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Cars I like – Classic cars by my door

15 Jul

G Forss  1937 Jaguar going away with passengers small file

1937 Jaguar with owner and granddaughter hiding

All through the years that I have owned my gallery there have been some really neat classic cars that I would see suddenly parked in the front of my building or at the front of a large antique center building next door to me.

Just look at what I just saw in front of my store ! I saw this 1937 Jaguar car. I got a camera and went outside to take a picture of this car before it left the scene here.

The owner saw me taking a picture of his vehicle and stood by to let me finish. I found myself exclaiming this phrase suddenly, as I was looking at his Jaguar …

“This has got to be the ultimate of ultimates !”

I told him I was the owner of the gallery and I thanked him for letting me take pictures of his vehicle. I photographed the Jaguar from the front and the rear. I thanked him and went back inside my gallery rather sheepishly. The man followed me in with his adorable granddaughter and started looking around at my art collection.

This is when I decided I was going to have to get real bold. I wanted to take more pictures of his car with him and his granddaughter in it as he was driving away ! He said I could do this. I said it would be really neat if I could get another picture as he was leaving the curb, with his granddaughter, and with the cars headlights on ! He agreed to do this and I got the picture you see above. Notice that the man’s granddaughter cannot be seen completely, only the top of her head is showing over the cars dashboard.

I like the picture this way. I think it is somewhat better if we do not see the granddaughter’s face for some spiritual reason. Yes.

I have another classic car picture here of a 1956 Rolls Royce sedan. This is the ultimate comfy drive I am sure. I wanted to show details of the body contours of this car in an undistorted way so I photographed it in B&W three times and stitched my three pictures together in Adobe Elements. This car has a light blue body that is quite stunning. The owner got this car in a will from her mother and drove it up here from Florida.


In amazing “Tink’s” garage nearby I saw a 1939 Chevy sedan that I have illustrated in an old Theater Playbill from 1939. I thought it would be fun to photograph Tink’s rusty gold wreck in his yard together with my 1939 NYC Theater Playbill booklet’s 1939 advertisement for this car. I got my favorite model, Donna, to hold open the ad page of this booklet in front of the Chevy in Tink’s yard.

Again, I was looking out of my gallery front door and … “Whoa !” I saw a black 1941 Buick sedan parked in the front of my place all of a sudden. I went outside with a camera and started to photograph this car. I took a broadside picture with a Canon digital and another B&W picture with a Canon Rebel film camera. I tell people (some ‘pros’ that I know) that the last film cameras that Canon made are really the greatest 35mm film cameras to use because these incorporate Canon’s EOS technology and they have the lens mounting that is prevalent on the newer digital cameras that Canon makes. I discovered that the prime lens on the old film camera’s is the same one used on the new digital cameras … AND this lens on E bay will sell for $49. while a new one in their catalogue will sell for a few hundred ! The same lens ?

Next I had to photograph a brand new car. This is a Chevy ‘Spark’ car that caught my eye. This is Pam’s new car. Pam is a friend that bought this car by traded in her classic Monty Carlo car as part of the deal. I always admired her Monty Carlo. It is a valued ‘fix er up’ classic car these days. Did I ever photograph this car ? No.

I wanted to photograph the ‘Spark’ when I saw Pam and her new car by a local laundry place in town. This car is a ‘Grabber’. I positioned Pam’s car in front of a farm field as my background. I did a two picture stitching for this shot. I call this car Pam’s green machine. The green coloration is the feature of this car as well as it’s cool lines and shape.

I wonder, when I look at this picture, what this scene would look like in about 200 years. The farm field may still be the same but what kind of vehicle would be parked here ?

Next is my own would be classic car. In my picture you can see my baby blue 2000 Mercury Marquee. This is a special edition model for this year. This is an eye catcher. I notice that a lot of people are looking at Donna and me when we are driving this car around. In my picture Donna is posing as the queen of England on a tour. The Queen is waving her white-gloved hand out of the rear window of this car in her usual manner when she is on tour. Can you see a semblance of a chauffer in the driver’s seat. I did some careful cloning in Adobe to get this affect.

Is this car going to become a ‘Classic’ ? No. I have it on good authority that this Ford product, my Mercury, is not so wanted by classic car collectors. The police like this car ! This Ford version of this car is still the mainstay of police cars. This basic model has been running for 20 or so years. If you have to patrol in this car (practically live in it) you will understand why it is so desired. This car has the best ride and comfortable interior room … and 25 miles to the gallon … and power to chase after the bad guys. My car has a 4.7 litre V8 engine.

Selling George Forss ! Yes. I am selling 8 1/2 x 11 prints of my pictures for $20. plus $4 shipping. I can print any picture you see on my blogs. I use the best Epson archival paper and inks. I have a running slide show of my pictures on a large flat screen TV that is showing about 75 of my newest pictures in my gallery. If someone wants a picture they are looking at I can pause the slide show and we can study the picture further. Then, if a print is wanted, I can make one in about 15 minutes.

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G. Forss  Rolls Royce  3 Stitch Lexmark sml File

G Forss  1939 Chevy001 small file


G Forss  1941 Buick face  2015 small file

G Forss 1941 Buick small file

G Forss Pam's Chevy Spark in Farm field scene copy

G Forss  The Queen is Here  2000 Mercury Limo small file B

G Forss  1937 Jaguar rear view small file