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The sameness of all religious wisdom founding’s

29 Dec

Someone wanted to know how I could assert that all religions are founded the same way with a body of wisdom that is from one source. This person knew of my position on such a topic from a recent ‘Pro page’ writing I did for Kirkus Reviews marketing gambit.  I was happy about this because it meant that I got a response to my Pro Page.

This person did not say anything about wanting to publish my writing. This person wanted to know just how I could ascertain my knowledge about such a claim. This person voiced this on a phone call I received … in a rather terse manner.

Well, I said that I could relate what I have if they give me a few minutes, but they told me (tersely) that I should just put it on my next blog for them to read. I was glad to hear this because I don’t think I would be able to explain myself fully during a phone conversation.

i say this …

“The wisdom of all great religions is essentially the same thing.”

This is like one of my ‘Finding Sentences’ that I have been extolling for many years.  I feel that I can state this with some assuredly sound awareness.  I can now tell you (this person) how this is so.

All the major religions we know of have one only single source character who is foolish and yet this person is someone who has been ‘triggered’ to want to preach out an original and new ‘take’ on this person’s great God of his or her culture.  This person is not a necessary ‘Blessed’ soul who is singled out for a special task or for any other reason.  This is all of the  workings of chance in life and yet, it can be said that it is – AS IF – this person was deliberately singled out by a great God, or such, to found a new religion special wisdom.  This person is always an angry fool type in their society.

This ‘stuff’ is of a particular phenomenon involved in the workings of all the characters of ALL society types. This source – the God – of all this is the same (is a sameness) that is describable if we can peel away the natural (animal) bias that this person is privy to.  It is true that a foolish, rather natural type of person, will become infused with a diatribe of warring thinking that is mixed with the godly wisdom they are privy to, and that they  are the one who is supposed to do something new in their world.  The thing is that the product of this person’s mania WILL be new in their world.

i am going to add a kind of terse expressionism that someone I know uses …

Wheeee !

Hah !

Every religion has a unique slant on a ‘All of All’ in their founder’s religiousness.

One religion has it that God sent his only begotten son here to save humanity … who was born through an Immaculate Conception way. Another has a single ‘one’ born through a reincarnation process, or a son, if you will, who is here to keep a line of special lineage of enlightened ones on track.  Another has a super being coming out of the sky to infuse with humanity to boost our lineage to the future of pronounced technological greatness. Another has a great universal law that governs all … that was given to a special person, who gave up his wife and wealth, to be a son of this law, if you will, in order to enlighten all of humanity.

I believe that all of these things really happened ! I believe that there are a lot of ‘sons’ … ‘sons of bitches’ if you will … that this scenario is the perfect way to produce some of the necessary angry fools in a religion’s creationism.  I further believe that all of these are ‘truth’ of some supernatural happenings that are going on here all the time, slowly, through our human evolution.

The truth of all this is that there is a puritanical God Force in our living whether we like it or not … in the living of all entities in our creature universe … and that these are not of this universe !  I know  that any person can ‘tune in’ this force, under certain conditions, and they will then want to start a new religion.  I am told that Life came to be first and then this universe happened.  How can anyone believe this ?  I don’t have to have  a belief in this or not.  I just obediently record all the seemingly ridiculous notions I have been getting for many years as a perfect fool for God that I am.  The same God – an ALL of ALL – somehow that we are all imbued with.


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13 Dec

I think I can put together a scenario that will describe what God is. Notice, I did not say … Who God is.  Because of a few new 2015 ‘Findings’ I will be able to describe God more accurately now.  Here goes …

God is a phenomenon !  God (our new God) is the greatest phenomenon anywhere there is human life.  There is an amazing mentality at play here – the most that can be – but the first God owing creature universe we are in cripples it.  We have a new God with ‘smarts’ not of this earth.

This has been the situation ever since our new God arrived here.  “So why is this not God ?” … you might say.

I know that there is not a living mentality Around us (a personage) that is thinking about us all the time or once in a while, for that matter. This is so because ‘We are God’.  This has been insinuated to me for many years now.  What we have around us actually is a great force that can effectively wrestle with the first great God Force of the creature universe. This new God for humanity cannot handle the first God’s ‘force of directives’ in the long run but it can simply outsmart the first God Force in the short term.  It is doing this all the time.  It is amazing how purely smart our new God is.  Our crippled God also has to keep influencing us to have to have a constant stream of manufacturing an personal makeover fads and trends. Our new God has to do this to avoid the first God’s need for perfectly charmed creatures that thrive on dumb simplicity.

“If this is a mentality then it is God that  is thinking about us !”  You might say this.

The situation is different than this because we (or We as God) are the only minds (or mentalities) that are able to think.  There are no ‘floating brains’ in the universe or the like.  Thinking is done with an electrically charged physical living brain. We are thinking now as hybrid beings with a new God on the earth. This God, the new ‘would be’ smart God, is thinking through us, and it is affecting our thinking all the time. This is so strange but it is true, so much so, that it is all about our pending salvation here on earth.  Gods die here ! Our God can die here.

What it is -is -is a continues struggle (or a war) that we (the animal) and the new developing God Force (We as God) are waging with the purist and most chaste mentality that can be – our new God – that we are pinning all our hopes for longevity on.

The energy of this conflict is strong around us like the ancient Chinese torture.  The energy of this conflict is known as ‘The Blossom’.  It is the feeling of uneasiness that we have to live with.  It is like author Thoreau called “… our quiet desperation.”  We actually think that this is the energy of life but this is not so. We do not need this.  It will be better when we can get rid of this.

In time, in a Natural / Spiritual way, this will happen. It because it has to happen or we just do not survive.  Any life form that is lesser than a demand like this has not lived very long.  This spiritual war energy is driving us all nuts if it continues too long.  It should also be known, as my new ‘Findings’ have been telling me, that any intelligence, no matter how great will be forced to take on some animistic creature characteristics.

There is an amazing excitement that our ‘ill affected’ human species is experiencing, because it is a somewhat wanted thing !  Look at our news programs.  Look at all the smiling wide faced newscasters that are ‘reporting’, ‘forcasting’, ‘analyzing’ all of our living.

I love humanity.  I don’t want to change anything.  My living axiom is a simple one “Love everybody and everything”.  I want all of our smartness and the purity of millions of years granting fate of the first God of this universe also.

I like to attach some new pictures when I do a blog that will mirror the subject at hand.  My subject, though , is God !  Yikes !

Well, I got something.  I think so.  Yes.  Trees!  What is godlier than trees ?

G Forss Leaf peeping Flight to Europe best smaller size

“Flight to Europe”

G Forss  Large Oak Tree  165mm copy new fix all nature

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

G Forss Donna posing as Reconciliation 2 new bottom small file