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The How and Why of waking up the True Self

20 May

G Forss  Selfie with a smart phone in a mirror B&WThe How and Why of waking up the True Self

I got some response from my last blog and I want to respond to a couple of queries. Someone wants to know what I look like and another person wants to know … uh … is telling me how big my ego must be.

I have a good policy to follow in my output of new truthful findings.

I think we should issue anything that is new and knowing that is good for humanity right away. I think we should also do this without getting lined up with a lawyer and a business marketing gambit that will enable us to ‘cash in’ on our inventions by starting a new ‘catchy’ fad somehow.

The truth is I do not know how to do marketing well. I do not know how to ‘cash in’ on my new stuff. I am always rushing to tell everyone about my new ‘Findings’ and other anti Rat Race notions without secretly harboring what I have until I am able to ‘Market’ my new thing effectively (being real smart about my creation) in a professional way.

All of this does seem like a loser’s ego trip ? So what ! I think I have something good for humanity that will do some good. The truth is that I have to believe that a world of true justice for all is possible.

How ? I believe waking up the Child Self, the Truthful Self, or the God Self (what I say are a triangle of virtues we are all born with) is the key to someone’s youth enhancement. The description of the above triangle of virtues is not a creation of my intelligence or my ego. All of the ‘Findings’ (truths) in my writings have special insights about humanity. I find that I must record them even though the science of them is not known to me … BUT BUT … some kind of Faultless Authority I am able to communicate with knows all this … knows everything … and has told me about my youth enhancing techniques. The first three I cite in my nine steps have been known to me for a long time. The next six are relatively new to me because they are a variation of some wisdom I have been writing about for a long time.

How ? I know we cannot communicate too readily with the ‘True Self’. This is a term I now use for the trio of virtues I find in the Child Self, the Truthful Self and the God Self in a human being.

So … When a person has a picture of himself or herself when they were five years old on display, in the home. When a person takes a picture of himself or herself in the nude every seven years. When a person sings the three word exhortation “Don’t Get Sick” every so often. Then I say they will ‘in fact’ begin to tune the true attentions of the creature at the moment of our birth (The True Self) to some degree and this will show in a person’s better immunity to aging, chronic illness and an enhancement of a godly joy.

This creature is also known as the ‘Birth Splay’ entity in my writings (The Aliens say so in my book ENOS). This original person of us would naturally want to live a carefree, fully awake, life like all the natural creatures of the universe. This person will want to procreate and play doing its creature thing, but the riggers of being born into a modern world of Blossom societies can make this True Self soul want to sleep instead.

This creature, though, can be awakened and then we can know (intuitively) how to live in a better balance with life and death struggles. I think this is a good thing to do to counter all the worries, health problems and psychological illness of a human being in modern life. This awakened creature can live happily, having a degree of youthfulness for most of its life and especially about being happy and mindlessly joyful in life.

With a new awareness like this, as a new ‘mindset’, we will be more knowing about our very survival in the universe. This is how it is known somehow by an animal doing its thing again and again … again, again and again through the eons of time along with such a creature’s many mishaps and death. I say we can awaken this better health and youthfulness sleeping soul of us.

For the naturally wild creatures of the universe this is a scenario that is justifiably wanted. For humanity, though, we think such a primitive way of living is just too crude for our sensitivities and tastes. We are a product admixed with a special new and arduous fastidious God just like I have been prophesying in my writings. This is our situation.

I think the nine steps in my last blog will open up an avenue that will connect us to our original ‘Birth Splay’ self. This will be something we can revel in with a new youth enhancing energy and perfect (stupid) joy from now on.

Being secure in this way in the Rat Race, with this new kind of youthfulness is a chore. If you are an older person, though, with some financial security, this can be a practice that will revitalize you while you are about in your new purple shoes ! You will be unconditionally alive no matter how ‘old’ you are, especially if you are younger looking somehow !

I have a new picture of myself attached here. I took this picture with a smart phone looking at myself in a bathroom mirror. I look young enough and dopey enough for someone who is 75 years old.

Here is the simple truth: I believe (I find) that a person’s health, youthfulness and happiness is automatically attained. I think this is the condition one will be in after they follow the action steps of this writing. I believe a person will be in a better state when they are being blanked minded and carefree about so many strict orders of conformity we are always following. There is a Rat Race condition we are in when we are no longer a carefree soul because we are following a tirade of needlessly complicated societal, business, and health regimens in all our societies.

It is all very much like the movie “Citizen Kane”. This amazing crafty Capitalist ran his True Self down trying to realize what he had before. This happened when some big business tycoon took him away from his, happy enough, life with his simple family … in a moment. This was when he experienced an abrupt departure from the fun he was having with “Rosebud” … his trusty sled in the snow.

How ? I know that there is a kind of force for excellence, good health and life long youthfulness around us at all times and all we have to do is tap into it ! I know this.

I know we cannot do this by being smart in the way of our ill science intelligence alone. This is so because we have to ‘let this force’ activate through us while we are being rather stupid (innocent). I am not kidding.

We have to be too smart all the time in the Rat Race, but we can get some freedom from its confinements when we are more financially secure.

I believe we will find a way to secure the living of all human beings in the near future. I believe we are going in this direction anyway. I believe we will find a way to use a facility like I describe that can awaken the True Self. I think we will be able to do this for the betterment of humanity as a whole when we know how.

I actually am letting this force (Orenda) write for me right now ! It is very much like I am doing some automatic writing ! I know this.

Here is a clue: Notice that I said (wrote out) this three word exhortation “I know this” as I ended my sentences above. This may actually be a good way for someone to stage his or her connection to such a force. Recite this phrase to yourself when you are thinking BIG about something that you really want to do …

“I know this !” Have this saying in your mind.





New science about youth enhancement

13 May

I think that I am able to ‘call up’ some youth enhancement in my body system.  I am doing this in a new science way.  I believe so.  I am doing this in a way that is not a capability involving some modern science technology nor from some special religiosity technique.

What I am doing involves waking up the sleeping True Self.  This is the process of aging in every being’s adult years that is perfectly natural.  This is something that all beings experience (want to experience) as  a part of the basic cycle of living and then slowly dying.  We are all beautifully alive as children at first and then a kind of death wish excitement happens in the period of our puberty.  This is when we begin having all the wanted death wish ‘Jollies’ involved in the slow but sure process of our life span.

I have a new book about the science of doing something like this.  I also have a literary agent helping me with this book.  This agent does not think I will find a publisher but then she has give me some good advice anyway. She told me to call her after I sent  a proposal email about my new book.  She told me to put some action steps together that someone could follow to see what happens.

I am 75 years old.  I have experienced some bad health issues and then I began to experience some curative remedies after doing several things to awaken my child self. I began waking up my old child self (The True self) and found that this was making me look younger and I experienced a ‘hold’ on few pending old age type of things like Arthritis, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, etc.

I almost had a heart attack at the age of 71 … I broke my ankle in two places and needed a two steel plates operation … I had a crippled shoulder and neck problem and I am prone to psoriasis … other old age stuff.

Now these are gone !  My heart is good … my ankle healed itself … skin is young looking.  I can bicycle and walk a few miles and I am playing my harmonicas the way that I did when I was young.  I could not play them anymore ?


I can send my entire new writing via an e mail Wordpad file if you want.  I have eight books now.  I am hoping to get a publisher soon.


George Forss / Ginofor Gallery   38 West Main Street   Cambridge, New York  12816   518 677-3288


Follow these nine steps and see what happens.  Don’t look for ‘evidence’ at first.  Follow these and then make your ‘case’ one way or the other.



Nine steps for youth enhancement

1. Find a picture of yourself when you were about five years old and put it in a frame. Do this: Put this picture on view in a your living room area. This action will awaken a sleeping birth splay* self to want to follow your injurious escapades after all to influence your health and sense of well being spiritually. You can begin to know the sleeping True Self in your adult years in ways like these nine steps. You cannot do this in any other way.

2. Take a picture of yourself in the nude. You have to do this by yourself. There is no need to ever show this picture to anyone. Do this: Take a picture like this every seven years so that the True Self can be awakened by this activities rude shock and will affect an actual change in your Spirit Body autonomic ally. You will get skinny again.

3. Sing this three-word exhortation song out loud to yourself every now and then. It is a song of three tones in the key of D and C and then A. Do this: Sing out these three words … “Don’t Get Sick” … every day. Nobody is to hear you doing this. This activity will be a song to your True Self spirit and garner your good health.

4. Out of Mind / Out of Body All ill health forecasts stem from this actuality. Do not think you will simply will an illness away. NO Do not try to simply ignore an illness. NO Do not say to yourself … “I do not believe my illness is real ”… you are saying it is real when you do this. NO Do not pray to have the illness go away. NO

Do this: Have no fear or a ‘Belief’ in your mind about an illness, just like a dopey animal or child, and it will go away. It will go away if you simply make a courageous ‘stand’ before a forecasted illness with a blank mind while you are busy doing something rich and stirring to please your True Self. Get busy with the art of your life and get well.

5. Stop your snappy and quick Blossom Type evil smartness * This is your pride and it is not good for your health and well being. This state of mind makes the True Self want to sleep and cower. This state is the response of someone who is already afflicted with some kind of chronic illness possibility in his or her mind ! This state of mind is dangerous. Do this: Get out of this state of mind by being like a Judge who only wants godly demonstrable proof of innocence and justice in your mind’s court. Develop a pure love for this kind of mindset and you will love life.

6. Do not be so preoccupied with sheer perfectionism. This will make you ill so much so that you can become a Martyr. You can be a Saint if this is so wanted. If this is so the True Self spirit will kill you or cause others to kill you. Do this: Attain magical perfection in the way of the ‘Orenda’ * phenomenon. Let this happen. Let the universe work its magic through you while you are always having some honest fun in what you really want to do. Having to please the authority of a sophisticated Blossom Type in society too much will surely shorten your life.

7. Start following the five Spiritual Guides in my book ENOS. Do this to have a joyful and applicable assurance of true worth in your life. Apply the guide of edicts directly when you are troubled by some possible loss of a loved one, when you are dealing with an overburdening adversary, when you are away from home and your usual loving lore, when you are honoring an undertaking that is not of your best mantle and when you do not allow enough time in your life for some careful attesting of your true faith. Do this: Do not do anything at all if you are consciencelessly confused about a new greedy and unearned selfish gratification possibility.

8. Be purely happy. Do anything you can to attain this state. This is especially so if you are an older person. Do this: Do not believe that you have to do anything in a strictly conglomerated social peer pressure fashion anymore. Don’t let this be your main game in life. This will help to awaken your sleeping (CURATIVE) True Self to want to soar forth with some unpredictable delights.

9. You need a fanciful Ra Ra* to succeed in the modern world. Do not think that this is not so. Did you just declare to yourself that all my steps here are nonsense ? Stop thinking this way without a good cause.

Do this: You need a day off. Take a real day off every seven days. Don’t do any Rat Race stuff. This must be a day when you will be as selfish as you want. Let the True Self explore this day with you.

* The words (phrases) “True Self”, “Evil Smartness”, “Orenda”, “Birth Splay” and the non-word “Ra Ra” (my Alien contact sounding) are new words that were needed in my writings in order to explain certain profound and exploratory phenomenon. These are further explained and defined in my writing for this book.

Note: These guides are designed to awaken the attention of a soulful sleeping True Self in a human being with the objective of bringing new life jollies and youthfulness to a person’s life again ! This awakening is an unprecedented happening. This is a new kind of ‘Spiritual’ science in my writing. Do this: Follow these guides actions and activities exactly as I indicate in these steps and let me know what happens. Let me know if nothing happens.

To end my book I will interview myself by playing the role of the Devils Advocate like I did in my first book ENOS. In this way I will get a few ‘snappy’ retorts to my claims.

When the Devils Advocate speaks his query will be encased in brackets.

[What is supposed to happen when someone follows these steps?]

I don’t know exactly. I am the only Guinea Pig for these new science edicts so far.

[How are we supposed to know if any of your ‘cures’ will work ?]

The cures involved with the special mindset I write about will not work out as a cure for someone’s illness or old age symptom’s like arthritis, diabetes, etc. if they need to be so knowing before an end result can happen. You need to be blank minded while a cure is happening. I, for instance, no longer have a Bursitis condition. I wasn’t even aware that it was gone until recently. I did notice that I had no pain in my shoulders and that I could easily raise my hands in the air all of a sudden ! I recommend following the action guides I cite here without even thinking about them too much. This is critical. Always be in a fun state of mind like a child. Enjoy doing my prescribed actions along with all the life tasks and duties that you have to do every day in no other way … anyway ! The universe does things this way.

[How do we know that you had so many afflictions that were naturally cured, as you say, like your broken ankle and heart condition ?]

Check out my health records at N.Y. Glens fall Hospital system. They will verify everything.

My eyes can be checked out to by a basic eye test. My vision has been the same for many years now ! I know that I am not the best prospect for the New Science cures I have here. I would like to see how others fare with my action steps.

[You do not look very young or too old in your quick pictures. So what is the big deal ?]

I never said it was a big deal as far as looking young again. The resurrection of ones fuller Balloon again does restore some of a person’s youth. It does fill up the ‘Balloon’ of ones body a bit. This new mindset will also maintain a person’s new health for a long time. This mindset will also stem off other pending chronic stuff in the wings, so to speak. My thirteen teeth for instance, my eyesight, general mobility capabilities, balance gyros, etc., as well as various old age arthritis and other symptoms are being held back in me. I believe this.

[Are you really enacting your ‘cures’ so well because of a lot of physical exercising and maybe Yoga ?]

There is no Yoga for me. People see me bicycling and walking around in my town and this might give an impression that I am pushing my physical limits to get healthier and stronger. There are people in my town who are health conscious in this way. The truth about me is different … and it is puzzling to me as well. I am just a lazy seer on a comfort trip … the kind that has Aliens talking to him. Hah.

I am good for a few miles of walking and bicycling now. I am happy about this. I am not trying to reach my limits physically by performing hard exercising to get healthy. I am ambitious about biking for longer distances but I did not get around to trying to do this yet. I am sitting and lazily reediting this book right now ! I do have very good elasticity in my joints and I can bend down fully to pick something up. I did not have this elasticity in my physicality in the recent past. I believe we can all get healthy by playfully resurrecting air in our body ‘Balloons’.

[What does any of what you are saying have to do with an older person taking a picture of himself or herself in the nude ? What if they cannot even stand up ? If they do, should they put such a picture on display ?]

It is only the ‘activity’ of doing something like this that will enact a benefit. A person could thereafter throw their picture away. An older person should not put such a picture on display. We strip naked for our doctors so that they can see our bodies and utilize instruments that measure various health wise indicators. By doing something like this we are showing, visually, the condition of our bodies ‘Spiritually’ to the ‘True Self’. Somehow this is so.

I say try my nine steps anyway. If you cannot stand up … wait … don’t even have this in your mind ! After you do stand up you will note some good changes … anyway. This word “Anyway” is the greatest word to describe what the universe is doing all the time … ANYWAY !

[You say your ‘Findings’ never fail. What failing ‘Findings’ would end your, so-called, mania ?]

If we find other life forms anywhere in the cosmos and if the ancient Gods return. I also have a new ‘Finding’ saying there are no Alien bodies in our world. So, if we find life somewhere else, if the Gods return, or one of our world’s governments shows an Alien body in the Media I am done. This will mean all my stuff is an ego trip.