A good Kirkus Review for my book ENOS

16 Nov

I told myself I would get a good Kirkus Review for my book ENOS.  It cost $600. for this big book.  Kirkus Review is the prominent review service and they do not fool around or cater to sheer popularity fads, etc.  If they do not see merit in anyone’s writing they will not give a good review.  Still, there is an error in my report in the area of the first line of their report. They are describing my book in the opening line of their review citing another book of mine that also got a good review.

Forss’ (THE WAY WE WERE)  personal tome concerns aliens, God,and ideas for humanity.

It should be …

Forss’ (ENOS:Prayers FOR REWARDS OF MERCY AFTER ENOS) personal tome concerns aliens, God, and ideas for humanity.

I will put both reviews here as attachments.

In the Kirkus review for ENOS I will put the page number where the text can be found in ENOS.  This will help.  This is for people who have my ENOS book.

For the first quote …”There is a rich world beyond the atoms of all living cells”  go to page 74

For the second quote … “Some sexuality is simply nothing more than a scrumptiously horny calling for sex without the need for a proudly displayed lover or family commitment ideal”  Go to page 362

For the third quote … “The aliens say that the future and the past are places ! This means that the past is very much alive in soem area and so is the future.” Go to page 539

My book ENOS is available at my gallery and on Amazon, Borders, Xlibris web, etc.  Type in my book name and find places for it.  I also will send it to you for free if you give me an e mail address to send to (A PDF file).

I have some new leaf peeping pictures here also.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816  518 6773288  georgeforss29@gmail.com

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

G Forss Leaf Peeping 2015  Flight to Europe small file

“Flight to Europe”

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Forss, Enos- Prayers For Rewards Of Mercy After Enos

Forss, The Way We Were Kirkus review

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