The Blossom is speeding up – part three

28 Oct

G Forss I think I will always be alive - somehow, through the eons ! small file

DHW art  “I think I will always be alive – somehow, through the eons”

This picture was supposed to be below my text.  I am leaving it here. This is cool !

I know I am not hyping my blogs in a ‘Pro’ way … a making money, making business way.

I have to be the way that I am in order to thwart the energy of the Blossom. I am really serious. It turns out that I have been this way all my life. I remember doctors talking about me saying that I am horribly dyslexic. I was always at a lose in schools because I never knew exactly was being said. I always kept quite about this and somehow I made it through some schooling. I know I have to be this way to get ‘findings’ (new science – new truths).

Indeed, here are some new ‘Findings’ for me in this period, which are prompting me to a do this four blog scenario about humanity’s present and future prospects …

Humanity is gripped with new sexual enhancements ideals, that this is also speeding up.

Any high minded intelligence that is found in the creature universe becomes animistic to the point of even going insane.

‘Pro’ selling will make you sick while you are making good money to pay for a lot of doctoring. This is the trade-off.

The Blossom is insane with its fads and trends in the modern world; an insanity that is left over from the Gods. The God’s created us this way. Like it or lump it.

The Grays have been successful in the creature universe because they have a limited playful manner of operating and no more.

I am not going to reiterate on the first four new findings … these speak for them selves … but I must relate some of my found knowledge about the grays and the simple observations I can make about other stuff.

The Grays cannot actually land here to conduct a press conference in front of the U.N. Building. The can materialize for a while but they must leave. The are always playing doctor with us like children … like playful creatures they must be to survive. They do some farming of us in a playful way also. They are seen with us and they are noiseless at the same time … until they want communicate to us in our heads. They are invincible, just like any advanced life form, simply putting an adversary in a comatose state so they cannot do anything. They do not use explosive weaponry like we do in wars. There are no Gray bones anywhere.

There are no ‘Big Foot’ bones. Native Americans say that Big Foot can come and go ‘Spiritually’ in our earth realm. Also, no Lake Monster bones.

The two Gods described:

The creature universe ‘First God’ is slow and very long term moving compared to our fast moving intellectualizing. The ‘First God’ wants every creature to be perfectly happy and satisfied with a continuous playfulness experience for every creature – OR ELSE. Creatures have to be this way to keep the ‘God Force’ from activating against them. Progress (change) takes place in the creature universe at the rate of the earth’s ecosystems workings.

The ‘New God’ for humanity (FROM OUR OTHER UNIVERSE) is developing now. This will take a long time. We are, amazingly so, racing very well to acquire a kind of no cost luxury for the select few of each of our cultures – only for our best people – in the shortest possible time.
We are blind to this simple axiom of life >>>> Easy Come – Easy Go <<<

I have two of my books available for free via an PDF e mail attachment I also have a new service at my Ginofor Gallery. I am good at computer cloning. I can add more picture to a picture file even if there is none there ! I will also fix an image in other ways. I have a before and after sample here. I can do this for $35. I can work from a e mailed file or other. If you have an image you think is ruined because you cut off a hand or foot etc., send it to me and I can fix.
I also have three new ‘breakthrough’ art of Donna Wynbrandt here. These are new with new techniques Donna has acquired.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816
Cambridge, NY 12816 518 6773288

G Forss There's a sale at Aldroff's Get out of my way small file

DHW art  “There’s a sale at Aldroff’s  Get out of my way.”

G Forss Men tell sophisticated women that the Rhino horn is more valuable than the Diamond small

DHW art “Men tell sophisticated women that the Rhino’s horn is more valuable than the Diamond”

G Forss Mighty horse and rider original file

G Forss “Mighty horse and rider” original piture

G Forss Mighty horse and rider open house 2015 Best small size

G Forss “Mighty horse and rider”  New fix

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