A new scenario; a fundamental truism about humanity … about God

29 Nov

I can put together a new scenario about God now after a new finding is in my head. I am sure we can know more truth about God now in our living when we ponder the unmistakable wisdom I have in my scenario.

This happened just after I was gripped with a new’Finding’ about two Gods in our living recently.  I have been writing about two Gods all along. But this is new !

I am going to have to make this as simple as I can. This is what I am telling myself.  The reason being … you know the reason … we (humanity), the major mass of us, do not really want to know anything anymore unless it comes to us as a sound bite, or an infomercial-like sales pitch.

Anyway, I think I can put one of these together.  I don’t have audio music in the background … whaa … but here goes !

ta Da ta Da (music)

“What is killing humanity?”

“Too many people are not finding a perfect mate.”  “This is the first God’s need.” (A creature God’s requirement)

“There are not enough chaste people in the workings of society.” “This is the new God’s need for spiritual people in our world.” (A new God’s requirement)

ta Da ta Da (music)

The thing is (I claim) (The universe is telling me) that human beings (all of us) are supposed to be honoring a spiritual quest we are born with to find a spiritual mate in life, while also honoring chaste people as our leaders.

All creatures in a perfectly natural setting do not have to do this.  They ARE natural to this universe now and so they have a great sameness among their kind (we do not).  Wild creatures have been successfully maintaining the strongest and most beautiful of their breed by their first God owing behavior and this will account for the very long time they have to live in this universe.  This accounts for the perfect joy and happiness they display for millions of years.

On the other hand, with the other God (the new God for humanity) there are not enough people who are absolutely chaste, who are working well within the order of society. There are countless numbers of such people in society but they do not count for much of anything as far as leadership goes. These people are mostly kept in an unheralded state in their communities.  A better honoring of a chaste person is difficult because they are just too honestly boring but it is a new God demand for us.

So, if all the natural animals of perfect joy are waning in our world and a wanted breed of godly humans is weakening then we can know (Should know) what is to happen in a rather short time in a new evolutionary scenario to come.

BUT  The new God for humanity is growing still and this is our salvation.  All of this will culminate in a beautiful world for all beings if we can survive.  Survival is our main goal. Nothing else really matters.

Mind you …

“Physical living lasts as long as the acquired pure living fate that any number of new beautiful living entities will determine.”

I rest my case.  I better shut up now.  This is longer than I wanted.

The above statement is a genuine’Finding Sentence’ that came to me right now during this blog writing.  This is why I set it on a line of its own.

Whats going on here ? Anyone new to my blog sermons should read my books and read through my older blogs. Scroll backward to venture into the mindset of an unschooled nut that is just the right person to receive a constant stream of of ‘Finding Sentences’ as I describe them.  I can e mail you a PDF file of two books.  My ENOS book and a new 2015 book.  No charge for these.

Some animal and bird studies form my ENOS book are attached here. These show the special perfect joy of each creature I was able to capture.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816 518 677-3288  georgeforss29@gmail.com

Zebras = Bronx Zoo

Zebras  Bronx Zoo   $35.  for a 8 1/2 X 11 print

Red Fox in the Field - Finland

Red Fox in the field  Finland    $35. for a 8 1/2 X 11 print

Flamingos - Bronx Zoo

Flamingos  Bronx Zoo  $35. for a 8 1/2 X 11 print

Swans at the Berkshire Bird Sanctuary

Swans at the Berkshire bird sanctuary $35. for a 8 1/2 X11 print


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