A Curious Dilemma

20 May


A Curious Dilemma

A tendency of the rich is to keep the billions of poorer people occupied in certain ways so that they can maintain control over the great populations of their societies. It is as if they are saddled within a society that that are living in and that they will want to control the people to get rich and affluent (they are so smart that they can do this).

This is OK because the long standing system of controls over masses of people has always been known to be the only way of governing a society. This is true for all ‘rich over the poor’ systems in the world of humanity. Yes, indeed, there are always two extreme governing systems, or government types, in our world. Yes, and this is the basic fuel for wars in our world. These are wars that will be fought to end the reign of a particular nation of competing overlords, or to instil renewed patriotism of a political system in a given society. The rich are the best people and they feel they must do this.

The curious dilemma about all of this, though, is that the system of having to control masses of people in general may be ending soon simply because the multitudes of poorer people are getting too smart to be controlled in the traditional ways of doing so. We can thank modern technology for this. We can see all of our governments wrestling with this issue right now ! Maybe we will all profit from this conflict ?

Also – here is the most curious part of our dilemma – the universe is an increasing combatant in this ongoing struggle. Yeah, it can be said the universe is gearing up to take us ALL out. This is a god awful scenario to forecast but a sudden comeuppance of doom upon us all will happen if we have become so wayward in all of our worldly affairs among differing political institutions that the God Force of the universe will be triggered. Our history (all history) tells us this. Some new information I get from my divining source tells me we have to be more triangularly smart. To live well and for a long time in this universe it is necessary for a given entity type to be living successfully in three necessary ways, like the creatures of the wild, in this regard. I have convincingly brought this out in my newest writings. I believe so. We need to be like the natural creatures that we find here who have the good graces to live for millions of years in the slow but sure way of evolution. We have to be strong like them. We have to be strong physically, purely healthy and honest. If we can do this we can start to end all the unsolvable international conflicts that we see being gloriously featured in our Media. We should admit that we are fostering these conflicts as a destructive sport. We can become participants in the lasting love fest of life after all ! We can do this in a beautifully civilized way. I know this.

I have a new way to manage human affairs that I was able to formulate by tapping into something I have found to be the greatest force of the universe. I find that this is a Force for Betterment that is very demonstrable. Knowledge about this is new to my 2017 writings. This force makes everything it controls beautiful, knowing, of unusual excellence, creative and artistic automatically. It does this during the initial birth (coming to be)of everything. It does this automatically ! We don’t have to pray to it (pray to God), worship it, make a deal with it or even by becoming a Saint. We just need to be purely honest.

All natural beings know this force intuitively. It is the guise of this force for all natural things to be in a constant love state during the process of living and dying. It is not natural for us to long suffer. Natural creatures are about the business of killing each other in their primitive state and conflicts but this is always quick and wanted. It is all part of the ongoing love fest involving all living things in the Earth Garden. It is difficult for us see this kind of world’s viability any more. This is bad news for humanity. Really.

I have formulated such a new way of managing human affairs in my most recent blog but you will not see it. It is tagged onto the blog I did just before this one. Go to this blog and double click The Earth Garden words in my title and it will come up.


I know what I am about. I am a person who has been a captive of The Force for Betterment for many years to do its bidding. I find my self writing out this force directives in an earnest way simply because I am having fun doing so. Really. This is a key to a connection like this.

The whole business of my writings is very odd. There is no thinking entity ‘out there’ in the universe but it is AS IF there is. The Force for Betterment is using my mind as its own. I think we all need to get back to this kind of Godhead.

When we see great geniuses creating amazing stuff we herald them and they get famous. It is The Force for Betterment that such people have inadvertently made an attachment to that is operative here though.

So, you should take a look at my blog entitled, “The Earth Garden”. I did this one to honor Earth Day that just past.

Why it is hidden in this way I do not know exactly ? This blog features the best way of managing human affairs ever. You will wonder, like me, why we haven’t thought of this before.

I have a set of new entertaining pictures to add to this blog that were taken in NYC recently. These were taken with an old film camera that was given to me as a gift. I was immediately intrigued by this camera because it is designed to do double and triple exposure on one frame of film. A lot of older film cameras can do this. This one, however, can do so simply by pressing a switch on the camera. It can also makes computerized determinations to make the right exposure for a single and double and even a triple exposure. I am a known art photographer of the corny kind in the world, especially for my Double exposures. Did the Force for Betterment get this camera to me ? It can do stuff like this. I was able to send 24 proof sheet size files in a recent e mail. So I think I can do this here. My camera is a Chinon Genesis camera. It thinks it is a Star Trek camera.

Note that this camera is selling on E bay right nor for $20. Nobody wants this camera.


I have a roll of 24 pictures taken in NYC with the Chinon Genesis that I can attach here. These are very small files.  The camera performed beautifully !

Visit my gallery in Cambridge, NY. I feature the art of 30+ artist and my gallery is also an intimate Movie theater. I have been selling art since 1989. I can show old films from a projector, VCR tapes, DVD and Blue Ray. George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 georgeforss29@gmail.com   ph 518 677-3288


G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures001

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures002

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures003

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures004

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures005

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures006

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures007

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures008

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures009

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures021

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures022

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures023

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures024

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures025

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures027

G Forss Proof sheet scan of Dble exposure pictures028


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  1. donnawynbrandt May 22, 2017 at 11:47 pm #

    thank you, George. I was able to read and view the entire blog. Congrats to both of us.

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