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A New World for humanity without Ra Ra

12 Dec

A New World for humanity without Ra Ra

I am writing a new book soon about a world scene for humanity without the dominance of Ra Ra.

My title for this book is the heading title I have for this blog.

I recently sent e-mail to a publisher that I am connected with. I was very afraid that my standing with this company was waning. In my e-mail I proposed two new books that are on my mind that I think they should know about. One new book proposal is a writing that I have to do because it is a ‘Calling’ that I have to do so. My second book though is not a book that I have to write. This book is actually an idea I have for a commercial book. I got the idea for my second book proposal from two new ‘Findings’ that I am trying to deal with. I do not want to go with these but I must. I am obligated to do a new blog about a new finding when I get these so this is what I have here.

It turns out that my publisher wants to publish one of my recent books after all ! This is my book entitled …

A Fountain of Youth

            Fountain of Independence

                   A Fountain of Good Health and Happiness


Ra Ra ? My letter to my publisher explains this new situation for me …


Letter to a publisher

Hello to ,

I want to try to represent my writings to your company anew to propose two new books. Mind you, these are very fanciful writings coming from a character like me … just like all my recent writings. I believe I have a good idea, though, this time with one of my new book proposals. I know I am not so popular in the world these days and that I can only write well in a non -commercial way. This is a real problem for any writer, for sure, but this may be OK for me, soon. I say this because we are all getting involved in a rapidly changing world for a new kind of betterment we will be coming to know. This is something I want to get involved in. I have the right to boldly speak my mind this way because I have been active in approaching such a New World for some 35 years or so. I believe there is something like a New World developing with new youth that are more universally respectful of other youth. I say this despite the latest trends – in all the Media – showing despotic hedonism everywhere.

The Hippies called such an approaching New World the Age of Aquarius.

Of course the whole movement fell apart as being a good part of any culture these days. Worse than this, prevalent modern realities for some time have been telling anyone like me to simply ‘go away’ but this reality is changing ! We will know more when our youth mature to become New World political leaders. I want to believe this. This new Age of Aquarius will be in full force around 2300 or so.

My first book proposal is a book I am writing in response to a genuine ‘Calling’ that I have. I have a title for this book. I am told to use this title … “A New World for humanity without Ra Ra”.

Ra is the name of the sun god of Heliopolis. This is a universal creator worshipped throughout Egypt. A double sounding of the Ra Ra god is used by the Aliens to describe the behavior of people everywhere who believe they will only live once and therefore they are to properly achieve a one and only success for themselves in every culture of our world. This is so they will be happy about being formidable in this life only. This topic is on page 253 of my book ENOS.

This book is already written in my head. I know exactly what this book will contain.

My second book proposal is actually about a commercially viable writing.

I have been writing my recent blogs as a diary to showcase some amazing new finds (Findings) for our world. The list of these is quite intriguing to me. The list of my diary blog items headings can be a title and subject for the chapters of such a book that can appeal to basic mass book readers. This book coming from me alone is no good but if science and religious experts of the community at large were to want to explore what my new writings ‘Findings’ were portending then a new book like this would be in the offing. Still (this is so obvious), no publisher will want to do this book. I do have something new now that should make this possible. I have two new “Findings” that I am trying to deal with. A ‘Finding Sentence’, or a finding, is a mysterious bit of knowledge/wisdom that I will be privy to. I know a ‘Finding Sentence’ when I have one when it will not go away from a very specific feeling of real truth that will come over me… that will accompany such a find. I will wait for such a finding to fail but if it does not then I know I have a new ‘Finding Sentence’.

What I have are two new Findings about the U. S. Presidential election that are going to put it all on the line for me. I am afraid of this. I really have two new Findings about the U.S. Presidential election coverage ? I believe so.

My first Finding said this … “You have to ??? the election results” I cannot recall the actual word that was used in this sentence but it has to do with a recounting of the results of the recent presidential election in the U.S. This ‘Finding Sentence’ is implying that there is something wrong with the given results.

My second Finding said this … “Donald Trump will not be President of the United States.” This one came to me just like this. Now I did it. This is what I said to myself.

So, my second book could be billed as an adventure with a heady title like … “Exploring the unknown with George Forss Findings.”


Here is a list of my recent Findings data on my blog ( >>> forssblog <<<) ….

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Can this writing be construed as being the catalyst for another new blog I will write ? How can I accept my latest Findings, though, knowing that I am probably acting out these as Findings when they may be just some wish fulfillment on my part ? We are all impressed with Donald Trump all of a sudden. He is a purposeful warrior of some kind who knows how to win. I tell people that trump is a New Yorker. This counts for something good. I do not follow any politic. I voted for Hillary because Bernie Saunders said we should do so. I am a Socialist for a one world kindly order somehow.

I do know a ‘Finding’ in my head when one comes to me … and these never fail ! I am just a normal error prone person but I am also the kind of perfect fool that the universe God Force can communicate with. I know this. I know my Findings are like Gospel.

Thanks for your time,

George Forss


I do not want to tell who my publisher is just yet. I have a fear that I may be in trouble because of the new ‘Findings’ I write about here. I will know right away what my new status is.

I have some new pictures of NYC attached that were taken with my smart phone. I find that there is a special magic in the pictures I take with this instrument. I have an entertaining sarcastic eye with my smart phone.

Thanks for your time !



New sneakers


A new book to read


A sign of our times


Graffiti wall boards


Chinatown bakery


Fish in a storefront window