A Flying Saucer during our full moon solstice party

29 Jun
Hi Phyllis and Mitch,
I have picture of the medalist camera with the lens extended out.  It is uncanny how a smart phone can focus near and far at the same time.  Also – YIKES – these phones may be able to capture a view of a flying saucer creature in a  given vicinity while people in the same area will not be able to see such a thing ?
I have pictures to show what happened.  To explain … We had a solstice party at Nancy Krauss farm.  We put Adirondack chairs in a row facing the rising full solstice moon.  I have six pictures to show what happened.
My first picture shows the rising moon next to a tall tree on the property.  This is OK and a big so what.  I could see that the smart phone could do little with the complete darkness we were in.
For my second picture I got up from my chair and went behind everyone so I could take another picture with the camera’s flash ability.  The flash would not go off at full power but it gave off a wide band of steady low light. I took a picture in this light.
For my third picture, I was back in my chair and I took another picture of the moon with this large tree.  This is when I noticed later, after reviewing my new pictures, that there was something else in this scene.  It looked like a saucer disk rising up out of the far wooded hill scene. I did not think too much of this until I saw my next picture (my second flying saucer picture)  NOW I was getting real curious !
None of us saw with our naked eye vision saw anything like this.  So, in my second flying saucer picture flying saucer like disk was up in the sky next to the moon !
In my third flying saucer picture, when I continued to check my smart phone picture files, the  saucer was in a different position !  None of us saw anything like this with our naked eye vision.  We were busy talking and smoking and drinking telling all about our adventures and  I even heard a baby crying coming from another Smart phone. I made a joke out of this as I sipped my drink, saying … “Did someone just give birth ?”
I took a fourth picture from my chair and some more. I was still trying to get the flash to work. Well, when I check this fourth picture I saw the flying saucer creature again in another position This one had a car headlamp on the road.  I was also trying to capture a car going bye at night with my moon pictures. I did not expect see what I got when I reviewed all my pictures. I got four views if this saucer from my sitting in my chair position and each time the thing had moved to a new position.
I showed the picture I got to my friends alongside me and they were astonished. They think I should report what I have to the news and some authority.
Tune in next week,
P.S.  I think Flying saucers are a kind of living creature that has always been here.  I think the new world tech smart phone can be used to do ghost hunting and flying saucer visualizing !
G Forss Watching the full solstice moon 2016 small file
G Forss  Moon rise over Nancy's farm small file
G Forss First view of saucer Nancy's farm 2016 small file
G Forss Second view of saucer small fileG Forss Third view of saucer small file
Fourth view of saucer with car headlight
 I copied an e mail that I sent to people to serve as a report of my Flying Saucer happening.
I do not want to believe that such a thing is true or not.  I only saw this “Saucer” when I checked my picture files later.
I think it is very easy to finally bring this whole matter of flying saucers being with us or not to a close.
Let all see (for the first time !) an actual Gray Alien body or some actual debris from a  saucer crash.  Why not ?
All of our worlds governments say that they have alien bodies and some debris in a special place where they can be preserved.  Mind you, none of these governments, agree on anything else.  They do agree that they (all of them) SHOULD HIDE THIER FINDS FROM THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

2 Responses to “A Flying Saucer during our full moon solstice party”

  1. sandymorgan258 July 5, 2016 at 10:53 pm #

    Interesting photos. I have always believed that there are UFO’s and aliens among us. Are we so superior in our thinking that we believe we are the only planet that is populated? Love your photography and your text.

  2. Do It (@doitpk) December 30, 2016 at 5:01 pm #

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