delights as fast as we are obtaining something like this. What we need to be concerned about is the lack of a developing good will that must be connected to all things we will experience when we invent stuff in the way that Nature demands.

We are just too smart and Nature is too slow

We can invent the most amazing technologically advanced things that will titillate the public beyond whatever long-term Natural/Spiritual restraints the public is capable of being aware. Mostly, this is all part of a modern business acumen ideal as well that is unstoppable these days. The most modern toys that are invented do have a big profit motive ideal.

What’s wrong with this ?

Most people have had a good childhood. So what !

But wait … the God Force is in this picture also ! If we are involving ourselves in goodies that are not truly earned then we can expect a comeuppance that this force will enact against us. It is that, invariably, we will have to pay a price for our new unearned toys after all, if we have come by them so easily. This is a truism about everything in life.

I do not want to get into wordy diatribe in this blog. I have already done too much of this. I think, though, I can reiterate some new profound concerns about our future living on this planet, especially about the new ungodly venturing I am citing here.

First of all, what we are doing in the area of some virtual reality toys is ungodly. This new science is talking about a new, Meta Universe No.1, religion that is now being started that will lead to Meta Universe No.2 ! Meta Universe No.2 is when a person can decide to leave the human physical body altogether !

The things that Nature creates are not here unless some new thing has earned some kind of a very long term survival good will that will garner a long life for itself in a special arena with an atmosphere that is absolutely perfect for a given kind. Humanity is not of the earth. We are so amazing but we do have to contend with the slowly moving forces of purity in the creature universe. It is not really possible for us to create a unique way of outmoding our physical bodies so fast and then to keep what we have for a long time. We came here from afar and we do not know this universe so well. We did not decide to come here to ‘take over’ this place nor did we suddenly find this place somehow. I found out in my spiritual divining that we were actually trapped here … that the universe, a creature universe predator that this is, grabbed us when we were too close to its ‘pull’, with an ability that earth bound predator creatures have to do something like this. Worse than this we have to also behave like this universe creatures while we are here. We are always wanting to engage in life such as it were a sport, even if we are not so primitive … and we also have to contend with a stupid creature mindset that enables all natural creatures to be completely satisfied with this place for many millions of years. This mindset is something that can drive humanity crazy if we do not find a better way to manage our living here. One thing that will work for us is TIME. If we can survive for a long time somehow without ruining our atmosphere and our veritable spiritual fate line, this same universe will find acceptance for us. This is the virtual reality that we will want and it will garner a better living for us on the earth for many millions of years !

What concerns me the most about the fast technological developments in our ultra modern world these days is the functionary periodic sweeping of a very strong radioactive fire storm over a large portion of the planet when a solar flare comes over the earth terrain. I do not know enough about this phenomenon except that we are all stupidly blind to a prospect like this. The thing is that a solar flare storm over the earth has to happen every few hundred years at least and we may be overdue for one ? I think we need to have a plan of actions to take when one of these is coming to us. We know when one is coming but we do not have a world without electronics anymore. Can we get some of this back so we can ride out one of these storms ? A state of emergency should be declared in this regard. A Solar Storm will wipe out all of our electronics !

Who am I ? I mean, what do I think I can actually do about this situation ?

I think I am a somewhat like a Buddha. I also think I am somewhat like a Jesus healer.

I am always happy and I am never defeated. I am the least enemy conscious person I know !

I see the Buddha nature, or the child self, in people I encounter without malice.

It comes down to smartness v.s., purity. Purity of species living in the earth Garden.

I have some unusually rich pictures to attach here to counter my worried man writing here.

I took some pictures of Hot Air Balloons over my town recently. I used a very old 135mm 3.5 type Y2 ANGENIEUX optic made in France attached to a modern Canon EOS 5D Mark II super digital camera. My pictures are rich because my French lens is rich and I made some good compositions while I was quickly finding positions to photograph the hot air balloons in the sky around Main Street Cambridge. My 135mm lens is a tube telephoto lens. It is a four-element air spaced optic that has some pure glass elements. This is an old classic camera lens mounted on the end of a tube so it will project a telephoto image on 35mm film. Pictures with this lens are ++++

Something is just right here. You will realize this while you are looking at my pictures. My pictures are a glorious happening when this old lens is teamed up with my Canon camera. This is a powerful digital camera that I was able to set an A.S.A. of 5,000 light gathering value. This enabled me to quickly hand held my camera while taking the balloon pictures at a shutter speed of maybe 3,000 of a second ? I do not remember what shutter speed I was using. I was able to close down the aperture on my lens to F/11 and f/22 and get silky sharp pictures.

Someone was watching me take pictures and they were wondering why I was dancing around while doing so. I had to move forward fast, uh backward … step to the right and then back up quickly. You can see in my pictures that I did get in just the right picture taking vantage point for each picture composition while capturing a balloon or two just right in the sky while also capturing a man walking his dog through one of my pictures.

Look at the beautiful range of step less tonalities going from bright and colorful balloons to the dark areas that make my images look like B&W pictures and color pictures at the same time.

Come to my gallery in Cambridge. My store is undergoing a change. I am still a gallery with many artists and I am showing movies and music lovers super Hi Fi concerts. Bring your favorite movie and music. I can make these a memorable event. I am open Thursday through Sunday from 12 noon to 5 pm.

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G Forss Early morning dog walk Balloon in sky small file

G Forss Hot Air Balloon over Cambridge town small file

G Forss Composition with wires, balloon and Rice Mansion (1)

G Forss Balloons over Main Street small file

G Forss Hot air balloons over the Rice Mansion gables small

G Forss Railroad crossing sign small file