The workings of a genuine ‘Finding Sentence’

10 Jun

The Workings of a genuine ‘Finding Sentence’

Please note: Before I get into my blog subject I want to tell people on my e mail lists that I did not set up the link of my blog that has been coming to you. I may have inadvertently done this while I was sending my blogs to my Facebook people ? I do not push my thinking on others unless there is some interest in what I am doing. I am very sorry for this.

A lot of people though are telling me that they do like my blog coming in their e-mail. To stop this, please simply click a window notice that comes with my blog to stop it from coming to your e-mail. I think this is the thing to do in this matter.

My Facebook is actually gone now ? I had to renew it recently and it just does not work ? Don’t you worry. I am a happy fool. I revel in all that is going on around me. My adventure with the Yin and Yang forces of the universe is my thing.


In my last blog I decided to take out a ‘Finding Sentence’ that had just come to me because I reasoned that it was just too much to have at the end of one of my lengthy blogs. Now I find that I have to get it back. I deleted it after I reviewed the writing I did for this blog.

What the heck is a ‘Finding Sentence’ ?

I believe we are all connected to a source of pure logic, sort of, that will connect to our very mortal intellects in an almost imperceptible way. I believe that I have a connection too this source but not by a choice decision on my part. I do get a kind of

‘Finding Sentence’ in my head at times and it is always by surprise and it will go away completely is I do not record it quickly.

Well, I want to get the ‘Finding Sentence’ from my last blog back because it pertains to the subject of this blog.

I have some new photo images too illustrate here that are the opposite of the new Smart Phone images I illustrated in my last blog. Big deal, right ? It is a big deal to me.

Here is the ‘Finding Sentence’ that kind of reappeared in my mind a bit … enough so that I may be able to put the ‘sentence’ of such a finding together after all. My findings are always in the form of a complete sentence. I know these because they are not of any volition of my own … my own mortal type of reasoning.

“I worthy offering of any kind that has a degree of high effectiveness will always have a contrary offering nearby that has the same high effectiveness.”

You can see why I wanted to take this out. Hah !

The thing is that I have some images to illustrate that are wrought in a ‘opposite’ way, against the way that my first worthy (worthy to me) images were wrought.

I have some very traditional type of photo images here that do have what I perceive as having an equal amount of high effectiveness. Instead of being so automatically ‘instant’ … readily viewable, instantly focused, aperture and light exposure configuring and downloadable to a computer as an image file, etc.

I had to process some films and then scan my new negatives with a film scanner … and then carefully fix the resulting images to illustrate them as best I possibly can. I have to go through this last (time consuming) fix stage with my new Smart Phone images as well. I even have to make a best possible 8 1/2 inch darkroom print of a wanted image so that I can then scan it for an optimal quality picture file when I scan this print.

Why bother with film cameras ? We cannot even get films any more unless we go to a special place for films on the web.

Film pictures can have a magical charm with light gathering beauty and a slow gradation of tonalities, so much so that one is forced to use traditional photo imaging practises to get a so wanted result. I think you will see what I mean in the images I have for this blog (Shut me up).

I have a 4×5 negative double exposure picture and some 1942 Kodak Medalist 6×9 camera pictures.

The 4×5 negative picture was exposed in a late 1940’s Crown Graphic camera. This picture is a view of the Hudson River in the Adirondack Park together with a picture taken of an old house.

One of the Medalist pictures is a double exposure study of a

large cross that was canted up against the side of a church in Cambridge. This cross was a very ‘eye catching’ subject for me. There was something about the way it was resting on one of its ‘arms’ and the foot bottom of this cross on top of a pile of debris.

An another Medalist picture is a study of a vacated home I was intrigued by. I know the family a bit, enough to know that their marriage didn’t work out. The family split up and the husband lived in the house for a while and then he just walked away from it.

After a couple of years the house looked really sad. For my picture I put myself the picture as a very sad man. I set off the time exposure mechanism of the Medalist camera while I got into the position you see in this picture.


George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816

518  677-3288

G Forss Adirodack Dream House dbl exp small file

G Forss  Baptist Church cross dble exp small file

G Forss  Sad House Lost Love small file

G Forss  I do not need this cross anymore  Ist Go phone pix small file



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  1. donnawynbrandt July 7, 2016 at 12:24 am #

    nice, george,thank you.

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