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New Science – New Bernie world – Magic in pictures

22 Jan

I am writing a new book this winter that features new science about the origins of humanity.  Yes I am.  I (you) (any ordinary person) can do this, I say so often in my writing.

I know that this has to be so because of the level of magic that is present in the result of doing this.

Doing What ?  Employing the magic of a phenomenon known as “Orenda”.  Native Americans say that is some kind of force for excellence that can come over a person … any person under certain conditions.  My new book goes into detail about this and about the new science ‘Findings’ that I have been privy too in 2015.  I am able to go into a new science of someone staving off their aging a bit.  This is new to me in 2015.  This is  something only a human being can do.  The details  about this are in my new book.  I will make a PDF file out of this writing and send to anyone who wants it.

I am trying to find a publisher for my creativity and new science but this is difficult for me because ‘Nothing’ keeps happening. I am before a list of 2800 publishers, agents and film people right now.  Maybe something will happen.  I think that my concepts (whatever) are too much for general public consumption … too strange.

Anyway, I know what I am about.

Hooray for Bernie !  Bring us a new world !

There is magic in the pictures I take.  I like to see what I describe as a “surprising actuality” (or magic)  in a picture I am looking at. I have some new pictures to attach here.  One of these I thought to be too racy to show but I do not think so any more.  This picture has two old people in the nude in a kind of elusive way. We, me and Donna, are part of a double exposure picture taken with a canon rebel film camera.  I think that this camera is employing some of Canon’s EOS technology to film in a magical way.  This may account for the fine grain and tonalities of two picture I took with this camera here.  The other one has a face of a 1941 Buick sedan.  This is a face !

Magic I say !

I sell my pictures for $20.  This is an 81/2  x  11 inch 100% rag cotton print.  i send PDF of my writings for free !  I have three PdF files of my books now.  My new book will be next. Look at older blogs to see many of my pictures !

George Forss  Ginofor Gallery  38 west main street  Cambridge, NY 12816

518 6773288   georgeforss29@

G Forss  1941 Buick face  2015 small file

1941 Buick Face

G Forss  Double study near and afar 2 Best

Double Near Afar Students

G Forss  WTC New and Old 25 years with Donna001

WTC towers new and old with Donna 25 years apart

G Forss  WTC new with moon  2015 version P  JPEG

New WTC Tower with Moon 2013