Capitalism and Socialism Entwined

27 Feb

I have been following the Presidential Campaigns and I am afraid that most of us do not know who is the best to serve as our new President all of a sudden. I think this is true. I want to have an opinion on everything going on but I can only know what I see on the Media. I see claims and counter claims, accusatory findings of wrongdoing, pro and con, that each candidate is saying about each other and I don’t think we can know the whole truth.

In one instant I heard one claim by a candidate saying that the U.S. is spending 75% of our Fiscal budget on entitlements. I thought that this is something that the ordinary person can check out. I did and the figures show something else … ACTUAL GOVERMENT FIGURES !

Here they are for 2015 …

Pensions 19% —- 1,293.7 trillion
Education 16% —- 1,008.5 trillion
Defense 12% —- 830.9 billion
Welfare 7% —- 456.4 billion
Health Care 21% —- 1,486.6 trillion
Remainder 24% —- 1,344.4 trillion

Total spending in 2015 was 6.41 trillion

What is the total for entitlements ? To me it is the costs of Welfare and health care combined, which adds up to 1,957 trillion. This is not 75% The % figure is about one fifth of the total !

The GPD was 22,580.5 trillion.

In my new writing I am most concerned with instituting a kind of ‘New Bill of Rights’ for all citizens starting with the U.S A. I think we should lead the way on this. The world will truly love us and want to copy us.

I have three files for you to study. You will see how much justice and plane fun for all in in the offing here.

George Forss

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G Forss New World Funding for all Citizens001

G Forss New World Funding for all Citizens002

G Forss  The Interim Period001

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