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Ginofor Gallery Theater of the Arts

30 Oct

I have been making some changes my gallery recently to enhance the theater effect of my business in my Main Street store property. The flier below explains …



I am getting some responses to this flier. I am happy about this.

We all need to think carefully about the ways that we can run a business.  For me, I want to not have to become so blatantly crass about my business.  I want my theater to be a bit of an escape from all of this. It is easy for me because I am sort of retired and I live in my gallery building.  I am able to reduce the prices for much of the art in my gallery by as much as 40%.  The artist still gets as much a profit as they would in a regular gallery business.

I have some new Fall Season pictures around my town of Cambridge to show here.  You can buy a collectable Post Card size print of my images for $5.  I can make one on the spot !  Cambridge is a pleasant relief from the Rat Race.  Come and visit.


Farm field and hill behind the Laundromat


Red tree on Ave. B


Colors of Fall in 2016


Red and Orange trees behind the Laundromat


Fall leaves last stand

George Forss  38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY  12816  518 677-3288



A Force for Betterment

6 Oct

A Force for Betterment

I believe there is a force for betterment that governs the initial creation of every living thing in a way that can guarantee a forthright strength and beauty of it all in its proper placement for a very long time. In all of the workings of Nature we can see this force in operation.

In our modern world though, we hardly know this. We only know the workings of our amazing smartness about science, religiosity, technological inventions, chemistry, political convictions, social media, new and newer modes of behavior and dress, etc.

We really cannot help ourselves in the area of our social and economic betterment in the long run with such an array of accompanying conglomerations of sheer smartness in our fast moving world of changes.

I do have a sounding phrase in my mind that can express the frenzy of all of this …


What are we supposed to do ? Are we supposed to close all of this down and retreat into the wild we can get our jollies throwing spears at each other again ?

I think we need to focus on a triangle of purity involving the three ideals of living … Natural – Spiritual – Creative … in life and not so much an exclusivity for the modern ideals of Modern business of being … Commercial – Professional – Popular … all the time.

We need to have a basic respect for the dignity of humanity and the sanctity of life.

OK Enough out of me. I have some new B & W film pictures attached here …

I have a view of some meters on the side of a building next door to mine that is a visual, sort of, of all I am saying above.

My neighbor store, Jack’s Outback, told me about this scene and how some wild plants were behaving around the electric meters on his building.

I also have a farm field scene in Cambridge that I like because it shows our ‘Two Tops’ mountains in the background. I used an old Kodak Medalist camera for this scene. I did something tricky that can only be done with a camera that can advance its film manually with a round red window on its back. I have a straight on view of this scene as well.

There is a special beauty to film pictures in the way that film can record very likable tonalities in a picture scene.


The Encroachment of Nature vs., Intellective Humankind   Galvin 6×8 Camera


The Encroachment of Nature vs., Intellective Humankind Linhof/ Symar 4×5 camera


Two Tops  Two Times  Kodak Medalist 6×9 camera


Farm Field with Two Tops mountain  Kodak Medalist camera


The Encroachment of Nature vs., Intellective Humankind   Smart Phone



For comparison, I also have a smart phone picture of Jack’s wild plants. You can say that smart phone is all we need for picture taking these days. Yes, but what happens next, and next, and next ? Are we going too fast (too greedy about making money with gadgets) ? The answer is NO. There is something else going on. We are not able to stop what we are doing, which is going faster and faster while our home, The Earth Garden, is declining in its native life force energy.

The solution has to be a fundamental one that will not need to change all the time. We can call what we are doing ‘Progress’ but what are we progressing toward ?

I am aware of a good set of changes that will remedy our situation for the better (for a betterment). We have to buy out the poor, so to speak. We can only do this by instituting a new Bill of Rights involving a basic human being. I cannot go into much detail here. You will know more in future blogs … and in my past blogs !  People who know me already know what I am about in this regard.


George Forss  38 West Main Street Cambridge NY 12816  518 6773288