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The Force of Humanity

9 Apr

G Forss Icycles outside my window Winter 2017 small fileG Forss Jack by his signs OPEN small fileThe Force of Humanity

I think about all of my writings and how keen I am on having to establish new forces in the universe. Who me ?

If you can think about an ordinary person who can actually become captive to a strong force, that is telling this same person about some other forces to cite, and is telling such a person that this is an effort they must embark on then, uh … then what ? Yeah.

If you can only concern yourself with the end result product of such a person’s efforts that are so strong, that it is so hard to deny then, THEN, Then you should conclude that such a person is bringing some beneficial new science to mull over. This is what I am about. This is making me laugh also.

I have brought out in my writings the Force of Chance, The God Force, The Force for Betterment, the Force of all my ‘Findings’, and now I want to bring The Force of Humanity to light.

[How about the force of cockamamie foolish meanderings in all your stories ?]

This is my Devils Advocate self-having a say here, who I want to have fun with Anyway ! Hah.

The Force of Humanity is the Force of the Blossom. This phenomenon is something I have been writing about for many years now. The Blossom is a new force in our universe. It is new because humanity is new here. Humanity is new in the Earth Garden. The conflict that has arisen when we came here suddenly created a tension of war that is still ongoing after 200,000 plus years. I am convinced about the truth of all my ‘Findings’ that tell me stuff that I must make a report about. True, I am having fun doing this and I guess it is the same kind of fun that someone can have with a bunch of cockamamie foolish meanderings. The truth is also, then, that I am the kind of person who wants to have fantastic ‘Findings’ ET all. The most exciting thing to me is godly truth. I love real truth, no matter what it happens to be. I do not mind being foolish.

I am actually writing this text for my new blog on April fools day (April 1, 2017).

[No kidding] Hah.

We are rushing at an ever-increasing pace to get out of our animal savagery mindset prominence even while we are advancing in our libido thrills potential. “We are advancing on all fronts”. This can be said about us. This is a mighty force that is warring against that which has always been here as an evolutionary promise and of great relative permanence for all creatures. This is a system for life forms that was set in place in a beautifully stable way. We are a sudden upheaval to all of this. I am not even going to ask …“Who did this ?” … but I just did !

I think I may have discovered God in all of these meanderings. I think ‘The Force for Betterment’ is God. I think it is the unfathomable mindset behind the Force of Chance. This is why you and I or any creature can pray, or howl to it earnestly and it will automatically respond. It will do so without any moral assessments. You can call it … “IT”… so, for the first time we have true logic to explain … good or bad … any happenstance we see all around us. This is why a creature like the alligator has earned its long existence. If nothing else a creature like this does comply to a particular demand of the universe we are all in (the creature universe) … this edict … to live long in the universe we have to be honest, happy and strong. With these three virtues in place the Force for Betterment can operate within any creature’s mindset that we have to give us an unusual degree of excellence in our thinking and in everything we are doing physically.

We should also be aware of something else I do not want to believe at all.

I was told many years ago that the Rat Race (The energy of the Blossom) is slowly and ever increasingly moving at a greater speed. This means that the ‘Force’ (Force of Humanity) fads and trends phenomenon is literally directing us to want faster and faster new things invented all the time. Is this really happening? As joke to myself and to all I must also cite a very stark solution to this Rat Race madness. I said this in jest to myself, like … “If we can just stand still and not respond to the energy of the Blossom for a while the thing will be forced to speed away from us and we will be free from its maddening influence.” I am aware that the Rat Race energy cannot stop but we can !

Is this possible ?

The War

Here is the information that I received via my Natural/Spiritual divining recently about the war between the Blossom‘s energy and Nature. I will just report it here and say no more. It should be the subject of a great debate in our world.

We are rushing to not be such a satisfied animal in the Earth Garden any longer. It is enough that we were forcibly hybrid as beings with the animal kingdom here. So, we do not want the stuff we are constantly driven to invent for long. We are never completely satisfied with our New World here.

The Force for Betterment energy does attach itself to our once outmoded stuff that is well wrought, at least, and these become great classics that we can love over a longer period of time. This is nice.

We are at war with the very nature of The Earth Garden because we are forlorn about a place we came from in our greater past. Yes, this is it. I know this now. We are born over and over again in this place but we have a gene in us that belong to a world we were in a long time ago. This gene is telling us the truth of what happened to us. Yes, we want to get even with the God Force for taking us out somewhere. Everything about our behavior in the Earth Garden is saying this. We are what are left of the great God’s that were here about 20,000+ years ago. These God’s were trapped here and they tried to make due. Now they are we. We are a force to reckon with in this arena.

I have some photos to attach here. I am using the latest marvel of technology to take pictures. So, I am being hypocritical, after I have been writing that the products of our constantly driven human science, are driving us mad ? Yes. I cannot help it.

My pictures are taken with a smart phone. Will smart phones like mine be outmoded in a rather short span of time. Yes. Yes, but we (humanity) do not know this until an even smarter instrument is on the scene, one that is even more than an improved instrument. One thing I want to say here … Art makes the products of any instrument of any time and age OK. The art of something makes it so much more of a lasting wonder.

I am using an AT&T Microsoft smart phone that is already outmoded according to the newer models of the one that I have … that is not in vogue any longer. I like the pictures I have been getting. I have a study of Jack Metzger by his store looking under his open sign, a self portrait of me (a selfie), a large tree by our school in Cambridge, NY, Snow outside my bathroom window, someone’s attitude about winter and large icicles outside another window in my place. You have to notice how everything in my pictures is sharp no matter how close and far away … at the same time.

Come to my gallery in Cambridge and check out my town. This is a good place to go broke in, uh, I mean to be in a layback town. It is said that Cambridge will not allow too much modernity to take hold here. This town is a true Art town ! The Art of being a town !

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G Forss An attutude about winter small file


G Forss Snow out my window small file


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