The phenomenon of the perfect fool in life

13 Nov

The phenomenon of the perfect fool in life

This is an extremely important phenomenon in life because it gives the ongoing forces involved with some new developments in the human genome a special person to work with. Yes. This is the only type of person that the universe can communicate with (one of its own). This is so because such a person is more fully alive in their naturally created state than most other people and this person will have also made a connection to such an authoritative power through the means of a childlike prayer or vow.

I believe there is a supernatural force for excellence and all that can be attributed to excellence that abounds in all beings. This force can be ascribed to The Aliens, God, The Buddha, The God Force, a faultless authority, a force for betterment, the all of all, the great kokammunda, Orenda, or any other word phrase that is used to describe such a species – changing moulding authority. We are all fools in life to some degree but there will be a foolish person involved in becoming a working tool of the universe.

This is a person who will be a perfect fool. This person will be involved in the very forces of Chance without knowing so ! I say that Chance is a Force.

Am I saying that I am such a special person ? Yes and No. There is nothing so special about a perfect fool person. This one inadvertently made a really dumb but special vow on June 28, 1976 that connected me to a God Force phenomenon. This is special. I know many people in my life that I can describe as being perfect fools. Yeah Yeah People who are fools more than the success oriented Blossom Type of a person. A Blossom Type is a person that dominates all of our cultures in modern life. I know that all the wild life creatures are perfect fools. We all know this. We know that wild animals are so stupid and vulnerable to let us do whatever we want to do to them. It turns out that there is a human person equivalent to this. There will be a person in society who will feel a calling to be a catalyst for change. This can actually be a person who wants to be a martyr for a great new cause they are sure about.

Am I a martyr ? No way. At least not willingly so. I am so happy in my life with my mania connection to some kind of God Force. I am happy that that I am getting away with my mania for so long. These are new times in human evolution. I know this. I can feel the truth of it all. There is this kind of a perfect fool warrantee in society now. PERFECT FOOLS UNITE ! Hah. This situation of my being a perfect fool is funny to me. I am just like any playful animal in life. I get a kick out of my ‘finds’. My great book ENOS is full of fun. I actually went too far in this ‘fun’ writing. It is not publishable.

(Not yet)

Now, we know animals and humanity were originally designed to function well in the ongoing slow moving evolution of species in Nature. We too are supposed to be just like all the creatures of the wild living as creatures in a beautiful and long lasting way. We are hybrid with a relatively new mentality, though, that is here now. This is a new intelligent being in the Earth Garden that is new to this place and we are now a being that has gotten too smart for this Earth Garden. Mind you, we were told by our proper authority to not eat of the forbidden fruit. We were told this in our Bible scripture but we sinned and this started the ball of modern science rolling in an unstoppable way.

What happened here to bring humanity about in such an untoward way is very simple to me. I have found in my most recent ‘Findings’ starting in late 2014 about our creature universe. It is that we were forcibly captured to be here from another universe ! I believe that we are to ultimately profit from this advent if we can survive in the way of a slow adherence to the proper workings of evolution.

We need to find a way to get back to a Godhead state in human affairs. Our future is not about one of our great cultures becoming the supreme force on the planet. I believe this. I have a new idea of my own foolish self (not a Finding) that I think would work as a new book. This may be something that is publishable coming from me ? Look at all the Findings that happened in the period of late 2014 to the present. These present an unmistakable body of new science logic that people may want to explore.

I recommend a look at these. You can scroll backwards through my past blogs to do this. Just looking at the heading titles of each one is interesting. I have a list of them here …


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January 22, 2016                                         New science about human origins

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Here are some recent pictures I like …


G Forss  Farm Field Panorama  Late Summer 2015 smaller file

Nancy’s farm panorama


Farm vegetables still life

G Forss Boy on church steps small file

Woodstock Vermont  One picture play


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