A connection between the God self and a force for excellence (Orenda)

6 Jun

A connection between the God self and a force for excellence (Orenda)

I know that the level of readily acceptable reasoning in all of my writings is probably way off. I do not know how to put all the wisdom (my view) of my ‘Findings’ in clearer way ? I keep trying though. I do get some feedback for what I purport. I find that the science in my thinking is becoming clearer. My thinking is still a seemingly outlandish logic diatribe (against general popular thinking) of what I am always trying to propose as a better way for humanity to live and flourish.

Another thing … I am a Western minded character so I will use the word “God” in my writings. I do not care to extol the virtues of a God character in any human culture. I do not want to know how to do this.

Well, I do believe that there is only one force (a God Force) that is operative in the universe that quite literally governs the whole show in our earth realm. I am hoping to make this ‘clearer’ in my writing here.

I believe that this force is the source for life itself and also the source of any cultures religious beliefs. I believe that it also governs creature propensity, general love and hate emotions, a living entity’s health and good fortunes or not, art, beauty, health-wise longevity and death. I probably left something out ? The thing is that this ‘force’ is not a mindset that has an agenda of its own … even though it will always seem to have a special purposed plan coming to someone that lives in a social culture anywhere.

The truth is that this force is something that any human being can use to create an agenda of their own after they are able to foster a mere neo scientific connection to it ! Yes. I am saying that we can use a force like this to foster any kind of ‘plan’ that we want.

Indeed, is always so that a given individual human person will conjure up a new way of doing things, a new religion, a political movement, new science, etc. by connecting to this force whether this person is aware of this force or not. This is done when a special ‘religious’ premise is realized.

I have been using this force as a database ! Boy is I smart ! NO What I am doing is better than just being so smart. I have found myself operating in a special Natural/Spiritual way many years ago as an innocent fool when I simply made a child like vow to this God Force. This has connected me to so many new truths pertaining to a host of better prospects for human survival and solutions as to how we can operate AGAINST SUCH A FORCE AS THIS. I say this because this is a force that also has a mindless facility of having to quickly take out a given human culture that becomes weak in its underpinnings and cannot serve the mass of its population so well anymore ! This force will detect this and end the culture.

I am aware that this ‘force’ will put up with a rampant sector of mediocre cultural living anywhere for a short time only and then quickly end its reign. It seems as though this force is thinking about the actions it is taking but this thing does what it does ANYWAY !

I am saying that this force just gets triggered much the same way as a living entity’s immune system … that this is all that it does.

This means that this force is this universe’ immune system – Ba Da Boom – that we are all subject to it in this way. I believe that we can align ourselves to positive aspects of this force (the universe immune system) to live better and to survive for a long time in this force’s universe. The motive operand of this force is that we (the mass of any living of any kind) will have to be healthy and happy to live long in this universe. It is this simple. This is the only way to keep the God Force from taking us out.

Is this really a ‘motive’ for this force ? Lack of good health and happiness of an entire entity type does trigger the God Force immune system. Keep in mind that this ‘comeuppance’ is a process that can go on for many thousands of years or something will happen to end us in days.

Now I find I have a way for an individual human person to make connections to this force to awaken their true self nature to some degree.

How ? There are three virtues we tend to lose quickly after we are born here … that this is something that is the prescribed natural living cycle of all life form entities anyway ! As a human being we are capable of thwarting this natural process. I believe this.

So, a human baby life form is doing three basic things that it will have to end soon in order to survive. All life forms have the virtues of being truthful, having perfect godly joy and health potential and that stays with them during their infancy if they are in a perfectly natural setting. This is some needed nurturing that animals are basically born with. We, as a human entity type though (and animals that we make ‘softies’), are born with less of this. We are hyper sensitive because we are connected to a New God that makes us human at all. We are simply too smart and sensitive to keep the natural worlds birth splay virtues during our infancy. This will account for a human baby being happy like newborn animals only for a very short time. I think it is about the age of five-year or so when a human being learns quickly how to lie so well. This ‘baby’ human being though is capable of knowing what to do to garner its original virtues after it is awakened ! This is what I say. This then will be an awakening of one’s basic joy of living again. This is what my nine action/activity steps are about. This is something we can do in our old age ! We can do this when all of our “Ra” “Ra” techniques are played out.

In doing so, with a set of particular guides, this soul is going to want to stop lying, becoming political and becoming too promiscuous. This may be a big so what ? Yes, but it is possible to get a degree of some of this baby’s natural virtuosity back … and we are the first universe creature that can do this ! This is the big deal !

There is a new science way to experience some youth and health enhancement. We can do this when we are practicing an agenda like the nine steps program I created. Look at my recent blogs to know about this. We should follow this very ancient guide all during our living …

“To thy own self be true.”

So, I suggest that you follow my nine steps as best you can and let any improvements in your physical form and health ally for you as an example. You are still going to have shuck and jive in your community.

So, just keep these practiced guides to yourself.

Yes. This kind of reawakening is something that only a human being can do. At best this will be a very positive step forward in our human evolution after all. Anyway !

Is this ‘True Self’ entity a ‘wildness’ that has to be broken ? Is this a threat to our conglomerated societies ? You can say that it is but … but … if we want to live on in the universe (this creature universe) for many millions of years than this consideration is an entirely different matter.

Look at these three ancient three word exhortations and how they can apply to the first three action/activity steps that I am purporting …

SEE NO EVIL When you take a picture of yourself in the nude every seven years you are seeing what you truly have (your body form). You will also be aware that you have to do this again in another seven years. This will get the attention of the sleeping True Self along with some remedy !

HEAR NO EVIL When you sing out the song “Don’t Get Sick” three word lyric line in the key of D … then C, … then B to yourself you will be countering some of the evil (false) audio Rat Racing verbiage that is so prominent in your life. This will get the attention of the sleeping True Self along with some remedy !

SPEAK NO EVIL When you glance at a picture of yourself when you were about five years old, that you put on display in your living room, you will be less likely to fully foster your basic ‘Trip’ in life (you’re big lie). This will get the attention of the True Self along with some remedy !

Note: This new kind of health enhancing agenda is not about muscle building, marathon running, excessive nutritional food intake or anything that involves stretching and toning the body limbs for good flexibility. This is the most noteworthy way to garner ones health in the modern world and I do not have any ‘Findings’ about this kind of agenda.

I don’t know why ?

My agenda is about reversing the trend of the body’s True self decline in life, which is a natural process … which does enhance ones youthfulness and health – anyway – in the lazy True Self way !

This is something very new and it will really work wonders for a young person to pursue the science of both ! I am a lazy intellectual. I want to think and write more than compete and fight in my life.

I find that I have been inclined to be more aware of my True Self all my life. Only in my old age am I trying to put my program before the world. I actually got a directive to this. I am obedient to the source of a directive like this. I do not think the writing I do can be said to be the product of only a brain in my head. Many experiences in my life have told me about the source for excellence in the universe and how we are tuning it in. We are not tuning this ‘Force’ in when we want to. It doesn’t work this way. I find that such a force will only work against a person’s original ‘asked for plan’ no matter what. This is why my original asked for plan is so important. I can just tune this thing out, or off, but I am afraid to do this. Be very careful when you make a serious innocent vow to the universe.

I am told that the ‘Force’ will kill me if I do not do what I originally asked for.

In late 1990 through 1991 I deliberately refused to honor this force. I reasoned like the retort I got from a smart friend. My friend told me to make all the money I can with my new found fame as a photographer and then I can afford to publish my religious writings with some smart marketing … that this is how all great modern writings get to have a world wide fame. So, I went on a tour of Canada as my new photo project.

This did not work. I wasn’t able to make good money with my Canada pictures no matter what I did. I also knew that I had to get back to my vow writings, like I am doing now. I decided to be the innocent fool the universe can work with again. I was prompted to get back to this head-trip. I could feel the weight of my possible end in this life in late 1991! I was in a very bad mindset.

What would my friend have to say about me now ? My friend Jerry Wishnie died three years ago. He knew I was back to my Mania again. He did not reiterate on my return to the kind of writing I do these days.

Jerry was the smartest person I have known in the way of him always being so open minded and honest about everything. I got all kinds of sound advice from Jerry that still garners my efforts to this day. He was living vicariously through me (all the cockamamie things I do). He told me this. He said he was a helpless procrastinator in life. He liked to look at James Bond Movies. Jerry was living vicariously through these movies as well.

So what ! I learned a lot from him.

I don’t have any more preaching to do today. I wanted to answer some new queries.

I have some fun ‘Findings’ about smart phone photography with picture attachments. Yeah. I have a smart phone to play with now.

Did you know that a Smart Phone fires its shutter at a very high speed … enough to stop a flying broad jumper in mid air ! I also have a young, pivoting, shot put lady frozen in three pictures during one of her shot puts.

I also have another ‘Finding’ that shows a smart phone picture with everything in the picture being sharp, from near to far. How does this type of camera do these things ? My lazy True Self knows already. If feel if I get too smart about this situation I will lose my ability to connect to the “Orenda” phenomenon.

Another thing … If you try to steady your smart phone so that it is perfectly still during a picture taking the picture will be blurred. How do I know these things ? uh … I better shut up already. I have new old-fashioned traditional pix coming that are equally good to view / study.


G Forss WP Long jump at school 3 small file

G Forss WP Shot put at school 1

G Forss WP Shot put at school 2

G Forss WP Shot put at School 3

G Forss  Maria katz tattoo at parade small file

G Forss WP_20160530_10_41_20_Pro

G Forss 'Selfie'  portrait in a mirror small file


I can fix a picture if it is off in its original state.  In the instance when I took the

picture of Maria above, Maria’s head is cropped off a bit and I needed more space under her outstretched arm with the tattoo.

I can fix a picture like this.  Look at my two samples here !  I added more space above Maria’s head and more picture space under here outstretched arm.  I am good at this.

I do this in my business.  If  you have a picture you are found of and you can see my technique for improving it send me a email of it an I will return both your original and the improved version as an e mail file from me.

I can also work on a print (not larger than 81/2 X 11).. I will post your original and a new fixed picture print.

My price for either way is $35.  including postage.

Note: All my images are selling for $20.($4. postage) for an 11x 14 deluxe 100 rag print.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery   38 West Main Street Cambridge NY 12816

georgeforss28@gmail.com   518 677-3288

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