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Creative Computer Stitching

16 Apr

Photographers should explore another way to use the stitching mode of their computer programs like Adobe Photo.  I have samples here (pictures I can make a print for you) that I like.

My newest adventure in the way of stitching involves three separate images that could not be stitched.

I was in Woodstock Vermont at an event in this towns big white Universalist church.   I went outside in the bright sun to get a study of this church and my mate Donna came with me.  This is good because I always find that I will incorporate Donna in my picture.  She is usually standing at the bottom right of my compositions when I do landscapes. This is where artists sign their creations.  Donna in this way is the signature of my picture.

I did not have special cameras with me but I did have a really neat Kodak pocket camera. I got across the street in front of the church and I made my picture.  I have this picture  attached here with Donna in the picture right where she belongs.

Also, there was a young boy standing on the church entry steps who was curious about my picture taking.  You will see him in my first church picture.

After I took this picture I could not help notice that the boy was performing a sort of play-like choreography stepping and swirling around one of the church pillars.  I took a few telephoto mode pictures of this activity.  I later decided to have three of my tele pictures in incorporated into one picture somehow.

So, I opened my panorama stitching program and called up three images of the young boy performing for my camera.  I knew that I could not stitch these but I wanted to try  something ?  I wanted the three pictures together in one scene.  I used other artistic mode facilities of my computer as well.

I have the first church picture here then my mew scene … “Spy Boy in Step”  This is a one act picture play production !   I also have a six picture farm field study and stitch of three 4×5  B&W images.

I can make an 8 1/2 X 11 digital archival print for $20 of any of my images.  Allow $4 for shipping.


George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816

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G Forss Boy on church steps small file

G Forss  Farm Field Panorama  Late Summer 2015 smaller file

G Forss  3 stitch 4x5 pictures from George's pool