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Fun with Smart Phone technology

17 Sep


Nancy’s farm field near and far focus


I am working with a Smart Phone and I have discovered some really neat things about such a device aside from its main feature of being a great phone system.


I will list the ‘things’ that only a smart phone can do and then put a few pictures here to illustrate …

You do not need a tripod with a smart phone.  Using a tripod (or having the phone pressed against a stationary surface) will not work.  The phone has image stabilization that has to come into play (it needs to not be so stationary).

A smart phone will focus on everything near and far in every picture it takes.  No auto focus is needed.

A smart phone can make 3D effect pictures.

A smart phone stops activity in every picture it takes.  If someone is flying through the air this person will be frozen and sharp.


I am only concerned with picture taking with a Smart Phone here.



Long jump at school


Swimmer legs frozen half in the water


Swimmer caught in mid air

G Forss My feet at the beach small file.jpg

3D legs at the beach


Close focus everywhere sexy vegetables

G Forss  Old Birch Tree Trunk  small file.jpg

Dimensional Old Birch Tree


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