The Rat Race is not Real

30 Mar

The Rat Race is not real in the sense that it is not necessary.   This is the most awful of a situation that can be prevalent over a long period of time that can happen at all !  The idea that a mass of human beings need be kept insecure and wanting at all times became administrable a very long time ago.

Who invented this ?  Is it just the evolution of humanity in action ?

We do not need to know the answers to these two queries.  We need to figure a way out of this quandary at long last.  This is what we need to do.

If we think about a span of time that all of us – all of us except the very small group of perennial overlords that are always with us – that are always in the control of this madness – that have all the wealth we generate in their coffers, we can begin to see a cure for ourselves that will lead to the end of the Rat Race.

Whew.  I need to calm down now.  Yeah.  I put together a sure way to remedy the above situation a bit in two mathematical equations (two attached files).  My equations are about a before and after scenario with another analysis (a third attached file) involving a 20 year period of time that would be necessary to slowly enact a better world for humanity.

We can have a lot of fun ending the Rat Race.  This is a new idea.  It is a ‘Love not War’ remedy.

I say it will be fun because I am also privy to a very fanciful, new science, way for humanity to end the Rat Race.  This involves just letting it go racing past us !  I am not kidding.

We need to understand the workings of the Rat Race more than we do now.  I am getting new information in my writings about this phenomenon.  Not long ago I was told that the Rat Race, the monster that it is, couldn’t stop its forward mobility that it has to keep doing what it is doing without stopping.  Not only this, I was told that at the very beginning on my writing quest (mania) about 30 years ago that the Rat Race  is also slowly speeding up in time.

So, what we have to do is stand still, sort of, and let the energy of the rat Race go on without us as we wave goodbye to it. We can do this.  Can we institute a kind of moratorium ,world wide, to let this happen ?  Can we stop Rat Racing for a while ?  Each individual can stop their part in this madness.

First of all, we should know (already) that the Rat Race is the energy created by the war that is waging between the First God of Nature (The Devil God of Life) and a New God for humanity that arrived here about 200,000 years ago. Backtrack on my past blogs and my latest writings to know more about this.  Go to   I can also send you my writings for free via PDF and WORDPAD files.

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I will also put  a new picture here that people like.  This is a study I did of the front steps of a church in Woodstock, Vermont.  When I went outside this church to do a photo study of it.  I noticed that there was a boy cavorting around one of the pillars of this church.  He seemed to be enacting a play, sort of.  My picture is a stitching of three of this boy’s positions together with some other stuff I did with ADOBE enhancements.  I did a one act, one picture, play od this happening.

I can make an 8 1/2 X 11 print of this on deluxe paper for $20. add shipping of $4.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816


G Forss New World Funding for all Citizens001



G Forss New World Funding Proposal 1002




G Forss  The Interim Period001



G Forss Boy on Church steps x 3 copy small file B&W

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