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Capitalism and Socialism Entwined

27 Feb

I have been following the Presidential Campaigns and I am afraid that most of us do not know who is the best to serve as our new President all of a sudden. I think this is true. I want to have an opinion on everything going on but I can only know what I see on the Media. I see claims and counter claims, accusatory findings of wrongdoing, pro and con, that each candidate is saying about each other and I don’t think we can know the whole truth.

In one instant I heard one claim by a candidate saying that the U.S. is spending 75% of our Fiscal budget on entitlements. I thought that this is something that the ordinary person can check out. I did and the figures show something else … ACTUAL GOVERMENT FIGURES !

Here they are for 2015 …

Pensions 19% —- 1,293.7 trillion
Education 16% —- 1,008.5 trillion
Defense 12% —- 830.9 billion
Welfare 7% —- 456.4 billion
Health Care 21% —- 1,486.6 trillion
Remainder 24% —- 1,344.4 trillion

Total spending in 2015 was 6.41 trillion

What is the total for entitlements ? To me it is the costs of Welfare and health care combined, which adds up to 1,957 trillion. This is not 75% The % figure is about one fifth of the total !

The GPD was 22,580.5 trillion.

In my new writing I am most concerned with instituting a kind of ‘New Bill of Rights’ for all citizens starting with the U.S A. I think we should lead the way on this. The world will truly love us and want to copy us.

I have three files for you to study. You will see how much justice and plane fun for all in in the offing here.

George Forss

What am I selling !! Look at my past blogs. All my images and my Mom’s pictures are for sale … cheap cheap

G Forss New World Funding for all Citizens001

G Forss New World Funding for all Citizens002

G Forss  The Interim Period001

Norma Forss Photography 1932 – 1987

11 Feb

I just self published a new book about my mother’s photography (title above).  I am proofing the authors final check for this.

My mother is the strongest influence in my photography.  The whole thing of photography has changed so fast (our whole world is changing the same way) but my new book will stand without changing because of my mom’s unique art.

So what ?  A quick look at some of my mother’s photography will charm anyone greatly.

I will have copies of this book available soon.

Here are some with a PDF of the cover.


George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816   518 6773288


Norma Forss Betty Hutton 1940001

Norma Forss - Little Girl on steps001


Norma Forss - James Stewart001




EPSON scanner image

EPSON scanner image