The Introduction of a Terror Alarm device

17 Jun

This is an emergency blog !

We have to stop the violence in a sure way without political reasons involving the right to bear arms and a host of human rights agendas trying to hold sway.

I get my best ideas in the night at a time I refer to as ‘The magic Hour’.

I have something that is more than a notion, or a sudden idea that I have been working out.  I woke up with a very sound idea that I do not credit to my own brain storming. I have something completely original, albeit a genuine ‘Finding Sentence’.  If you know me  you will know what I am about.


We have to have a device like a smoke alarm,  a carbon monoxide alarm and a bugler alarm that will enact a sure remedy when it is alerted.  It has to do more than just being a signal about a problem.



I had a new complete blog about such a device but my blog failed. I think I spent too much time writing this new blog out ? I find it is always better to do some writing over again (anyway) when I lose my new writing suddenly, somehow ? It is like fate stepping in and saying …
“This is no good. You have to do it over again.”

I spent 2 ½ hours working on the blog that failed. Phooey …

I think we can create a Terror Alarm device that will stop the activity of some awful violence about to happen in a fast, safe and effective way. This new Terror Alarm would get triggered just like a Smoke Alarm, a Carbon Monoxide Alarm and a Burglar Alarm. This is a very important device to incorporate in schools, airports, theaters, clubs and in all public places where many people will be congregating.

What does such a device do when it is activated ? This device can be programmed to respond to the sound of a gunshot and also to a verbal command that is spoken out loudly. The command could be a simple two word phrase. The phrase would have to spoken out loudly two times or by a group of people.

One like this … “Terror Alarm !”

When the Terror Alarm device is activated it will send out a large spray of a chemical mix that will suddenly disable everyone within its activity realm. This will be a harmless intoxicant that will render everyone unconscious for about two hours or so. This will stop the terrorist quickly and save many lives.
The Terrorist Alarm will also signal the local law enforcement authorities who will arrive at such a scene to arrest the unconscious terrorist and figure everything out.

Is it possible to create such a chemical mix ? In these modern times I will assume that there is such a mix. I go by the ‘Findings’ I receive. I got a ‘Finding’ that is saying that we need to do something like this to thwart the current Blossom World phenomenon of there being a group of people who want to murder innocent people. These are people who are innocent of not having the strict hard core belief system that the terrorist has. So a new kind of ‘Terror Alarm’ system device will be beneficial in stopping terrorist who want to kill people along with themselves for some world wide publicity. This will also prevent a terrorist from dying at the hands of the ’Enemy’ so they can go to heaven.

A Terror Alarm device could become mandatory in schools, airports, government offices, etc. and the Terror Alarm device can also be purchased for home and business usage. Each one will have an automatic police signaling capability according to where the device is to be used.

The police could use a weapon like version of the device to quell an armed assailant in any police action taking place anywhere. This would save the life of a criminal involved in such a situation. This device will stop a would be terrorist who wants get involved in a murder plot thinking they will then be killed in any kind of police shootout activity. When it is known around the world that the police have a new policy of not trying to kill an assailant … that the police will be using a Terror Alarm device to stop them … then this will cut down the activity of publicity seeking martyrs greatly.

After a terrorist commit’s a dastardly crime of killing as many people as possible they really do not want to be alive to answer to the world.

I know that my idea for a device like this may have already been considered and discounted but we have to do something to quell the new kind of violent carnage going on in our world.

Think about this: For an individual ‘quick murder’, if a small pocket size Terror Alarm is on the would be terror victim, a gunshot will trigger the device and the assailant will be unconscious and then arrested !

I have some new pictures to illustrate to here to brighten the mood of this blog …

G Forss  Memorial day pride  small file

G Forss A colorful moment in the Memorial Day parade small file

G Forss  Seven balloons over my town small file

G Forss  Sad House Lost Love small file

My pictures are from a recent memorial parade in my town and also Hot Air balloons over the town and I took a picture of a sad house that was vacated after a marriage failed. I put myself in this picture by setting my camera’s self timer and getting in position as you can see in this picture.

I have been selling my pictures as a special offering because I got two boxes of Epson 100% rag printing paper form a friend ! The price for an 8 1/2 X 11 print is $20. plus $4 shipping.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 518 677-3288

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